The premiere of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is just around the corner, and anticipation is building for the big finale. While we wait for November 18th to arrive, let’s take a look back at the actor’s stunning transformation from mortal to vampire. With just a few tweaks to his look and attitude, Robert Pattinson is set to make history as the first Hollywood actor to play a vampire on screen.

From Mortal to Vampire

It’s been a big year for Robert Pattinson. Not only did he play the loveable and romantic Edward Cullen in Summit’s Twilight series, but he was also named Best Supporting Actor at the 2011 Academy Awards for his performance in the stage adaptation of Twelfth Night. With Breaking Dawn – Part 2 just around the corner, it’s high time for the actor to showcase his acting chops as a vampire in this final installment of the Twilight Saga. Fortunately, he’s got the perfect getup all lined up. As the story goes, the last half of 2012 will be dedicated to Robert’s transition from mortal to vampire. While we wait for his remarkable metamorphosis, here’s a detailed guide to the actor’s stunning looks in each outfit.

Day One: From Mortal To Vampiric Edward

On the first day of his new career as a vampire, Edward wakes up early in the morning and puts on his black ensemble. The tuxedo-style jacket and shirt combination is a classic look that will be seen on many a fashionable vampire. The only difference is that Robert wears white dress socks to complete the look.

Day Two: For Edward’s Bachelorette Party

On the second day of his new life, Edward attends his best friend’s bachelorette party in New Orleans. It’s a beautiful and sunny day, so he decides to wear white pants and a white dress shirt with a blue bandana around his neck. For footwear, he chooses white heels and wears them with his outfit. When the time comes for Edward to propose to his BFF, he pulls off the perfect engagement ring and marries Anna Kendrick. The wedding scene was filmed six months after the engagement party and is shown as one of the last few events shot before the end of the movie.

Day Three: For Bella’s Graduation

In the final days before graduating from Harvard, Bella is seen wearing a beautiful white gown. She decides to keep the dress after her graduation and wears it for the rest of the movie. On her third and final day as an adult, she wears a loose-fitting white dress that accentuates her curves. The beautiful ensemble is completed with simple accessories, such as diamond studs and a watch. The dress was designed by Diane Kruger and Isabella’s mother, Victoria. In the trailer, the actress is seen wearing the same dress and accessories, but the fit is a bit on the tight side.

Day Four: New Orleans After Dark

The following day, it’s another sunny day in New Orleans. Bella visits the French Quarter, where she spots Edward enjoying a classic cocktail at the bar. The actor is wearing a handsome suit and tie, but the ensemble is completed with his signature white dress shirt and black pants. The combination is classic and handsome, but not too flashy. The outfit is accented with a stunning purple scarf around his neck and a diamond clip in his shirt pocket.

Day Five: For Bella’s Wedding

A few days after his graduation, Edward attends Bella’s wedding to Jacob in the woods. The couple gets hitched after midnight, and the wedding day is dedicated to “starting a new family.” Amongst the attendees are Edward’s younger sister, Esme, and her husband, Jared. Esme is also wearing a gorgeous black gown and accessorizes it with sparkling diamond earrings and a necklace dripping in gems. Jared wears a suit and tie too, and it’s safe to say that his outfit is perfect for the occasion.

Day Six: For Bella’s Purification

Bella’s wedding day is dedicated to her ascension to the supernatural. The ceremony takes place under the full moon and features a marriage that is both beautiful and unique. As Bella lays her old life to rest, she wears a stunning gown and puts on a show for her new followers. Her hair is in two braids down her back, and she wears a necklace, earrings, and a bracelet crafted in the shape of a wolf’s head. She looks like a goddess as she is led to her new life as a vampire, and the ensemble is complete with a classic sun hat and sunglasses.

Day Seven: For Bella’s Bedroom

On the morning of Bella’s wedding eve, Edward returns home and finds his bride waiting for him in bed. She is wearing a beautiful long white dress, and it takes him a while to realize that she is no longer human. The look is completed with diamond studs, an orange blossom garland, and a single rose. On the night of the wedding, Edward brings home the bacon and helps Bella prepare for their wedding night. That evening, he gives her a lovely gift basket and leads her to the altar. There, they exchange vows and rings, and Edward takes his new bride into his arms.

The Final Outfit

With just seven days to go until the premiere of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, Robert Pattinson has been scouring the planet in search of the perfect, Hollywood-ready ensemble. On the evening of November 18th, the 29-year-old will don his best suit and tie for the big reveal. The following day, he will don his signature white dress shirt and black pants. Aside from the perfect getup, Robert Pattinson is also determined to nail his dramatic transformation in the spirit of his character, Edward. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 premieres in theaters around the world on November 18th.