After a six-year absence, Christian Bale is set to return as Batman in the upcoming Warner Bros. film, tentatively titled “Batman vs. Batman.” But who will replace Bale as the Caped Crusader?

The studio has gone through a number of candidates. Among the most famous are Ben Affleck (whose nickname, “The Bachelor,” may still linger in the back of some people’s minds), Justin Timberlake, and Chris Pine (whose name is more commonly invoked when people say “Star Trek” than when they talk about himself).

Robert Pattinson

The most recent addition to the bunch is, undoubtedly, the English actor turned filmmaker, Robert Pattinson. While many might consider Pattinson’s filmography to be somewhat limited (he has only released five films since 2013), critics widely consider his acting to be exceptional, and the role he took on in “Bel Ami” to be one of the most memorable aspects of his career.

Pattinson’s physical appearance has always been a topic of conversation, but it’s his acting that has truly captivated audiences. In interviews, he has often cited his love for improvisation as the reason behind his uncanny ability to transform himself into different characters. This has allowed him to develop a fan base among those who admire his work, and it certainly does not hurt that he has a great presence on social media.

A Familiar Face

For anyone who has seen “Darling”, Pattinson’s 2017 film about an innocent girl caught between two worlds, the actor’s apparent resemblance to Batman’s greatest foe, Thomas Wayne, is already somewhat conspicuous. The story closely mirrors that of the Waynes, with Pattinson’s character suffering a similar fate as its title character. But even those who have not seen the movie shouldn’t have much trouble recognizing the uncanny resemblance between the actor and the billionaire playboy scion.

Pattinson’s performance in “Darling” (as well as its critical and commercial success) undoubtedly made him a tempting choice for the part. As previously mentioned, the most recent Batman film, “Batman vs. Batman,” is set to premiere later this year. But why did the studio choose to go with Pattinson, rather than one of the many other well-known faces who were available for the role?

The Pros And Cons

While many fans might see it as a great choice, there are certainly some who feel that Warner Bros. should have opted for a non-celebrity to play Thomas Wayne. After all, the former actor is more than a decade older than Pattinson, and his acting experience is significantly more extensive than the latter’s. But then again, Bale’s age might also be a problem. At 71 years old, he would have made Bruce Wayne, the character’s namesake, older than any previous cinematic incarnation of the caped crusader. While the actor’s experience as a whole is certainly a draw, it’s not hard to understand why Warner Bros. might not have seen him as the best choice for the part.

Even if you’re not a Batman fan, it’s hard to deny that Christian Bale puts in one hell of a performance as the Caped Crusader. Since his debut in 1999’s “Batman Forever”, the actor has portrayed the vigilante in all subsequent films, with the exception of “Batman v Batman”. While he might be difficult to replace, it’s clear that Bale is still the best choice for the role. Let’s just hope that he stays healthy enough to keep up with the physically demanding part for as long as possible.