If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’ve been exposed to the Internet recently and seen several articles comparing and contrasting Robert Pattinson to Donald Trump. So, in case you’re wondering, we’re not comparing Trump to Pattinson. We’re saying that people (mostly men, it seems) are very divided over which of these two guys is the greater threat to society: Trump or Pattinson. In an effort to make sense of this, we’re going to examine the reasons why so many people hate Robert Pattinson. Maybe then you’ll have a better understanding of what makes him tick, which will help you determine how much actual danger he poses, if any.

He Is Ritchie Valens

The first and probably the biggest reason that people hate Robert Pattinson is that they think of him as Ricki Valentine, the lead singer of The Beach Boys. Don’t get us wrong, we love Scott, his work with the band, the Beach Boys, and we love him as an actor. But people have this image in their head of Rob as Ritchie Valentine and they think of him as a jester, a fool, a dilettante, and a charmer who doesn’t deserve any success. This isn’t a fair characterization of the actor/singer, but it’s a characterization that people keep going back to over and over again when they talk about him. And it’s not even close to being the worst thing that people say about him. There are a lot more insulting things that they could say (he has a drinking problem, he’s arrogant & self-absorbed, he’s an attention whore, etc.). But this one seems to pop up over and over again whenever Rob’s name comes up in conversation.

In terms of pure talent, it’s hard to argue with Rob. He has the sweetest voice you’ve ever heard, effortlessly shifts between singing and speaking with the same ease, and he’s pretty much the definition of style. But his persona, as we’ve established, isn’t helping him any. Even the people who love him the most are starting to lose patience with him. So, as much as we want to support an artist we love, we have to ask ourselves if continuing to do so is really worth it. Is hating on Rob just a way for us to praise Donald Trump, one of the most polarizing and controversial figures in modern American politics?

He Didn’t Always Dress Dashing

Another main reason that people hate Robert Pattinson is because of how he dressed. When he was first rising to fame as a teen heartthrob, people remember him as this preppy guy who always wore pressed pants and a tie. He would often wear plaid and looked like a young version of Marjorie Merriweather Post, the legendary society columnist who died in 2016. But over the years, as his stardom grew, so did his eccentricity. He started wearing all-white outfits and embellishing his outfits with bizarre jewelry. Some people even say he started wearing makeup to hide his acne. It’s no secret that young men in Hollywood struggle with their looks and many of them turn to makeup and hair extensions to achieve the unattainable perfect face.

It’s almost as if Rob Pattinson made a purposeful decision to go against the grain. He embraced his worst qualities as a way of standing out. He could’ve played it safe and tried to be the perfect boyfriend, but who wants to be the perfect boyfriend? Not everyone can pull off the perfect boyfriend look. Some people, maybe even you, might think it’s cute if your partner tries too hard. But it’s very likely that your partner will hate you for making them play the role of the perfect boyfriend. So, in a way, Rob Pattinson embraced what makes him unique and ended up standing out for the wrong reasons. He made a deliberate effort to stand out, and even those who like him the most are starting to lose their patience.

He Doesn’t Always Apologize For No. 1

There are people who love Rob, who think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, who see him as the reincarnation of Richard Simmons (think about it, their physical resemblance is uncanny…). But those are in the minority and most people who know and love him are starting to lose patience. It seems as though he doesn’t always apologize for the way he is or say the right thing at the right time. Whether it’s misdirected anger or misplaced passion, he doesn’t seem to know when to shut up. And because of that, he ends up making more people angry than happy. It could be that he takes criticism the wrong way and doesn’t see himself as a role model for kids. Whatever it is, people just don’t like him as much as they used to.

Perhaps all of this goes to show that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Perhaps we should judge a person by their actions. Sure, there are plenty of nice things to say about Robert Pattinson, but when it comes to his impact on the world, people are much more critical. This doesn’t mean that he’s bad. It just means he’s not the best example of a good guy.

Then there’s the fact that he makes a lot of money, which enables him to do a lot of good for a lot of people. Many famous people have a lot of money and do a lot of good with it. But it’s different when you’re talking about someone who is currently well-known, which is why people feel inclined to criticize him. When it comes to his personal life, Rob Pattinson is still a work in progress, which is something to aspire to, not something to be ashamed of.

He Treats Women Unfairly

Another reason why people hate Robert Pattinson is that he treats women unfairly. Women are a major component of society and he needs to treat them with a certain amount of respect, regardless of whether he believes they deserve it or not. But this is one area where he definitely doesn’t need to improve. He’s always hit on women far more than he’s ever dated or been married to, which is why people have a problem with him. This doesn’t mean that he treats men any better. He just treats everyone the same, which is something you could say about most celebrities, male or female.

The problem with women comes from the fact that he’s never really wanted to settle down and start a family. This has always been a source of tension between him and Amber Heard, his ex-wife, who he married in 2015 and divorced in 2018. In 2016, while they were still married, she accused him of physical abuse. According to court documents, she said that he became enraged when she refused to have sex with him and in a fit of rage, bit her on the arm. She later added that this incident was one of many that took place over the years. And the list of accusations goes on from there:

* He locked her in a room without food or water for a week
* Hit her in the head with a wine bottle
* Threw a bowl of dirty water at her
* Brought her to a gun shop and made her point it at her head
* Pulled her hair
* Pressed his genitals against her body
* Threw a chair at her

If any of this sounds familiar, it’s because Donald Trump has been accused of more or less the same behavior. While Rob’s never been married and has always kept his personal lives private, Trump has been married three times and has been linked to more than 20 cases of sexual assault and misconduct. In fact, if you wanted to write a script for a television series, you could probably get a good idea of what Trump’s behavior would be like from taking a look at Rob Pattinson’s allegations.