Ever since the first Twilight movie came out, many have been asking if Robert Pattinson is Asian. The actor’s features have led to many comparisons to traditional Asian beauty standards. Does he fit the description of an Asian celebrity?

While many have speculated that he may have some Asian ancestry, it’s actually quite the opposite. In fact, he has almost no chance of having any Asian heritage at all. Let’s have a closer look.

No Possible Asian Ancestry

It is well known that some people look like they have Asian heritage, even though they may have no such background. This is mostly due to the way some Asian people’s features have been scientifically proven to be very similar to those of Europeans. For example, if you look at both the British and the Japanese prime ministers, you will notice that they share many traits. This, however, does not make either of them Asian. It just means they have some Asian ancestry. This is similar to how people of Native American descent may look like they have some Asian features, yet they are definitely not descended from Asians. They may have some Asian facial features, but they definitely do not have any Asian heritage.

No Chance Of Being Native-American

Just as with most Caucasian celebrities, Robert Pattinson also has no chance of being Native American. The reason behind this is simple: Native Americans are actually more commonly found among the Inuit people of North America, and so he’s not likely to have any Native American ancestors. Even if he did, being in Europe would make it highly unlikely that he could have any Native American genes. After all, Native Americans live in North America, while Europe is the other continent.

The Opposite Of What Was Hoped For

When the first Twilight movie came out, many were quite happy to see Robert Pattinson play a character with Asian features. After all, he’s an English actor, and the movie takes place in London. Many thought that this could lead to a chance of Robert Pattinson actually getting cast in a prominent Asian role. While that didn’t happen immediately, it did lead to some very interesting offers. For example, he was once considered for the role of Miyamoto Musashi, the Japanese Rinin Kenji. In the end, the role went to Ken Watanabe, but it was still a very interesting offer. If he can’t play a Japanese person, then he can certainly play someone with Asian features.

No Possible Russian Or Polish Heritage

We know that Robert Pattinson traveled to Russia for the premiere of the new Twilight movie. Whether he stayed there or not is completely unconfirmed. Even if he did, the odds of him having any Russian or Polish heritage are practically nil. The same goes for any other country or culture. Apart from Japan, there is no chance that he could have any Asian ancestry. This is because, as we’ve established, most Asians do not look alike, and so it is highly unlikely that you’ll find two people with the same features. In fact, even if he did have Asian ancestry, it would be extremely unlikely that he’d be able to pass as Asian, due to the differences in how Asians and Europeans look.

Not A Mulatto

Robert Pattinson is not a mulatto. This is because he has a completely white father and a completely black mother. This, however, does not mean that he is ethnically ambiguous. Instead, he is ethnically Black, which means he has Black parents and so he will always be Black. It’s the same for anyone else who has black parents. This is different from someone who has a White parent and a Black parent, which would make them a quarter Black. For example, Sofia Boutella, who played the part of Kaoru Inoue in the movie The Wolverine, is not a quarter Black because she has a white father and a Black mother. She is, however, ethnically ambiguous, which means that she has features from both her parents and so she could possibly look like someone of Asian descent. Most people with her traits would not pass as Asian, but she may look like someone from Indonesia or the Philippines. For that reason, she may not be able to play certain parts, but that’s not Robert Pattinson’s problem. It’s not like he can’t play any role. It’s just that these parts might not be available to a person of his ethnicity.

More Similar To A Bohemian

Apart from the question of his ethnicity, one of things that attracted many to Robert Pattinson is his apparent difference. He does not fit the typical image of an Englishman or a European. Instead, he has more in common with a Bohemian, which is similar to an artist. If you Google images of Bohemians, you’ll see that they are often depicted wearing art-related attire, which is essentially what Robert Pattinson wears. Even if you don’t believe in astrology, you might consider that Bohemian men are often found to be very attractive to women. So perhaps it’s not entirely surprising that he has been romantically linked to some very famous women. In fact, since it’s unlikely that he will ever be able to play a part with prominent Asian features, perhaps it’s time for him to explore other options. After all, it’s quite a lucrative business being in show business.

At this point, it is quite evident that Robert Pattinson does not have any chance of being Asian. He is, in fact, more similar to a Bohemian, who might also be referred to as an artist. While that might make him attractive to some women, it certainly doesn’t mean that he has any claim to being considered Asian. He’s just not.