It’s been three years since the world was rocked by the news that Hollywood heartthrob Robert Pattinson had met a young and beautiful Brazilian woman named Alejandra Silva in Italy. The world was then introduced to Sophia, the daughter the couple would have together, and the many tattoos and piercings the totalled 17-year-old would receive. Needless to say, the media circus which followed has never really left us, and the fact that Silva is now pregnant with the couple’s child only serves to drive the gossip even more.

What Has He Been Up To Since The Birth Of Sophia?

Since the birth of his and Alejandra’s daughter, Sophia, in June 2012, Pattinson has been making headlines for the wrong reasons. The now-19-month-old infant has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. First there was the photo-op she had with a grinning Donald Trump in October 2016, which went viral. Then we had the revealing Instagram story of her nursing, which was accompanied by a photo of the tot in a tiny bikini. And let’s not forget about the video of her screaming her head off during an exorcism ritual which she later regretted.

Pattinson has also been in the headlines for the wrong reasons for his association with Ed Sheeran. The pair were seen partying together in London last year, which led to rumours that Sheeran might be in line to become Pattinson’s next girlfriend. As if that weren’t enough, in January this year, it was announced that Sheeran and Pattinson would share an album. The two have also toured together as a duo. Needless to say, all of this has done nothing to make Pattinson’s heartthrob image disappear. In fact, it seems that many fans want to see the pair get back together.

Where Did The World’s Most Eligible Bachelor Go After The Birth Of His Daughter?

The year 2012 wasn’t just full of scandals for Robert Pattinson. Aside from the scandals involving him and his now-wife, it was also the year that the world’s most eligible bachelor disappeared. After the birth of their daughter, Sophia, in June 2012, Pattinson was nowhere to be found. For the first time in his adult life, he had nothing to do with Hollywood, and it showed. Within hours of the news that he and his then-girlfriend, Jennifer Lawrence, had got engaged, social media was awash with speculation about the pair’s wedding date and details of the ceremony. Pattinson had finally found the meaning of love and happiness, and it wasn’t something to be sneered at. But being a father is the ultimate priority now, and it sounds like Lawrence will have to wait her turn. According to a report in the New York Post, Lawrence’s representatives have revealed that she’s completely supportive of Pattinson’s new family obligations.

After spending more than a month apart, Pattinson and Lawrence were finally married in a small ceremony in Toronto on 29 October 2013. Since then, the couple have gone on to have two more daughters. In January this year, they were seen celebrating their third anniversary by sharing an intimate kiss on social media. It’s fair to say that since then, Pattinson’s lifestyle has changed. He now considers his family and his wife’s family, including her three sisters, as his own. In the future, he sees himself being a full-time dad and a husband. While he has previously admitted that becoming a dad was one of the hardest things he’s ever had to do, he’s now embracing fatherhood. But while many will see this as a positive change, it has also meant that Pattinson has been forced to leave the spotlight almost entirely to look after his family. The one time he did talk about his family in an interview, he revealed that he felt very comfortable being a dad, but he also said that he missed acting. It’s fair to say that since becoming a dad, Pattinson doesn’t do interviews, and whenever he does, it’s usually on behalf of his family. On the subject of acting, in October this year it was announced that he would be taking on the role of King George in the upcoming Broadway adaptation of the classic play, Waiting For Godot. It’s safe to say that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Pattinson in the future.

Sophia’s dad hasn’t been altogether idle in the three years since she was born. Aside from starring in a movie as part of the publicity tour for Jennifer Lawrence’s book, The Glass Swan, he’s also been busy building a music career while raising his family. In 2015, he collaborated with singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright on a song called ‘The Art Of Getting By’. The following year, he collaborated with English musician and producer Ed Sheeran on another song called ‘Let Me Let You In’, from Sheeran’s 2018 album, No. 6. The songs are sung from the perspective of a father dealing with his daughter’s anxiety about strangers and new experiences. Since then, he’s gone on to feature on Sheeran’s new album, Take A Look At Me Now, and in early 2020, he’ll be featured on the track ‘One Plus One’ from Sheeran’s upcoming album, Voyager.

Will He Return To The Spotlight?

So, will we be seeing more of Robert Pattinson in the future? Will he go back to the spotlight and rekindle his fame as Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor? Well, it depends on what you think is fame. So far, Pattinson has chosen to step back from the limelight, at least in terms of interviews. Since 2015, he’s only done one Q&A with the press, and that was with his wife, Jennifer Lawrence. And, even then, he largely steered the conversation away from himself and towards his beautiful daughters. While much media attention has been focused on the turmoil in his personal life in recent years, it’s not like he hasn’t been on the radar of Hollywood for a very long time. Since his starring role in the cult classic movie, Ever After, which came out in 2011, he’s been a popular choice for leading men, appearing in hit films such as the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them franchise, where he plays a key role as the character Quirke, and The King’s Speech, where he plays an iconic king. He also appears in the upcoming Tomb Raider 20th anniversary game, which is set to be released on Nintendo Switch in April.

It’s fair to say that ever since that unfortunate incident in Italy, we’ve been waiting for news of Pattinson’s engagement to Kate Winslet. The pair were recently spotted canoodling in a romantic embrace at an exclusive dinner in London. Winslet tweeted about the dinner, but didn’t disclose that she was dating a man 27 years her senior. The news only served to heighten our curiosity about the couple’s future together. Apart from the age difference, there’s also the fact that Kate is already a very famous and accomplished actress. Whether or not this is just a publicity stunt remains to be seen, but if it is, it’s certainly a step up from Pattinson’s previous romantic pursuits. The year 2020 will mark the 10th anniversary of Winslet’s critically acclaimed performance in Finding Neverland, and she’s been actively promoting the film ever since.

As we’ve established, Robert Pattinson doesn’t like to keep quiet about the things he feels passionate about. While he may prefer to keep his family life private, he’s certainly not shy about expressing his opinions about the things which matter to him. One of his biggest pet peeves is paparazzi. In October 2019, he took to Instagram to share a series of #EnoughIsEnough pictures, featuring himself, alongside several of his celebrity friends, holding a big sign which reads ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’. The photos, which were taken by Mario Testino, and were accompanied by the hashtag #EnoughIsEnough, were a plea for more peace and safety in the world. It’s clear that even though he may be a father now, nothing has changed about his feelings towards the press. It was another step in the right direction for a man who’s spent more than a quarter of a century trying to avoid the limelight.