Rumours circulated that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were back together, and now it seems that these two young lovers have indeed reunited. The couple’s relationship appeared to be over after Stewart filed for divorce from Pattinson in February this year, but the broken-hearted star has since deleted her social media accounts. However, fans of the 30-year-old Twilight star have managed to glean some information about his current relationship status from his former co-stars, including Stewart. The actress and former social media star stepped out for a premiere of her new movie, Certain Women, alongside co-star Annette Benning last week, and even posted a picture of the two on her Instagram account. It was then quickly removed, but not before fans had already noticed the subtle hint of blue in the actress’ eyes.

While many were pleased to see Stewart back in Pattinson’s arms, others argued that their celebrity romance was simply a means to an end – that of securing Stewart’s divorce settlement.

Why Would Stewart Want To Get Divorced From Pattinson?

It’s been six months since Stewart filed for divorce from Pattinson, with the couple’s messy split creating ripples across the Hollywood community. Initially, their romance appeared to be a blessing for Stewart as the actor was finally free to marry the man he loved, but it seems that the decision ultimately ended up hurting her financially. According to reports, Stewart’s legal team negotiated a $20 million divorce settlement (the same price tag as her previous marriage to Ashton Kutcher), which will net the star a cool $16 million. While the amount initially appeared to be a satisfactory settlement, many fans have criticised Stewart for selling out to get her money and careering off into obscurity with her newfound wealth. She recently attended the Vanity Fair Summit and graciously listened to fans’ grievances while posing for pictures with them.

Nowadays, Stewart appears to be maintaining a relatively low profile, only coming out of retirement to play Annette Benning in Certain Women, and even then only appearing in small cameos. This is in contrast to her former life as the ultimate party girl-turned-cougar, and many believe that she has grown dissatisfied with her new, quieter lifestyle. Stewart and Pattinson’s relationship endured through thick and thin, and she undoubtedly enjoyed her time with the handsome actor, but it seems that at age 38 she is now looking to settle down and start a family with her one and only. While it is great to see Stewart back on her feet and in good health, perhaps she has realised that the married life is not for her. It’s all about her career now.

A Bittersweet Reunion For Pattinson And Stewart

While it’s great to see Stewart back in Pattinson’s arms and the two of them looking happy together, this is definitely a bittersweet reunion for the lovebirds. They’ve been apart for far too long, with the 25-year-old actor desperately seeking to win back his wife and make up for lost time. Perhaps it’s this that has driven him to propose to Stewart once more, and although this appears to be an answer to all of their prayers, it will not be an easy ride to the altar for Pattinson. This time, he’s entered a much more mature and responsible partnership with Stewart, and it will be interesting to see how the two navigate the ups and downs of married life together. While they may have briefly rekindled their romance and are enjoying the rewards of a happy union, it would seem that Pattinson’s priorities have changed and now he has a new wife and baby daughter to consider. The future is more uncertain for the couple now than ever before.