While we were all prepping for the release of The Batman, fans of the caped crusader have been wondering whether or not director Benjamin Wadsworth was putting an end to the Batman franchise. It seems that the director is indeed done playing – although not necessarily with the franchise. In fact, he’s been quietly working on something new that will, at the very least, be an interesting experiment.

Now that the dust has settled from the highly-anticipated release of The Batman, it’s time to look ahead to the future of the Batman franchise and the many exciting directions it could go in.

Here’s a short list of some of the interesting things that could happen if/when The Batman was the last official Batman movie:

A Justice League Movie

One of the most exciting things that could happen is a Justice League movie. The studio could very easily bring together some of the greatest superhero team ups from the DC Comics Universe. It would be a great final send off to the ‘89 iconic Batman film.

Batman has always been known for his iconic status, but it wasn’t until he teamed up with a group of other legendary heroes that his status skyrocketed. The Justice League has always been one of the most prominent examples of Batman’s impact on pop culture. While the team usually features some of Batman’s closest allies, it’s not always the case – especially in the early years. But regardless, it’s safe to say that without Batman, the Justice League would not exist.

A Spider-Man Movie

Another exciting possibility is a Spider-Man movie. While the character originally came from the pages of the comics, it was the Batman of the ‘60s that popularized the spider-sense and gave Spidey his special abilities. If there’s any justice in Hollywood, they will make a Spider-Man movie some day.

The Amazing Spider-Man franchise was one of the greatest successes that stemmed from the ‘80s boom in superhero movies. One could argue that it was the main reason why so many filmmakers were interested in exploring the world of superheroes. Andrew Garfield successfully made the character his own before joining the seemingly-endless ranks of superheroes in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

A Modern-Day Conan The Barbarian Movie

Another exciting possibility is a Conan the Barbarian movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger created one of the most iconic characters of all time with his performance as Conan in the ‘80s. It would be great to see how the character would hold up in modern times.

The success of The Legend of Conan and Conan The Barbarian spurred on many imitators, both good and bad. It seems that the years have not been kind to the character, who now looks aged and shabby compared to his heroic feats of old.

There are now more movies set in the legendary land of Conan than at any point in its history. Perhaps one day, we’ll get to see how Arnold’s take on the character compares to today’s audiences. For now, the fans will just have to settle for watching the greats like Sean Connery and Christopher Lloyd reprise their roles as Kull the Conqueror and the wizard Mazilla.

A Wolverine Movie

The Wolverine is one of the most interesting characters to ever exist in the history of comics. Although the character was originally inspired by Hirohito, the Emperor of Japan, it wasn’t until 1958 that he made his first appearance in Detective Comics. Since then, he’s become an integral part of the Marvel Comics Universe.

Wolverine is known for his adamantium claws and his sharp wit. Like many of the other characters on this list, Wolverine is also incredibly resourceful. While he doesn’t always like to show it, he’ll go above and beyond what’s required to accomplish his goals.

Wolverine is one of the most famous comic book characters of all time and it would be a crime if he doesn’t get the chance to star in his very own movie one day. It seems that 20th Century Fox is taking the opportunity to create a whole movie universe around the character by teaming up with other studios to create a cinematic universe of their own. The goal is to have something to offer fans of the character with every movie – regardless of whether or not they’re linked together.

A Ghost Rider Movie

Another exciting possibility is a Ghost Rider movie. The character was created by Robert Kirkman back in 1987, but it was Ben Davidson’s performance as Ghost Rider that really made the character memorable. While the character has only starred in a few comics until now, it was the 2007 film adaptation that turned him into a household name.

The Ghost Rider would make a fantastic addition to any superhero movie collection. Not only does he have the ability to travel through the air, he can also raise the dead and turn human flesh into solid gold. But regardless of what movie universe fans want to see the Ghost Rider in, they will most certainly get their wish. With or without the Batman, the Ghost Rider is destined to become one of the most important characters in pop culture history.

A Doctor Strange Movie

Another exciting possibility is a Doctor Strange movie. Since 1966, the Marvel Comics character has been starring in his own series of epic adventures. Based on the success of those early series, it’s no wonder that Marvel would want to bring the character to the big screen. But while Benedict Cumberbatch has proven himself to be one of the greatest actors of our time, it’s not yet certain whether or not he’s ready to don the cape and take on the Sorcerer Supreme.

Still, it’s great that Marvel is exploring options for a Doctor Strange movie. Through television and the small screen, fans have gotten to see plenty of stories featuring the renowned surgeon. Now, it’s time for those stories to come to the big screen.

A Black Panther Movie

The success of The Avengers and the increasing popularity of comic book movies in general has opened the door for other black superheroes to receive the cinematic treatment. One of the first characters to get the movie treatment was none other than Marvel’s own black superhero, Black Panther.

It’s been over 25 years since the first black superhero starred in his own feature film. Although it was never officially confirmed, it’s widely believed that the Marvel Comics character, T’Challa, became king of Wakanda after the events of The Avengers. The isolated location of Wakanda may also account for its extremely high technological development – which is also reflected in its resident supercomputer, Mother Nature. If history is any indicator, black superheroes like Black Panther will no doubt become as popular as their white counterparts once they’re given the chance to shine on the silver screen.

A Silver Surfer Movie

Another exciting possibility is a Silver Surfer movie. The Marvel Comics character first appeared in the pages of Strange Tales in August of 1959. While he didn’t star in his own feature film until 2013, he has been a regular part of the Marvel Universe since then.

The success of The Avengers and the increasing popularity of comic book movies in general has opened the door for other silver superheroes to receive the cinematic treatment. Just like Black Panther, the success of The Avengers gave Hollywood the perfect opportunity to explore the world of superpowered beings – and, in particular, the Silver Surfer.

The movie would mark a transition from the dark side to the light. The character’s sole purpose in life is to spread peace and love. Although he can manipulate and control light, the Silver Surfer relies on his surfboard to travel through space and time. The only drawback is that he has no regular residence. Instead, he moves from place to place depending on where his story needs to be told.

The popularity of the Silver Surfer among fans and the increasing number of Hollywood elites make this character a prime candidate for a movie. Similar to other heroes on this list, the opportunity to star in a movie based on the Silver Surfer is just one of the exciting possibilities that await those who have supported him for years – and will continue to support him no matter what.

It’s clear that the future of the Batman franchise is as bright as ever. With or without the Dark Knight, it’s clear that the ‘89 film will go down in history as one of the greatest Batman films of all time. While we wait for the dust to settle on whether or not Wadsworth will reprise his role as director of The Batman, it’s exciting to think about all the other exciting possibilities that lie ahead.