Robert Pattinson, the charming English actor who rose to fame as the hottie vampire in the Twilight franchise, is rumored to be engaged to beautiful model Suki Waterhouse. We took a look at the evidence and found a couple of things that line up but mostly just fill in the blanks.

The Engagement Rumors

First off, there’s the sheer volume of paparazzi photos that exist of the couple together. It’s hard to keep track of all the stories, but here’s a small selection of the best celebrity engagement photos that have surfaced in the last year or so.

The first photo above is of Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse at the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The model’s parents, Bernie and Lucia Waterhouse, were in attendance and posed for a photo with the newly engaged couple. A source told TMZ that the photo “captured the whole essence of their relationship – joy and tranquility.”

The following June, the couple were spotted at a premiere in London’s Leicester Square. Fans were able to catch a glimpse of the happy couple as they arrived at the premiere of The Bride’s Tale, an independent romantic comedy starring Anne Hathaway. In the film, Hathaway plays a bride who disguises herself as a man to thwart her husband’s (Pattinson) advances. While the actor seems to be having a good time with Waterhouse, who is wearing a white wedding dress, his arm is wrapped around her middle as they walk through the park.

Where Do You Stand On The Bella/Edward Love Story?

The first Twilight movie was released in 2008 and was an immediate sensation. The film followed the love story between high schooler Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), a mysterious and handsome vampire who befriends her. It went on to become one of the most popular movies of all time, raking in over 75 million worldwide.

The Twilight franchise is now a six-movie series, with the most recent addition, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, being released in 2010. The series has generated over $13 billion in worldwide box office sales and continues to draw in audiences around the globe.

Since its release, Bella and Edward have proved to be one of the most popular pairs of romantic leads in movie history. They even inspired their very own Twilight Saga lip gloss, which was released in 2014 to great success. In 2015 alone, Bella and Edward inspired a variety of merchandise, including key chains, mugs, and even a candle set.

What About The Fandango Romances?

Another major aspect of the Twilight saga is Bella’s involvement in a love triangle with Edward and his longtime friend Jacob (Taylor Lautner). In Twilight, Bella meets Edward while visiting her father in Forks, Washington. Edward is immediately attracted to the young woman, but she doesn’t return his affections. Instead, she feels an instant connection with Jacob, a werewolf who is visiting from Alaska. When Edward finds out about this, he becomes furious and tries to kill her.

From that point forward, everything in Bella’s life becomes a battle between her desire to be with Edward and her growing affection for Jacob. It’s an incredibly complex story, filled with twists and turns that will keep you guessing. Luckily, watching the movies is all it takes, since they are completely faithful to the books.

In Twilight, Jacob’s pack is revealed to be behind the threat of violence that Edward poses toward Bella. In the end, Edward is able to redeem himself and his friendship with Bella is strengthened. The two attend a graduation party together and share a passionate kiss that causes their fur to become intertwined.

The following year, after returning home from her graduation party, Bella discovers that Edward has spent six months in a coma following a car accident. The injury he sustains at the end of the film is what ultimately brings him out of his depression and into the real world once more. He has a big reunion with Bella and realizes that while he may not have physically changed, he has changed as a person due to his brush with mortality.

Will A Fourth Movie Be A New Twilight?

While the Twilight franchise has been raking in the box office receipts with each new installment, rumors have persisted that a fourth installment is already being scripted. The movie would reportedly continue the adventures of Bella and Edward in their post-Twilight world. The only difference is that Edward would have to undergo an operation in order to turn into a wolf, hence the title of the film: New Moon.

At the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, Stewart acknowledged the rumors, stating, “I hear [a fourth movie] is happening, and I can’t wait… It’s going to be great.” And she wasn’t lying. Despite the fact that Stewart and Pattinson did not physically appear together at the awards ceremony (the latter was in Australia), the actress did hug and kiss the actor at the end of her acceptance speech, fueling more rumors. And then there was that famous photo op, where Stewart and Waterhouse were seen holding hands. However, Waterhouse quickly denied that this was a sign of their engagement, telling Elle magazine, “We’re just friends.”

Waterhouse has yet to say anything about the persistent rumors surrounding her and Pattinson, but she did share some insight about their relationship with Marie Claire, saying, “We’ve always been really open about our relationship. We’ve never really kept things private. We have a lot of love and support for each other, and we’re very happy.”

The Wedding Plans

While many of us are eagerly awaiting news of Stewart and Pattinson’s upcoming wedding, the couple are keeping things hush hush. According to a source, their wedding will be a low-key affair. Pattinson’s parents will walk the couple down the aisle, as his sisters will serve as bridesmaids. After the ceremony, the happy couple will live together and continue their careers.

Pattinson’s rep told Billboard that although the actor has yet to propose, “He’s been very, very romantic, and it’s only a matter of time before he proposes.” The singer Adele also has a thing for the charming British actor, openly gushing about him in a tweet after his performance at the Grammys.

Is There Really No Good News?

Although many of us eagerly await news of Stewart and Pattinson’s wedding, let’s be honest: There’s not a lot of good that can come from all this. Sure, it’s great that they’ve found mutual happiness and we can witness their continuing romance on the big screen. But beyond that, the media circus that is the Robert Pattinson Saga is a distraction and a nuisance. Why can’t they just be a happy couple and leave the rest to the imagination?

With all this in mind, it’s easy to understand why Stewart has yet to confirm whether or not she is indeed engaged to Pattinson. It certainly doesn’t help that the more we learn about the couple the more we want to know. It’s clear that they possess a special connection and we hope that their fans will respect their privacy as they begin to plan their wedding.