Some might say that he was born to rule the world, and here’s the proof! At the beginning of this year, the English-born actor was named the World’s Most Popular Male Celebrity by Forbes Magazine, with fans of the “Twilight” series feeling that he embodied their perfect guy. It seems that Pattinson is indeed holding court in Hollywood, but does he practice what he preaches when it comes to race and gender?

While fans of the “Twilight” series might hail him as the epitome of cool, attractive, and confident men, the fact is that there is more than a little truth to the saying “beauty is pain.” In addition to being named World’s Most Popular Male Celebrity, Robert Pattinson also earned the dubious distinction of “Most Hated Male Celebrity” from Hollywood Today in 2016. He is known to be one of the most racist and misogynistic celebrities in Hollywood, and it seems that his popularity has not gone unnoted.

He Is Not Popularity Poll Number One

While we can’t say for certain that this is the case, it’s quite apparent that Robert Pattinson is not widely regarded as Hollywood’s most popular celebrity. As the most popular male celebrity in the world, he holds the dubious distinction of being at the bottom of the Hollywood popularity polls. According to Forbes Magazine, there have been 15 World’s Most Popular Male Celebrities since the publication began ranking them in 1949, and not one of them was named Robert Pattinson. If you’re curious, Eva Mendes and Jon Gosselin completed the list in 2015 and 2014, respectively. Mendes is known for her role as Laverne in “Sex and the City” and Gosselin is best known as the father of eight-year-old Emily. In 2013, Justin Bieber and Ryan Gosling tied for the number-one spot, with Leonardo DiCaprio, who was also known for playing a leading role in “The Wolf of Wall Street,” in third place.

In addition to being named World’s Most Popular Male Celebrity, Robert Pattinson has also earned the title of “Most Hated Male Celebrity” from Hollywood Today. In 2016, he tied with singer B.J. Cole for the dubious distinction. Other celebrities to make the list of most hated include George Clooney, Bradley Cooper, and Channing Tatum. It seems that while Robert Pattinson is indeed enjoying the good life in LA, he isn’t without his haters. It’s not simply that he is “Twilight’s” most popular celebrity son; it’s that he is routinely associated with some pretty awful behaviors. Here is a short list of some of the most egregious examples.

Most Racist

He has been accused of being racist on more than one occasion. In 2004, he was lambasted for comparing the people of England to zoo animals in a magazine interview. In 2006, he told the New York Post that he was “nostalgic” for the “olden days” of the Royal Navy. In 2014, he was forced to defend himself against accusations of racism after tweeting that black men looked “cool” and suggested that white people stop being “so afraid” of them. While some might say that these comments were simply born of a lack of racial awareness, it’s clear that his comments were not meant to be complimentary. It is also worth noting that he has never commented on whether or not he is proud to be a descendant of Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne of Great Britain in 1936, due in part to his love for American divorcee Wallis Simpson. Simpson was American, and her children, Elizabeth and Andrew, were born in Canada. The former king had previously married Simpson, but she had been forced to resign from her position as England’s queen when her first spouse, Edward, became king. After six years of estrangement, Edward and Simpson were married in a private ceremony in France in December 1934. Though Edward abdicated in favor of his younger brother, Prince Edward, in 1936, he remained “King” of Great Britain until his death in April 1967. In November 2016, a documentary detailing the life of Robert Pattinson was released on Netflix. Titled “Wish You Were Here,” the film focuses largely on the troubled life and turbulent times of the British king. Though it does shed some light on his early life, it does so in order to paint a fuller picture of the complex man behind the famous son. In one scene from the film, Andrew, the son of the Duke of York, stands in front of a Rolls-Royce Phantom III, wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap. Though this might suggest otherwise, it is important to note that Andrew is not a supporter of Donald Trump, but instead has voiced his disapproval of the republican frontrunner in multiple interviews. Since his early days as a teen actor, Robert Pattinson has been dogged by accusations of whitewashing. Though he has played leading roles in a number of British productions, he has primarily appeared in American films and television shows, often playing what would be considered “whiteness” in other parts of the globe. While it is important not to criticize one because of the race of their ancestors, a good portion of Hollywood feels that he doesn’t give a whit about appearances, and has used his fame and popularity to promote harmful ideologies. In particular, fans of the “Twilight” series have accused him of “Twilightism,” a combination of Christian fundamentalism and white supremacy, which holds that people of European descent are genetically superior to people of color. Though he claims to be apolitical and has criticized Trump and other Republicans, it seems that he might not be completely opposed to this sort of thinking. In 2019, he tweeted in support of the fascist League of Italian Students, an organization that advocates for a “thousand year” rule for Italy and believes that Italy is responsible for “unprecedented” levels of crime in the third world. Many have accused him of being a closet member of the KKK as well. In 2015, he was spotted in a magazine’s photo shoot wearing a hood. Though he has since claimed that this was simply a fashion choice and had nothing to do with his politics (he wrote on Instagram at the time that he didn’t “really fit in with skinheads”), it doesn’t ring true. In 2017, he tweeted that “[w]hen you’re born into a certain family, you’re given certain privileges.” While he was not referring to his own family in this instance, the sentiment is still relevant. These types of statements don’t exactly suggest that he is friends with Colin Kaepernick and other NFL demonstrators. In a Rolling Stone interview in 2016, Pattinson said, “I feel incredibly fortunate to have been born into a culture that has afforded me the opportunity to be as creative as I could be. Being born into wealth has given me the ability to pursue my dreams.” While he doesn’t advocate for racial segregation, it is clear that he feels that he was born into a superior class of people, and that society should be grateful for his existence.

It’s not hard to see why so many people hate on Robert Pattinson. He’s arrogant and doesn’t seem to give a damn about what people think of him. He’s also a complete and utter snob, prone to showing off his “good” English and being condescending to those he deems inferior. It seems that being born into privilege doesn’t always translate into treating others with respect, and perhaps that is something that he will have to learn. Though he might not be a practicing Jew, it is clear that he does have Jewish ancestors, a fact that he has used to good effect in terms of publicity. Whether or not he actually identifies as a Jew, it is clear that he has not forgotten his family’s legacy, and he is carrying it on with pride.