When it comes to celebrity, one name that immediately comes to mind is Robert Pattinson. The Scottish-born actor has been in the limelight for years and recently became a vegan due to his love for animals. However, is this fame and fortune worth it? Does he really deserve all the attention and adoration?

Let’s take a closer look at this fascinating and talented individual and his work. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding as to whether or not Robert is the perfect man. Let’s dive in.

Early Life And Family

Robert was born on June 23, 1986 in Glasgow, Scotland. He is the youngest of three children born to Deborah and Gordon. He has an older sister called Sophie and an older brother named Adam. His family were all musicians, and it was apparent that Robert had inherited their gift as he became interested in music at a young age. He started playing piano at the age of five and quickly showed a natural talent for it. Not content with just one instrument, he started playing guitar and by the time he was 14 was singing and writing his own songs.

During his time in school, he never really fitted in. He was considered an intellectual who was more interested in books and art than in sports or social activities. However, this didn’t hinder his academic performance as he graduated with honors from High School. He then continued his education at the University of Glasgow, where he studied English Literature. It was here that he started adopting a more social and athletic lifestyle. He joined the university’s debating society and became heavily involved in student politics. He also took up rowing and became a regular at the Scottish rowing museum. It was during this time that he first gained recognition as a leading man. After graduation, he moved to London to pursue a career in acting. He then began taking on small roles in television series and films, before being cast in 2011 in his biggest role to date: the vampire Kenji. From then on, his fame and fortune seemed to take off. He became a household name after playing the part of Dracula in the 2013 film adaptation of the cult novel, Dracula. He continued to play a range of roles throughout the rest of that year and into 2014, when he appeared in the indie film, The Lost City. The rest of 2014 was even more successful for him as he starred in two major films: The Rover and X-Men: Days of Future Past. In 2015, he starred in the blockbuster film, Mad Max: Fury Road and continued appearing in a number of well-received and award-winning films.


Since the start of his career, Robert has established himself as one of the most in-demand leading men in Hollywood. He is highly proficient at playing both good and bad guys, which has made him an invaluable resource for film and television. His versatility and range of parts has even lead to him being named one of the most respected male protagonists in film history. In addition to acting, he is also a published author with two books under his belt. He also has a music production company, Little Fish, with his manager, Andrew Maclaurin. The pair have worked together to produce music and art for the actor’s fans. It was also revealed in March 2017 that Maclaurin became a vegan after working with the actor on various productions.

His film roles have established him as a household name, with many people recognizing him from his appearance in the Harry Potter films. According to Google, there were over 50.3 million searches for ‘Robert Pattinson’ in 2016, up from 33.9 million in 2015. Similarly, his TV appearances have gained him a massive following, with a whopping 38.9 million searches in 2016, up from 22.8 million in 2015. It appears that his newfound fame has not gone to his head as he continues to live a humble and private life. He is frequently spotted out and about in Hollywood, but rarely grants any interviews. When he does, he usually chooses to keep things brief and answer as few questions as possible. Unfortunately, the actor’s somewhat reclusive nature has lead to him being the target of occasional bad publicity. This has stemmed from a variety of factors, from his private life to his views on meat-eating and his politics. These are issues that he seems keen to avoid discussing in public.


Below is a comprehensive list of the major films and television shows that Robert has been involved with. Some of these are included in the list below, while others are not. It is simply because they are either not yet released or have not been made available for streaming on services like Netflix.

To be able to rank these films and shows in order of importance, we need to establish some criteria. Firstly, we need to establish the year that the film was released in, as it will affect which version of the story we are comparing it to. For instance, the films in the Harry Potter series were mostly set in the year 1994, while the most recent film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, was released in 2016. So, we will rank these films according to their year of release. Secondly, we need to consider the running time of the film as it will affect how much of the story we actually get to see. In general, films shorter than 100 minutes usually count for less than half of the total amount of content. Similarly, most action films are around two hours long, so by being shorter than that, they usually cut out a lot of the fluff and ‘stuff’ that makes up the bulk of the film. We will take these two criteria into consideration when ranking the films and shows below. Last but not least, we need to consider the language barrier in relation to the film. If it is set in another country, then it probably has English subtitles, so there should be no language barrier. However, if it is an English-speaking film then obviously there will be. It is always best to check the individual film’s page on Netflix or IMDb before making any assumptions.

In 2016, Robert played the part of Professor Moriarty in the third and final episode of the Sherlock Holmes television series. This was the first time that he had appeared in an episode of the show, but it was also the last. Although there were some rumors that he would reprise the role in a standalone special, these were not true. The following is a list of the major films and shows that Robert has been involved in since the start of his acting career.

Major Films

There have been seven major films that Robert has been involved with since the start of his acting career. Below is a detailed description of each one along with a short discussion of the merits of the film.

The Lost City (2015)

The latest film from the acclaimed director, J. Michael Thorne, is a fictionalized account of the early part of the infamous serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer’s, life. It was released in 2015 and stars Josh Hartnett as Dahmer and Robert as his victim, Jesse Baron.

The story begins in Milwaukee in the early 1970s, where Jesse, an awkward and somewhat naive teen, witnesses the fatal shooting of his friend, Tim, by a gang of armed men. Soon after, he is approached by Dahmer, who shows interest in the troubled teen. He offers to sell him some marijuana in order to entice him to continue talking. At this point in the story, we are not entirely sure whether or not Jesse is ‘in’ on the fact that this is actually Jeffrey Dahmer, as he has no reason to suspect this, but he knows that these men are dangerous and that he should not fall for their trickery. Nevertheless, he does and finds himself lured to Chicago by the promise of more work. There, he meets and befriends Dahmer, who takes a liking to Jesse and helps him find employment at a trucking company. Things seem to be going well for Jesse until he accidentally reveals that he is, in fact, a virgin to his boss, Tommy Gunns. This angers Gunns, who forces Jesse to leave Chicago after physically assaulting and threatening to kill him. Gunns then blackmails Jesse, demanding that he return to Chicago and offer his sexual services to the hotel owner, Alvaro. When Jesse refuses, gunns forces him to walk to the hotel and offers him $10,000 to perform a sex act on the owner. Jesse still refuses and tries to leave the hotel, only to be shot and killed in a botched carjacking. The film ends with a question mark as to whether or not Jesse’s murder was actually ordered by Gunns or just a tragic act of violence fueled by his addiction to painkillers.