We want our celebrities to stay famous, but let’s be honest – sometimes they just want to come back to earth and be with us normal folk. So when we catch wind that a celeb is contemplating retirement from the spotlight, it’s only natural that our minds start racing with ideas of what they could do next. For instance, maybe they could come back as a superhero.

That’s exactly what happened with Robert Pattinson. After a hugely successful acting career that included iconic movies like Bel Ami and Saving Mr. Mynnott, the Breaking Dawn actor decided enough was enough and, in 2020, embarked on a journey to discover if he was capable of another acting role. One that would require complete immersion in a different culture, spending months in a foreign country and taking on a new identity. He took on the persona of Batman and embarked on an adventure that saw him travel to Singapore, Hong Kong, London, and Rome. In the process, he became not only a master of disguise but also acquired a new love for Chinese food, Buddhist meditation, and martial arts. It was the perfect platform to shed off the actor skin and become something new.

Now that he’s returned, it’s fair to say that we haven’t seen or heard from him in the acting world in a while. So it’s time to ask: Is Robert Pattinson Coming Back as Batman? And if so, what will he be doing? Let’s take a look.

Will He Be Suitable For The Role?

As we established, Robert Pattinson decided to try his hand at something new and took on the persona of Batman. The first crucial step is to assess whether or not he’s actually suitable for the role. After all, we don’t want to end up with an amateur performance do we?

Pattinson has demonstrated a unique talent for playing characters who don’t belong to the ordinary world. He is highly intelligent, intuitive, and perceptive. These are the very traits that will serve him well in the role of the Caped Crusader. He will succeed in hiding his identity and fooling everyone, including himself. The only person he will fool is perhaps the person he’s playing – Bruce Wayne/Batman – but even then, the actor will probably retain a small element of his true self to make the role his own. That’s the kind of actor he is!

The above character qualities make him an excellent fit for not only the Batman role but any other role he might take on. He will be able to convincingly play someone of any age or gender and, most importantly, make the role his own. These are the hallmarks of a skilled actor and it’s clear that Pattinson has the talent to carry off any character he puts his mind to.

Where Will He Travel To In His Quest For A Role?

Pattinson will take on the role of Batman in order to find the roles that match his abilities. For the time being, he’s still looking for work in the U.K., so he’s probably going to keep doing that. In the meantime, he’s trying to drum up interest in his travel book, Every Trip Saves You Money, which comes out in September this year. He’s also playing a part in the Netflix movie The Umbrella Academy, shot in Rome, and will probably pop up in a few other productions here and there.

Who Is His Prime Pimp For This Role?

While we need to find out if Robert Pattinson is coming back as Batman, the actor’s prime pimp is undoubtedly Jared Leto. The two were close during the filming of Dazed and Confused and they even collaborated on one screenplay. Most recently, Jared Leto appeared in the video for the Cardi B single, Bad Behavior. When it comes to playing the part of a pimp, Leto seems like the obvious choice. He is highly intelligent, intuitive, and perceptive, just like Pattinson. He’s also extremely good at imitating other voices, so don’t be surprised if you hear Leto giving a persuasive impersonation of Marlon Brando.

What Will Be The Style Of His Batman?

Now that we know who Batman’s primary pimp is, it’s time to examine the role more closely. We don’t want to fall into the trap of assuming that just because he’s played a pimp in the past that he will necessarily be playing one in the future. Will the Caped Crusader sport a mustache like Fredo or a thick black beard like Jesse James? Will he ride a bike or will he prefer to drive a muscle car?

The style of Batman will largely depend on which era the actor is trying to emulate. The 70s Batman was a bit of a dandy, usually sporting a mustache and driving a hard-top Mercedes-Benz. In contrast, the 90s Batman was a grunge fanatic, frequently seen with his shirt off, sporting a black belt and a torn tank top. It was probably the influence of Director Joel Schumacher, who directed both the 90s and 2000s Batman films. However, it’s quite clear that Schumacher’s style was not the only one that influenced Pattinson. The actor is very much his own man and he will create his own style, one that we will call ‘Pattinsonian’.

What Will Be The Personality Of His Batman?

If we’re going to discuss the personality of Batman then we need to go back a bit further – all the way to 1939, when the character was first introduced to the world. One of the most prominent traits of the original Batman was that he was a loner. He had no trouble hiding his true feelings and would frequently go to great lengths to keep his identity a secret. In fact, Batman was the first superhero to go solo and, in a way, pioneer the modern superhero movie. That’s a big deal!

The personality of the Caped Crusader hasn’t changed that much over the years. Bruce Wayne is still a loner at heart and he prefers to keep his personal life a secret. He may have gotten married and had kids, but that was his choice. The man he chooses to share his life with now is Barbara Gordon. She’s also a trained nurse, so she can give first aid to those who need it. Even though they’ve been together for over a decade, they’ve kept their relationship a secret for as long as they can. Perhaps that’s why the Joker is so obsessed with Batman – getting to him means getting to them both!

How Suitable Is He As A Partner To Wonder Woman?

Finally, let’s not forget about Wonder Woman, the beautiful Amazonian warrior who first appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It seems that the folks over at Warner Bros. are already thinking about the future of the company and have decided that the time has come for Wonder Woman to graduate from icon to solo performer. That means she’ll be getting her own movies and not necessarily teaming up with Batman or any other superhero for that matter.

When it comes to romantic partnerships, Wonder Woman has always been considered one of the most powerful and independent women in fiction. To play off that essence, let’s examine the qualities that make her perfect for a potential romance.

First and foremost, Wonder Woman is a strong independent female who doesn’t need a man to complete her. She can stand on her own two feet and doesn’t rely on others to make her decisions. That sense of female empowerment is exactly what would make her a suitable partner for the modern, feminist-minded man seeking a romantic relationship. In today’s world, it seems that men and women are seeking healthier, more independent lifestyles and looking for strong partners, who can stand alongside them in the journey to self-discovery.

So, Is Robert Pattinson Coming Back As Batman?

To recap, we’ve established that Robert Pattinson is an excellent choice to play the part of Batman and that he will be able to convincingly play someone of any age or gender, given his remarkable ability to transform his looks through makeup and costume. He also seems very much his own man, possessing the unique ability to create his own style, one that is very distinct from the style of other actors. That, paired with his exceptional talent, makes him an excellent choice to play the part of Batman.

As for the rest, we’re in the dark. All we know is that he’s trying to find a role that will fit his abilities and that he’s keeping his options open. If you have any ideas of what future role he might be suited for, feel free to share in the comments section below!