You might have heard the news when it was announced that Robert Pattinson and Taylor Swift are dating. The ‘Twilight’ star, who was previously linked to Katy Perry, is now said to be dating Swift. Rumors about their possible relationship began circulating in April 2015 when they were photographed holding hands and spending a lot of time together. Since then, there has been a lot of speculation about whether they are or are not an official item. On April 11, Swift made things pretty clear by sharing a photo with the world on her Instagram account.

“Me and my girlfriends had a girls’ night last night and decided to take a selfie in front of a pink sunset. I have a feeling that sunset just wants to have some love too,” she wrote.

Pattinson also responded to Swift’s news with a tweet. He shared a snapshot of himself with a dog wearing a T-shirt that says ‘No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem’.

“Hi @taylorswift13, thanks for the interest in my dogs. They’re my best friends and I love them dearly. Take care, RPattinson,” he wrote.

While it is clear that the pair are an item, it is not yet known whether they are planning on tying the knot. They’ve both been rather tight-lipped about the subject and have not exactly helped fuel the speculation by sharing too many details about their personal lives. In fact, one prominent rumor suggests that the ‘Twilight’ actor is actually engaged to be married and has been keeping the big news to himself. It has been said that the pair are planning to wed next summer in London.

Why Is This Rumor So Popular?

It is no secret that the ‘Twilight’ series has captivated audiences worldwide. Its popularity even spawned a spin-off book, the ‘Twilight Saga,’ and a recent TV adaptation. With each installment, the series drew more and more people in, establishing a significant audience for this young adult series. It seems only natural that the success of ‘Twilight’ would be reflected in the media world, with its stars and characters appearing on countless magazine covers and in countless articles. Since the announcement of their dating relationship in April, the two have been featured on multiple magazine covers and news articles, further fueling the rumor that they are an item.

Many fans of the ‘Twilight’ actress are already expressing their displeasure at the news. Swift is the daughter of music legends Johnny and Sherry Erwin, who achieved fame in the ‘70s. Many of her fans feel that she was ‘fixed’ to marry a member of the ‘Twilight’ clan and is simply using the actor as a ‘bait and switch’ to get close to fame.

Theories About Their Relationship

Since news broke that Swift is dating the ‘Twilight’ star, many fans have been left scratching their heads. What is Taylor Swift doing dating the son of a dentist and a nurse? Is it a publicity stunt? Is Taylor Swift just trying to be trendy? Is she genuinely into the actor or is this just a publicity stunt? While many questions remain unanswered, here are some theories about their relationship. (Note: some of these theories may involve spoilers for those who have not read or watched the ‘Twilight’ series.)

They Are Just Fools

Some fans have posited that the pair are simply “fools,” noting that they are both famous. The theory goes that, since they are both famous, they will never get serious about each other. Others believe that the pair have ulterior motives, pointing to Taylor’s friendship with Selena Gomez as evidence that she is using this dating relationship to boost her social status. After all, why would an already wealthy and successful artist want to be seen with a struggling actor?

They Are Professionals

Others think that the pair are simply “professionals,” noting that they both have extensive resumes and are used to dealing with the media. They are both committed to their work and have not always shown the most tender of touches with the press. This theory suggests that, since they are both committed to their careers, they will never be happy as a couple unless they are both successful. The theory also suggests that their chemistry is off-the-charts and that they will eventually end up together. It’s just a matter of time.

They Are Fixing Each Other

Some fans contend that the pair are actually “fixing” each other, noting that they are both struggling with their acting careers. They believe that they will eventually be able to work their way up to a meaningful relationship, but that their on-set chemistry is preventing them from being serious about a long-term romantic relationship. Others wonder if this is all a publicity stunt and that, once the cameras stop rolling, they will be back to their old ways. Still others believe that the two are simply too busy with their careers to worry about something as frivolous as a romantic relationship. Who knows? Maybe they’re right. We’ll have to wait and see.

Whatever the case may be, it seems that everyone is talking about the Taylor Swift and Robert Pattinson dating rumors. Many fans are looking into ways to prevent themselves from finding out any more about this ‘bait and switch’ couple, while others would love to find out the truth behind the rumors. As for the future of this rumored relationship, only time will tell. For now, we’ll have to content ourselves with a cupcake and good conversation.