Most of us are still basking in the glory of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, wishing the newlywed couple many happy years together.

But while the world has been captivated by the wedding of the century, another royal wedding party has been hard at work behind the scenes, plotting their future family vacations and weekend getaways.

And, as it happens, one of the biggest events of the year – the London Marathon – took place on April 23, leaving several royal spectators wondering if and when we’d see one of 2019’s most anticipated weddings.

Let’s take a peek behind the scenes of what happened over the past few months – and, most importantly, whether or not we’ll be seeing a grand reunion of the Pattinson family in the near future.

Robert Pattinson On A Family Trip To London

As soon as Harry and Meghan tied the knot, the spotlight shifted to the next generation of royals. And the spotlight, it seems, has been quite firmly on Robert Pattinson. With his brother, Edward, having recently become engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Isla Kaye, speculation arose about the future of the ‘Fitz And Lady’ club. What would their wedding look like? Who would walk them down the aisle?

The 43-year-old actor-turned-director was first seen canoodling with Meghan Markle in late April – and since then, we’ve seen plenty of adorable couple photos and videos, along with some solo shots of Robert Pattinson.

The intrigue deepened when it was revealed that Isla is half-Italian and, therefore, eligible to marry into the Italian royal family. Could we be looking at an Italo-British royal wedding?

The London Marathon And Harry’s Workout Routine

The London Marathon is one of the greatest sporting events of the year. Famous for its extraordinary variety of participants (from the seriously fit to the very pregnant), the full marathon is a great opportunity for the royal family to get some quality competition time in.

Ahead of the big day, many were left wondering whether or not Harry would be willing to make the long trip across Europe for one of the toughest sporting events on record. When questioned about the possibility of participating in the marathon, His Royal Highness expressed his concern for missing work. But, as the saying goes, when Harry says no, he usually means yes.

As it happened, on April 9, Harry competed in the 2019 Warrior Dash, an obstacle course race across the UK, just five days before the big day. The event is sponsored by the Warwickshire County Council, and the purpose is to “give you a taste of what our armed forces can do,” as well as raise funds for defense charities. With Harry, the nation and the world were able to cheer on a true war hero as he ran around a few miles from home, trying not to fall over or slip on the wet grass. Even Queen Elizabeth II couldn’t help but laugh at Harry’s antics as he waddled more than walked the whole way, the proud grandfather keeping his eyes firmly fixed on his distant grandsons as he tried to keep up with the pace.

But while the nation was distracted by Harry’s antics, a different story was unfolding in the palace. With just over a week to go until the big day, the strain of the wedding was beginning to show. On April 12, the Duchess of Cambridge stepped out for an afternoon walk and, although she attempted to keep her smile in check, her body language suggested that the upcoming days would be a lot more stressful than blissful.

Meghan’s Boudoir Makeover

The former actress and author made headlines around the world when she accepted Prince Harry’s proposal. And, as it happens, Meghan is an avid supporter of boudoir fashion, so it’s no wonder her London home, Frogmore Cottage, has been the subject of at least three renovation projects in the last year. The most recent of which was Meghan’s personal touch – the creation of a boudoir within the home.

The interior design of the cottage – which was formerly owned by Queen Victoria – is characterized by a dramatic juxtaposition of heavy furniture and brightly colored accessories. It was here that Meghan began her transition from actress to full-time royal, setting up her dresser and sitting down to write her first book. It’s said that the room was initially designed by Queen Victoria to be a ‘man cave’, but it’s unlikely that Meghan would’ve accepted that description.

In 2019, the designer behind Meghan’s makeover was Lulu Xi. Known for her intricate craftsmanship and unique design sense, Lulu Xi brought her skill and talent, as well as a sense of humor, to bear on the project. Meghan, for her part, approved of the result and even asked the designer to reconsider a few of the choices for the sake of the wedding day.

Famously Private Prince Harry

Although Harry has always been a very private person, his reluctance to engage with the media has increased since his mother’s passing. The prince has spent so much time training for his royal duties that he has little time for anything else. And with the increased scrutiny that comes with being part of the British royal family, Harry has proven to be very selective about the events and people he allows in his personal life. This, of course, makes him even more appealing as a royal spouse.