Who would have guessed that the most talked about actor of our time would be so reluctant to talk about his personal life? As the highest-grossing actor of 2016, it’s no wonder that people want to know more about Robert Pattinson. But, despite the fact that he’s one of the most famous actors of our time, he doesn’t seem to enjoy talking about his private life. That’s why we were sceptical about any rumours surrounding Robert and the various women he’s been linked to. It seemed too good to be true. But now that the rumours are becoming undeniable, it’s time to examine them.

Robert Pattinson and Talia Shaker Incentivised Rumours

For many, 2017 was a memorable year. It was the year of the #MeToo movement which saw countless women speaking out about their experiences with sexual harassment and assault. It was a watershed moment for women’s rights in general and for sexual harassment and assault in particular. But while the movement was gaining mainstream attention, it was also exposing many men who had been secretly enjoying harassing or assaulting women for fun. That became blatantly apparent when the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke in early October. But while the Weinstein scandal was making headlines, it also exposed an ugly truth about the inner workings of Hollywood. Specifically, it illuminated the close connections many prominent actresses have to Weinstein and other powerful figures in Hollywood.

For decades, rumours surrounding Weinstein (and his associates) have cast a cloud over Hollywood. Rumours that he sexually harassed celebrities and that he paid off various women to remain silent. However, it wasn’t until recently that these rumours became concrete evidence. The sheer volume of accusations and the increasing media scrutiny made it impossible to deny that Weinstein (and his associates) had been abusing their position of power for decades. In fact, Weinstein’s depravity was so bad that even the most powerful men in Hollywood felt threatened by the allegations. That’s why many of them stood by and did nothing as Weinstein’s schemes spiralled out of control.

The Allegations Surrounding Robert Pattinson

Weinstein isn’t the only famous man who’s been accused of sexual harassment and assault. There have been numerous other prominent figures across industries who’ve received similar allegations. But while some men have been forced to step down, quietly retire or take a long break from their prestigious positions, others have been allowed to keep their jobs and even assumed greater positions of power. Why? Because the accusations aren’t against a woman or a minority. It’s been widely reported that many prominent men in Hollywood have been victims of similar exploitation. That’s what makes the #MeToo movement so powerful. It highlights the fact that men can be just as responsible for these abuses as women.

Pattinson’s Depressed Demeanor

One of the most striking things about Robert Pattinson is his down-to-earth demeanour. From his boyish looks to his unassuming stature, it’s easy to underestimate him. But, in reality, he’s one of the most powerful actors in Hollywood. After all, he’s been named one of the highest-grossing actors of all time. This is mainly thanks to his unique combination of talent and looks. But it’s also because of his down-to-earth demeanour. In fact, many people in Hollywood even think of him as the male version of actress Kristen Stewart. Like Stewart, Pattinson can often be found hanging out with his female friends or co-stars. He also has a habit of going on holiday with his family, a rarity for an actor.

While Stewart and Pattinson are close friends and co-stars, they’ve never been romantically linked. But, with the #MeToo movement bringing sexual harassment and assault into the open, it appears that Stewart might be the one to truly end his dry spell. Since the beginning of this year, it’s been reported that Stewart has been spending almost all of her time with Pattinson, who she’s been dating since September 2016. Rumours of their impending engagement were rampant. And, true to form, Stewart has yet to officially deny them.

Pattinson’s Resilient Strengths

There are many reasons why Robert Pattinson doesn’t like talking about his personal life. The first and probably most compelling of these is his upbringing. Pattinson was raised in an affluent family in London. He went to an expensive private school where the academic work was mostly focused on etiquette and social skills. This, coupled with his privileged upbringing, made him relatively immune to certain types of abuse. Simply put, he’s been careful and guarded about his personal life ever since he was a teenager. So, when something does happen, it catches him by surprise.

It’s no wonder that Robert Pattinson doesn’t like to talk about his personal life. Not only does he have a tendency to keep strange hours – sometimes going for days without speaking to anyone or leaving his home – but he’s also guarded about certain issues. Despite this, we now know a great deal about Robert and some of the things he finds troubling. So, let’s dive into it.

Why Does Robert Pattinson Find Solitude Challenging?

The answer to this question actually has a lot to do with his privileged upbringing. Coming from a family of privilege doesn’t exactly translate to finding happiness easy. On the contrary, it can make you feel even more of an outsider. For starters, being an only child might make you feel a little bit superior. Privileged people like Robert are used to getting their own way. So, when he does meet someone, he often finds it hard to hide his elitism. In fact, one of his closest friends is English actress Emily Brown. She’s a talented writer who helps him with his narration. But even she has trouble relating to him due to his privileged upbringing. She tells him, “I don’t know how I relate to you because I don’t have a childhood that I can relate to.”

Even when things are going well, Robert Pattinson still finds solitude challenging. This might be because he’s so used to being alone. After all, it was only when he went into rehab that he began to meet people who didn’t run away as soon as he started talking. But, even then, he remained mostly by himself. What’s more, his professional life is essentially a solo act. He doesn’t need to socialise much. Being around people isn’t exactly unpleasant, but it’s not something he looks forward to, either.

Why Does Robert Pattinson Have Guarded Feelings About his Body?

There are many signs that Robert Pattinson has a healthy self-image. Not only does he often dress in a way that accentuates his attractive features, but he also seems to genuinely enjoy his body. In early 2017, he even posted a picture of himself sunbathing in a bikini which received over 66 million views on Instagram.

But there are also signs that he has some body issues. As we’ve established, he grew up in an affluent household and was largely sheltered from certain types of abuse. So it’s no wonder that he has a tendency to be rather critical of his body. When a doctor examines him, he reportedly says that he has an “artistic temperament” and a “narcissistic streak”. These are both facets of what makes up the personality of an artist. But, essentially, if you’re an artist, you’re likely to feel critical of your work, and sometimes even feel dissatisfied with your body. The good news is that he’s begun to open up a little more in recent months, which is ultimately helping him gain more confidence.

Does Robert Pattinson Have Some Sort of Disordered Personality?

It depends how you look at it. On the one hand, we have a very upstanding young man who takes his responsibilities seriously. He respects women, is protective of his friends and family, and is determined to do the right thing. This is a far cry from the types of personalities which would go around sexually harassing people or using their power to dominate. On the other hand, it’s also not difficult to see how some of this might be connected to his privileged background. Coming from a family of wealth and status, he’s been sheltered from a lot of the things that other people have to deal with. As a result, he might find it hard to empathise with others, especially in situations where this is most needed. This might even make him retreat into his work, which speaks to his artistic temperament. In short, it’s a complicated picture. But it’s one worth looking at.