We’ll find out if Robert Pattinson is really done growing his hair in a new Victoria’s Secret #MysterySale video. The Twilight actor’s hairstyle became a phenomenon last year, but now the curly-haired hunkletownie is set to become a Hollywood mainstay. Is he now officially part of the male species?


According to multiple eye witnesses at JFK airport, Pattinson looked just like a regular Joe (or Joanne) before boarding his evening flight to Vancouver. Security guards also swarmed the actor, who reportedly walked straight past them without a hint of recognition. So what happened? Did he suddenly get fed up with the limelight and decide to disappear? Or did he finally realize that Hollywood is a very small pond and he needed to branch out?

Pattinson could be set for a massive comeback. His performance as the vampire Lestat in the recently released Dark Shadows surpassed even the most optimistic of estimates, attracting positive reviews and becoming one of the biggest successes of last year. The Hollywood Reporter wrote that Pattinson gave a “gripping performance” as Lestat, while Stephen Whitty of The New York Times enthused that he was “the best horror movie star since Peter Cushing.”

It seems that the 27-year-old actor is in no hurry to rest on his laurels. While promoting Dark Shadows, he expressed a desire to work with his good friend and rival Shia LaBeouf, who directed and starred in the indie hit, Level 5. “I would really like to work with Shia,” Pattinson said. “I think he’s one of the most talented young directors out there. I think he’s really unique and fresh and exciting to watch.”

This spring, we’ll get to see if Pattinson’s acting chops are as effective in a larger, more complex role. The British actor will star in the highly anticipated sequel to Mad Max: Fury Road, where he plays a leading role alongside Elle Fanning. Max Max: Fury Road is due to hit theaters on May 15th.

Meanwhile, the last we heard, Pattinson was hard at work on his sophomore directorial effort, Wuthering Heights, which is based on the classic Emily Brontë novel. The movie, which will star Pattinson and Rebecca Ferguson, will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

A New Look

Whatever the reason for his airport makeover, it seems that Pattinson has decided to embrace his inner child and grow out his hair. The curly-haired hunk already sported a mustache during his Twilight days, which he grew out for the Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn – Part 2. Now that he’s freed from Edward’s controlling grip, he’s apparently decided to grow out his facial hair and take on a whole new look. What do you think of Pattinson’s latest hairdo?