Robert Pattinson currently holds the title of being the most handsome man on the planet. With his boyish face and charismatic good looks, it would be a great achievement for Pattinson to be named the next Batman. In fact, several people have already began to compare him to the Dark Knight. Is this accurate? Is Robert Pattinson going to be Batman? We can’t say for sure, but it wouldn’t be the first time Hollywood has mistaken a popular star for a character they had no idea they were impersonating. Let’s examine the evidence.

The Similarities Between Batman and Robert Pattinson

It’s clear that Robert Pattinson and Batman share an extraordinary amount of features. Both men are tall and lean with a good amount of muscle. They have a similar facial structure, chiseled jaws and penetrating eyes. One of the most prominent features that they share is their hair. Both men have very thick and wavy hair that they wear loose and untamed. The interesting thing about this similarity is that, up until now, Batman has NEVER been portrayed with an intense amount of hair. It’s almost as if they’re purposely trying to emulate each other. Is this a coincidence or does it mean something? Are these two men related? Did Pattinson become a superhero just so he could disguise himself as Batman? Let’s examine the evidence.

The Evidence For Robert Pattinson Being The Next Batman

If you believe that Batman is indeed the inspiration for Robert Pattinson’s new look, then you have to admit that he does share a remarkable amount of similarities with the Dark Knight. As previously stated, they have similar facial features and both have worn their hair very loosely in the past. The most impressive thing about this theory is that it explains a lot about where Robert Pattinson’s career is headed. If Batman is his inspiration, then we can fully expect to see him take on a heroic persona and venture into acting in the near future. If you ask us, it wouldn’t be the first time an A-list celebrity got a role just so they could use their notoriety to parody famous characters or use their films as platforms to promote a brand. We can’t say for sure if this is the case with Pattinson because most of his movies are kept under a strict NDA, but it wouldn’t be the first time someone got a role just to troll the system. The truth is out there though. We just have to find it.

Why Are People Mistaking Robert Pattinson For Batman?

This theory gained a lot of traction thanks to a tweet on October 16th, 2019 from none other than Robert Pattinson himself. The actor posted a picture of himself in a costume, possibly revealing that he has taken on the role of Batman. The picture has now been deleted, but not before it had gone viral. People began comparing Pattinson to Batman based on the outfit, which included a mask, cape, and cowl. Soon after, Pattinson’s publicist issued a statement refuting the rumors.

“It’s kind of silly. He was doing a bit part in a film and decided to dress up as Batman for fun. It was supposed to be fun. He wasn’t trying to be Batman,” the statement read in part. “He knows that people would react like this, so he wasn’t trying to provoke any comments. He just wants to have some fun and surprise people who know him. He had no idea that people would get so carried away. He had no plans on portraying Batman in any way. It was just a bit part and one shot in a film. He wasn’t trying to be Batman and he’s sorry if this has caused any trouble or controversy.” 

While it’s true that Robert Pattinson wasn’t trying to portray Batman, it’s also important to point out that he wasn’t exactly saying no either. It’s clearly evident that he thinks he looks like Batman and that he had some fun with it. The statement also makes it clear that, at least partially, he was trying to provoke comments from people. His desire to get a rise out of his fans is not a new phenomenon. He’s made a career out of provoking his audience. Most recently, he caused a huge stir by posting a series of photos on his Instagram with a shirtless Paul Newman. We can’t say for sure if this is why he’s becoming the next Batman, but it’s certainly a possibility. He’s clearly proud of his physique and enjoys provoking his audience. Is this a good thing? It’s hard to say. We can’t deny that he’s a talented actor and, for the most part, he’s been very successful in his endeavors. It would be a pity if people only remembered him for the mistakes he’s made in the past and not for the good work he’s done. We just hope that, as in the previous cases, nobody takes this too seriously. It would be nice if people could just enjoy the fact that a handsome man is sporting a cute Halloween costume for Halloween. Isn’t that what Halloween is all about? Trick or treating and having some fun?

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