We’re constantly bombarded with questions about the royal family, and specifically about the future King George of Great Britain. In light of this, it’s time for yet another article about Prince George – this time answering the question: “Is Robert Pattinson a Republican?”

The short and sweet answer is: “yes, but he hasn’t shown it yet.”

Before we dive into the details, let’s take a brief look at the context. Since the early 2000s, Prince George – the younger brother of the late Princess Diana – has been a rising star in British politics. He began his career in Parliament, where he’s represented his constituency since 2010. Aside from his political activities, George also serves as the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, a position he’s held since 2012. In other words, he’s currently one of the most prominent figures in British politics. It seems likely that one day, Prince George will become King George and lead the country.

Is Robert Pattinson A Republican?

Now let’s get to the question at hand. Is Robert Pattinson a Republican?

To answer this, we must first determine the meaning of “Republican.” In the United States, the word “republican” is often used in a way that confuses people. The United States is a country that was founded on the principles of freedom and individualism. Those who live there value these ideals and often call themselves “republicans.” However, this term has another popular meaning: someone who is politically conservative. In the United Kingdom, where Prince George is from, the word “republican” has a slightly different meaning: someone who is politically active in support of the monarchy. To avoid any further confusion, let’s call the former type of republican a “WASP” – or “White Anglo Saxon Protestant.” The latter type will be referred to as a “royalist.” To avoid any further semantic debate, let’s simply say that Robert Pattinson is a WASP Republican. Now where did we go wrong?

Where Did We Go Wrong?

While we were happily defining terms, Prince George’s future as King George was looking less secure. The Brexit referendum proved to be a major blow to his political ambitions. To put it mildly, the referendum left a lot of people disheartened. The majority of the population voted to leave the European Union, despite the fact that most people in the country didn’t understand the implications of what they were voting for. Since the Brexit vote, Prince George has had to adjust his public appearances to include less pomp and circumstance.

The truth is that even before the Brexit referendum, Prince George had already begun distancing himself from his brother’s legacy. While his public persona remained relatively unchanged – avoiding controversial or political statements – private conversations with friends revealed a different side. One of the major problems for Prince George is that he’s a member of the House of Windsor and as such, a direct descendant of Queen Victoria. In other words, he’s still tied to the monarchy and the traditions that come with it. In the aftermath of the Brexit vote, this meant that his own political ambitions suffered a major setback. At the same time, his older brother – Prince Charles – has continued to play a prominent role in the Brexit negotiations. This has made many people question Prince Charles’ impartiality in the matter. Even worse, Prince Charles was one of the major figures in favor of staying in the EU. This effectively turned the Brexit negotiations into a feud between two first-borns. In short, the crown passed from one brother to another without a single heir apparent.

A Possible Solution

Fortunately, there’s a possible solution to the Prince George problem. And it involves none of the above-mentioned parties but rather a third party that has little to do with British or European politics: Hollywood. Specifically, the entertainment industry. For decades, the business side of Hollywood has supported Republican ideals and held a lot of influence in American politics. At the same time, many in Hollywood have also adopted an anti-monarchical attitude. This combination makes them the perfect allies for Prince George.

To be more precise, Hollywood’s relationship with the House of Windsor goes back to the 1940s. During World War II, Hollywood supported the British war effort and became a refuge for those fleeing Nazi Germany. Since then, the relationship has remained friendly, if not particularly close. This is because British officials and Hollywood executives understand that neither wants to be the dominant partner in their relationship. As a result, both prefer to play the part of good neighbor rather than official spouse.

In light of this history, it’s not surprising that Hollywood would want to see Prince George succeed to the throne of Great Britain. After all, it’s the most powerful city on the planet. It’s arguably the biggest media city as well. Entertainment executives would love to have a member of the Royal Family live in Los Angeles and attend their events. This could make him an important face in the media industry. Hollywood would like nothing more than a friendly, untitled member of the Royal Family who shares their values. If that member happens to be a republican, then even better. This would be a golden opportunity for politicians in his position to establish themselves as a voice of the people and fight for the average citizen’s interests. Finally, it would be a chance for the British people to see how Hollywood values and operates, which could open up a whole new world of understanding.

What Does The Future Hold?

Unfortunately, this is all conjecture. And like most conjecture, it likely contains a lot of speculation and maybe even some wishful thinking on our part. Nevertheless, it’s still fun to daydream and it’s better to look ahead rather than behind. Looking forward, it’s clear that Prince George has a lot to offer the world. He’s already established himself as a prominent and intelligent individual and it’s not difficult to see how he might one day lead his country with integrity and wisdom.

On the other hand, it’s uncertain what the future holds for the House of Windsor. With no clear heir apparent, it’s possible that one day the throne could pass to a distant descendant – perhaps even someone not even born yet. For now, though, the crown remains in the family and it will be interesting to see how long Queen Victoria’s descendants can maintain the family’s legacy.