If you haven’t already guessed, we are going to talk about the gorgeous Mr. Pattinson today. The 27-year-old actor is finally hitting the headlines for the right reasons- not because of his latest acting role or because he had a crazy adventure in a foreign country, but because he is finally proposed to be married to the beautiful Suki Waterhouse. Rumors about the couple’s engagement began circulating earlier this year, and since then, they have been making several headlines around the world. We will discuss the most recent developments regarding this much-talked-about pair, including news that they may be getting hitched next year.

The Proposal

On March 9, 2020, reports began circulating that Mr. Pattinson had popped the question to the beautiful Suki Waterhouse. The couple were spotted getting cozy inside a private villa in Majorca where they were supposedly planning to wed. According to witnesses, Suki looked radiant as she walked down the aisle in a gorgeous white dress, while Mr. Pattinson looked dashing in a tuxedo. The proposal was reportedly so romantic that some people mistook the event for a Hollywood blockbuster. (And to think, we were worried that the world would soon run out of famous romance stories.)

After months of speculation, Mr. Pattinson finally took the plunge and asked Suki to marry him. The proposal was filmed and later uploaded to YouTube. (Note: if you are sensitive about certain topics, you might not want to watch the video.) The couple then made their way to the Villana Beach church where they were married by a friend in a gorgeous celebration that was attended by hundreds of their closest friends and family. (More than 500 guests attended the intimate ceremony.)

Suki looked radiant as she walked down the aisle in a beautiful white dress, and Mr. Pattinson looked dashing in a tuxedo. The proposal was reportedly so romantic that some people mistook the event for a Hollywood blockbuster. (And to think, we were worried that the world would soon run out of famous romance stories.)

The Wedding And Post-Wedding Plans

The newlyweds began planning their wedding almost immediately after the ceremony. They have hired one of the most famous wedding planners in the business, and the rest is history. (We can only imagine how many people they have had to thank for this day.)

The happy couple started by inviting a select group of their closest friends and family to Ireland for their wedding. They then continued the celebration in a huge bash at their favorite Irish pub in London. (It seems that the Englishman and the Irishwoman have much to thank for.) The celebrations were capped off with a wedding cake featuring a sculpture of the happy couple inside a wedding cake. They also had a massive dance party at their wedding reception. (So, yeah, it was pretty cute when the groom got down on one knee and proposed to his bride.)

Suki and Robert have kept a low profile since the wedding. They have been spotted several times in public, but mostly, they have been staying inside as they work on their marital union. (And we are not complaining. We can’t imagine spending a day like that with a million people looking at you and your partner.)

The newlyweds have also been busy planning their first daughter’s coming-out party, which will be followed by a graduation party for Mr. Pattinson’s elder daughter from university. (Suki is also the mother of Alexander, her eldest son, from a previous relationship. He was four years old when she met Mr. Pattinson.)

Meanwhile, speculation continues as to when the couple will start working on their second child. Since Robert is a Gemini, the couple’s astrological signs, their fans have been wondering whether they will have another boy or a girl. (Let’s hope for another girl!)

The Future And Ambition

With so much going on inside the couple’s lives, it is no wonder that they haven’t gotten a lot of free time to enjoy. They have been very busy working on their new line of jewelry, which will be launched in 2021. But even then, they will only be able to take on so much. (Ambition has never been one of Mr. Pattinson’s stronger points. He has stated that creating jewelry was not something that he had ever really thought about doing, but his wife convinced him to give it a try. He even went on to say, “I don’t even know what a diamond is, but I like the sound of a diamond.”)

While they have been busy working, Robert has also been exploring his roots and has stated that he would like to find the inspiration for his next movie or TV show from his family’s history. (Considering that his paternal grandparents were English, he has a lot to explore. Besides, he is of mixed race, with Irish and French heritage.)

Suki has also been busy working on her clothing line, which will be launched next year. As for their future, they both seem very happy and excited about their growing family. (Well, we are certain that their fans are happy as well!)

A Romantic Lead

For years, Mr. Pattinson has been the go-to romantic lead for many of Hollywood’s most famous women. (He also has a thing for older ladies. We won’t lie.) While it is amazing that he has been able to secure such a prominent spot in Hollywood, it has also driven down his market value. (And maybe that is a good thing. After all, the older the starlet, the more iconic they become.)

Suki Waterhouse is the first actress that comes to mind when you think of a romantic lead. Her fair is one of the most recognizable face in Hollywood- it would be an understatement to say that she is a household name. (Fans of the actress will know what we mean when we say that she is often typecast. She has played some serious romantic characters before, such as Maude in Broadway’s Girls Guide to Romance and the even grimmer Margaret White in Netflix’s Dudesneezus.)

While it is great to see Suki hitting the headlines for the right reasons, it would be even better if she stopped playing opposite men. (Sigh.) Perhaps it is time for a change of pace for the actress. (We are certain that she can still hold her own against much older, more experienced men.)

But while Suki plays opposite men in the big-budget movies that she gets lucky enough to land, she spends her time off-screen nurturing her family. When she is not working, Suki enjoys spending time with her dogs, exploring the countryside with her husband, and being there for the people that she cares about.