Zoe Kravitz is a British model and actress best known for playing Princess Aurora in the blockbuster live-action adaptation of the animated film Sleeping Beauty. On June 7, 2018, Kravitz was spotted leaving her London residence wearing a large yellow hat that read “Bella” in Italian across the front.

This detail drew attention because it is the same hat worn by the actor Robert Pattinson in the fantasy drama Dune, which premieres Monday, June 4, on Netflix.

So, is Kravitz dating Robert Pattinson? Is she the secret girlfriend he’s been hiding?

The answer is complicated. Kravitz has been linked to several famous faces in the media, including the Twilight starlet. And while Pattinson has not confirmed their relationship, he has certainly played up their rumored romance. In one interview, he described Kravitz as “my perfect woman,” and in another, he even suggested that they get pregnant so she could be with him forever.

The Twi-Light Saga

During the height of the Twilight craze in 2011, Kravitz was romantically linked to Pattinson’s on-screen counterpart, Stephenie Meyer’s, nephew, and heir apparent, Robert Pattinson. The 24-year-old actress was seen driving around Los Angeles with the then-27-year-old British actor. In one interview, she even admitted that she and Pattinson were an item. But the romance only lasted a few months before they called it quits and went their separate ways.

The two weren’t exactly shy about displaying their undying love for one another either. At a 2012 screening of Saving Mr. Banks, the female-led adaption of Lloyd Webber’s musical of the same name, Kravitz sported a black lace dress while sitting next to the actor. She and Pattinson appeared to be enjoying themselves and were later seen holding hands. Later that year, they were photographed kissing while vacationing in Venice Beach, California.

Kravitz was linked to Pattinson again in early 2017 when rumors arose that the actor was going to attend her birthday party in June. At the time, fans speculated that the actress was trying to play it cool and was throwing a surprise party for her longtime lover. The actress even confirmed the party in a tweet sent out just three days before it was due to happen.

While the party went ahead as planned, it was certainly not a surprise. Kravitz and Pattinson had been seen entering Hollywood nightlife hotspots like Nobu and Wolfgang Puck’s Spago restaurant together, as well as in the company of other famous faces. They were also famously photographed cuddling while watching the sunset on St. Barts together in the middle of 2017.

Rumors of their possible relationship began to surface again in June when Kravitz was seen leaving her residence wearing a yellow hat with a “Bella” logo on it. Like in 2018, this was a nod to Pattinson’s character in Dune, which is based on Frank Herbert’s science fiction novel of the same name. Kravitz has worn similar hats in the past, and Pattinson has acknowledged that they were on a date when he first spotted her in one in February 2018.

A Special Relationship

While their reputations as beautiful and talented individuals precede them, it is safe to say that Kravitz and Pattinson have certainly made a name for themselves as a couple. In 2018, fans debated whether they were dating or just good friends. And while it’s true that they spend a lot of time together, do they consider themselves a couple? Are they even seeing each other as a romantic option?

Pattinson has made it clear that he sees Kravitz as more than just a friend. In an interview with Vanity Fair, he described their relationship as “special,” and went on to say that they care for each other and support each other in a way that is more than just platonic.

Romantic or Platonic?

As with any other couple, Kravitz and Pattinson’s relationship is likely to be explored in greater detail in the media. But while many will no doubt be curious about whether this is a romantic or platonic alliance, it would be a mistake to read too much into it.

The answer is probably both. One indication that they are more than just friends is that they have been seen holding hands and spending time together outside of work, as well as in front of the camera. But it isn’t always easy to tell whether these moments mean more than friendship. In an interview with Elle, Pattinson said that he “loves her like a sister” and admitted that they have “never really been closer.”

This bodes well for their relationship. Many famous couples have found themselves embroiled in media scandals surrounding infidelity and cheating. But Kravitz and Pattinson have seemed determined to avoid such gossip. Since their relationship first came to light, both have remained low-profile and private. In 2018 alone, they have attended numerous events together and have been spotted holding hands and looking deeply in love. This is a sign that their romance is genuine and that they are determined to get married. And what a wedding it would be—between two iconic and talented young people who deserve to share their passion with the world.