While we’re all eagerly awaiting the upcoming premiere of the next installment in the Batman series, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we have other interesting tidbits to report on regarding the upcoming movies. One of the most fascinating stories is that of Robert Pattinson playing the Dark Knight. The Twilight actor has been the subject of tabloid headlines in recent months, with numerous publications reporting on his recent outbursts and odd behavior. In fact, a few months ago it was reported that he had actually quit smoking cigarettes. So, it came as a great surprise when he was spotted out on the town in character as Batman. It seems odd that he would still be wearing the costume while off-screen, but maybe this is a way of life for the Caped Crusader.

So, is Robert Pattinson still playing Batman? Who knows, maybe until the next big screen outing he will continue to don the mask. The only thing we know for sure is that he is a devoted fan of the Batman mythos and has been spotted at numerous screenings of the previous movies. Maybe he’ll even get a chance to don the cowl one last time before his retirement? We sure hope so.