Robert Pattinson is slowly but surely establishing himself as one of the true greats of English acting, having starred in some of the most memorable and best films of the 21st century so far! (And no, we’re not just talking about the Twilight films).

The actor is currently on the big screen in the latest film from the Harry Potter director, J.K. Rowling, named simply as The Order of the Phoenix (read our review of the film here). In that film, and the next two books that follow in the series, Voldemort has returned and gone on a murderous rampage across England. (And, spoiler alert, it might be hinted that Potter’s wand could be the key to beating this powerful villain once and for all).

So while we wait for the final installment in the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, it’s time for us to look back at the beginning of the epic, five-part saga that is J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World. And what better way to do that than by taking a look at the latest addition to the Harry Potter world, The Order of the Phoenix?

To find out who is truly in charge of Harry Potter’s fate, let’s take a quick look back at the series’ first installment, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (read our review here).

The Beginning Of ‘The Order Of The Phoenix’

In the beginning, there was only one order of magic in the Wizarding World, the most famous house at Hogwarts, and that was the Elderly Order of the Phoenix. The group’s founder, Helga Hufflepuff, was a powerful witch who ruled the school for many years, eventually passing the position on to her grandson, Rowan. The house continued to be led by Hufflepuffs until the final years of the 20th century when the last of the clan passed away.

And so, with a new, young family being brought in to lead the house, the title of the latest installment in the Harry Potter series, The Order of the Phoenix, was seemingly a no-brainer. The title character is a young wizard who will soon be a first-year at Hogwarts and set to join the ranks of the house, along with his two brothers, Charlie and Bill. A key point to note is that this is the first Harry Potter title not to feature the famous Potter family; the series is now in its fifth book and the Pattinson brothers are going to take the reins.

A Different Take On Hufflepuff

One of the things that made Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone so special was how it reimagined Hufflepuff as a whole different character. We first meet Helena Hufflepuff, granddaughter of the famous headmaster, Albus Dumbledore: the new family matriarch. We don’t really get to know her that well, but her quirky personality endears us to her, and we immediately feel like we know her better than the original version. We find out pretty quickly that she is an extraordinary witch who happens to be gay, which is quite an extraordinary thing in the Harry Potter series. (Of course, Dumbledore always had an appreciation for strong women! (He told us so himself))

And then, of course, Harry Potter shows up. For the first time in the series, J.K. Rowling took the opportunity to explore the Wizarding World through the eyes of the boy who would grow up to become the greatest wizard of all time. (Wise words indeed!) It’s fair to say that young Harry Potter would be an exceptional wizard, but he is still just a teenager who does not yet appreciate all of the wonders that a fully grown adult wizard can provide. That is where Helena comes in handy. She is determined to show Harry the error of his ways, especially since he has gotten himself into trouble for the second time. The school year has begun and with it, the serious responsibilities that come with being a first-year student. It’s time for Harry to grow up and be a man of learning! (Or, at least, try to! :D)

The first task that Professor Dumbledore places on Harry’s plate is to take care of the Marauders, four years of students who have just celebrated their 16th birthday and are looking for a good time. Their solution is to form a gang and take on Dumbledore and the entire Ministry of Magic. It is at this stage in the story when we first meet the four famous muggle-born Hogwarts students who would go on to become the biggest pain in the neck for Harry Potter. Along with Xeno, Justin and Roger Grimond (we’ll get to know them better in future books), the young wizard is thrown into an epic battle that would leave him scarred for life. But that is a different story.

Different Takes On Two More Houses

We’ve now arrived at two of the most important houses in the Wizarding World: Hogwarts (the famous wizarding school) and Gringotts (the bank where wizards and witches keep their fortunes). In the first two books, we’ve learned a lot about friendship, loyalty and how to fight effectively, but there is still more to be discovered, especially since both Hogwarts and Gringotts have their own unique stories to tell!

In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, we are first introduced to the Hogwarts elite, the students who are secretly loyal to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Voldemort. After a particularly heinous crime, Dolores Umbridge is placed in charge of Hogwarts, and things take a turn for the worse. It is a dark time for the school. For the first time in the series, J.K. Rowling decided to tackle the issue of underage witches and wizards and decided to make it the main focus of the book. She makes no secret of the fact that she feels that the fight against Voldemort is far from over, even at Hogwarts. It is just the beginning.

What is more, with Voldemort at large and at the head of his pure-blood army, the students at Hogwarts will need to step up and take an active role in defending the school. Even the bravest and most stalwart of wizards and witches cannot protect themselves from the Dark Lord’s wrath should he discover their whereabouts. It is up to Professor Dumbledore to find a way to teach these young students to defend themselves. Thus, the series’ second and most famous line, “to arms!” (or, rather, “Go Falstaff!”)

A Grand Plan For Hogwarts And Gringotts

With Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets behind him, J.K. Rowling became determined to finally give the wizarding world its long-awaited story of peace and harmony, which seems quite a lofty goal, considering the events that have taken place so far! (Although it’s quite clear that Rowling never gives up on her characters!) With the help of a certain basilisk, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, she is finally able to put her plans into action and succeed in bringing harmony to the wizarding world. Still, there is much more work to be done. In fact, this is an important step towards the epiphany of the story: the revelation that Voldemort may not be as bad as we originally thought. It is a grand plan, but it is one that has been long in the making.

Who Is In Charge?

And now, it’s time for us to take a quick look at the end of the fifth and final book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. This is a story about three teenagers who must confront their greatest fears: the evil Lord Voldemort, who wants to kill them all; the mysterious master behind the curtain, whom they must outwit and destroy; and one very special baby who was prophesied to defeat both Voldemort and the Dark Arts!

The series has now arrived at its climax: the fate of the boy who was destined to be great is finally in the hands of the people who have been following his adventures from the very beginning: his friends and family. Everyone has their own agenda, of course, and many secrets to keep, but at the end of the day, it’s down to Harry to decide what he wants for himself. He is the master of his own destiny! (Or, at least, he will be when this story is told.)

As we’ve been discussing, Robert Pattinson is slowly but surely establishing himself as one of the true greats of English acting, having starred in some of the most memorable and best films of the 21st century so far! (And no, we’re not just talking about the Twilight films).