It seems like every other celebrity is dropping hints about their new relationships. Last week it was Louis Vuitton revealing that she is dating Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo. On Tuesday, October 30, actress Emma Stone posted a photo of herself with a mysterious boyfriend on her Instagram account. On Friday, November 2, British singer-songwriter James Arthur posted a photo of himself with a woman on his Instagram account. And on Sunday, November 4, former child star Scott Wolf tweeted a photo of himself holding hands with a woman at the Los Angeles International Airport, revealing that he is dating someone new. What do these Instagrammers have in common? They are all “influencers,” people who are famous for influencing others through social media.

In any event, it’s no secret that Scott is friends with singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, and the two often collaborate on music. So, what is Taylor’s take on all of this? On Tuesday, October 30, just one day after Scott posted the airport photo, Swift made her own Instagram account public and started reposting photos of herself with famous mannequins dressed in various combinations of designer clothing.

One of the photos featured a mannequin with a baseball cap, sunglasses, and a T-shirt with a logo on it that read “Swift.” This prompted one Instagram user to ask, “Has Taylor officially started dating Scott Wolf?” The mannequin in the photo has black hair, a medium-sized dog named Charlee, and is wearing a black dress with a white trim.” In another photo, a mannequin wearing a pair of sunglasses and a gray top with white trim looks like she is wearing a shirt from Scott’s brand, Carnation.

Many people noticed that the mannequin in the photos appeared to be familiar with Taylor, and began comparing the two. Some were even betting that they were in a relationship, as they looked so cosy together. Scott’s manager, Scott Lazar, later commented on one of the photos, “Do you think [Taylor] knows what a baller Scott is? We should defo have a game of truth or influence someday.” While others pointed out that it was probably a fashion collaboration and not an actual dating relationship, saying that it was “obvious that they are just friends.”

And what about Emma Stone and Louis Vuitton? There hasn’t been much talk about them, but in 2017 Stone was romantically linked to comedian Charlie Sheen. While Sheen was married to actress Gretchen Marlowe, he had a long-term affair with Stone. In the wake of their split in 2018, Stone began a mononymous Instagram account, posting photos of herself wearing various designer outfits as well as behind the scenes shots of her performing in films such as Cats and Toy Story 4.

Then, in 2019, Stone was photographed holding hands with a mystery man at the Metropolitan Hotel in New York City. The two partied together at the event For Sale By Owner, and it is said that they are still dating. So, who is this mysterious man that Emma Stone is seeing now?

Well, Stone has been linked to famous men such as Paris Hilton and Tom Hiddleston. In 2016, the singer-songwriter was spotted wearing a tuxedo at singer Harry Connick Jr.’s birthday party, and insiders later confirmed to Page Six that she was dating the famous artist.

Another possible new relationship for Stone is with musician Tom Hiddleston. In January 2018, the actress was photographed leaving a London nightclub with the English actor, and they were later seen dining together at a restaurant in London. Stone has also been linked to Hollywood actor and entrepreneur Paris Hilton, but insiders say that they are just friends. The same goes for Stone and Scott Wolf, although they have never been married and have no kids together. In fact, according to Celebrity Big Brother UK, Scott has been living with Emma Stone since February 2019.

A Love Triangle?

It seems like every other celebrity is dating, and it’s making for some interesting catty remarks.

Will Emma Stone’s New Boyfriend Split With Taylor Swift?

Now, that we know Scott is seeing someone new, will Emma Stone’s new boyfriend split with Taylor Swift? We will have to wait and see. According to Rumor Control, Taylor’s lawyer rejected the claim that her client is dating Scott, saying that they are just friends.

In a blog post, Rumor Control states, “When asked about the status of her relationship with Scott, Taylor’s lawyer clarified that they are just friends and that there is no relationship between them.”

But, there is still plenty of speculation that Taylor Swift and Scott Wolf are more than just friends. As we mentioned earlier, Swift and Stone have been spotted holding hands, and rumors have swirled that the pair may be in a relationship. And, as we saw with the Louis Vuitton and Emma Stone photos, the mannequins they choose to represent them are often tasteful choices, which raises the question: Is this a sexist move? After all, the mannequins are generally women. And what about Charlee, the dog? Does she have a role to play in this drama?

Is Louis Vuitton Dating Emma Stone?

In the same way that Taylor Swift and Scott Wolf are just friends, so is Louis Vuitton dating Emma Stone. In fact, it has been reported that the two had dinner together back in April. And it seems like every other major designer is already familiar with this catty rumor cycle and is using it to their advantage. In March 2020, Louis Vuitton was photographed at a London restaurant with former child star Micheal Jackson. The photo wasn’t unrecognizable, as it featured a blurry head of hair and a full face photo of Jackson. This seemingly confirmed that the designer is dating the former child star. But this is probably a misunderstanding, as Louis Vuitton spokesperson Claire Montagnes later clarified that the two are just friends. (The Paris Hilton story is similar.)

What About James Arthur?

Unlike Taylor Swift and Scott Wolf, whose romantic interests lie mainly with famous men, British singer-songwriter James Arthur has been seen dating a range of celebrities, from Zendaya to Mikki Pettersen. And it seems like he is currently seeing someone new. What is going on with James Arthur? Is he planning on sticking with one woman for the rest of his life?

In January 2020, Arthur was photographed at the Los Angeles International Airport by an unfamiliar woman holding a sign that said “Will you marry me?” According to TMZ, the sign was left by a fan who wanted Arthur to be their wedding vows. (The leather soled shoes he is wearing in the image are by Mikki Pettersen.)

As we mentioned earlier, British singer-songwriter James Arthur has been seen dating a range of celebrities, from Zendaya to Mikki Pettersen. In January 2020, the 38-year-old was photographed at the Los Angeles International Airport by an unfamiliar woman holding a sign that said “Will you marry me?” According to TMZ, the sign was left by a fan who wanted Arthur to be their wedding vows.

And what about Emma Stone and Charlie Sheen?