It seems like every few weeks, we’re teased with new signs of Robert Pattinson’s budding romance with Kristen Stewart.

The ‘Twilight’ co-stars were photographed enjoying a playful moment on a New York City subway earlier this month, and their playful banter lit up Twitter. But is this flirting or is it just two friends who share a nostalgic connection to the teen romance series that made them stars?

Here, we’ll discuss the most recent hints of romantic tension between Robert and Kristen, including whether they’re a couple or just friends.

The Last Public Instagram Post

If you go back and forth between New York City and Los Angeles, you’ll inevitably end up on the same train to work. And if you’re a ‘Twilight’ fan, you’ll undoubtedly spend some of your time on the way to Hollywood thinking about the love interests of your favourite characters. But on September 25, 2013, almost a year after the Twilight franchise ended, Kristen uploaded a pic to her Instagram account with a “sorry we missed you” caption. It was the first time she’d uploaded a picture to the account in over a year, and it hinted at a break in her social media silence. But is this just a simple “sorry we missed you” or did she and Robert have a proper conversation?

That same day, Robert also posted on his Instagram account with the same caption and a picture of him holding a rose. The timing seems a little too convenient…

The Puffy Coat

In May 2014, the pair were spotted on the red carpet together at the Met Gala in New York City, and this time it was Robert who wore a puffy coat. While it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re dating, it’s a detail that stands out. In the same month, Kristen sported a similar coat in a black tie affair with a male designer and was accompanied by two women. It was clear that she wasn’t shy about showing off the unique style.

In the years since, the actor has continued to sport the stylish garment and even wore it at the 88th Academy Awards in March 2015. But while the puffy coat has been spotted on Kristen at several awards events and on the red carpet, it seems like Robert has stopped wearing it. However, in September 2015 he was photographed wearing the cosmo-patterned look, hinting at a possible comeback. Is the puffy coat a nostalgic style that Robert has brought back from his days as a teen heartthrob? Or is this just a way of dressing that makes him feel cool?

The New York City Subway Encounter

Last year, the couple were spotted on separate occasions riding on the New York City subway. While Robert seemed to be hanging out with a friend, the pair clearly caught each other’s eyes. Later that same day, they were photographed together again on the subway — this time looking more intimate. It seems like they were connecting over shared love for the city that they both call home.

The latest encounter happened last October, when both stars were photographed on the subway heading to work. Even if it’s been a year since their last public Instagram post, it seems like Robert has kept his eye out for his starstruck co-star. Is this just a coincidence or does it mean that they’re rekindling their romance?

The Shared Nostalgia

As we’ve established, the Twilight franchise wasn’t just about a vampire-human romance (although that was the central conceit of the series). There was also a large ensemble cast of characters, each with their own unique stories and quirks. This year has seen a number of ‘Twilight’ alumni turning to social media to share their experiences from the set of the films, and it seems that the nostalgia is rubbing off on the fans too.

If you go back and check out the original Twilight movie on YouTube, you’ll see that it was first released in 2012, which is also when the Instagram account @twilight_nostalgia was created. The account’s cover photo is a collage of stills from the film, and it’s clear that this is a film that the account holder loves.

Just this week, @twilight_nostalgia celebrated the 20th anniversary of the original movie by posting a video of highlights from the classic. It’s clear that the account holder is feeling particularly nostalgic, as they reminisce about the good old days of high school (and, yes, even university). Is the nostalgia for the simpler times of youth or is it a love for the films themselves?

There’s no question that Twilight was a massive cultural phenomenon. The series has been translated into 55 foreign languages and earned over $7 billion at the box office worldwide. It’s fair to say that nostalgia for the films will continue to be a prominent theme as we head into the future.