It’s no secret that animals and nature play a big role in the Twilight series. However, while many of our favourite characters are surrounded by rainbows and fairy-tale creatures, there’s more than one storyline involving animal cruelty. Let’s explore the evidence and see if Twilight’s favourite actor is actually a vegan.

Robert’s Diet

Though the actor’s overall diet has been described as ‘energetic’ and ‘strict’ by those close to him, it appears that his vegetarian diet is more focused. While on the red carpet, Robert frequently mentions his love for animals and plants, but he never refers to specific foods. His diet is inspired by his love of French cuisine and the Mediterranean lifestyle, and it revolves mostly around vegetables and fruits. In fact, he often posts photos on social media of himself eating green vegetables and posing with trees or vines. You may also have seen him holding a dog or two on his Twitter or Instagram accounts.

The Environmental Impact

In the past, Robert has spoken out about the impact that his favourite films have on the environment. In 2017, he even posed naked with a baby seahorse to raise awareness for the dangers of plastic. Many fans of the movie may wonder how a man so dedicated to the planet could eat animal products, given the rampant pollution and harm that they cause. The actor has spoken candidly about his aversion to animal testing and the importance of sustainable living. He’s even teamed up with Cruelty Free to promote veganism, and to raise funds for animal charities. Unfortunately, the damage already done is irreversible, and the effects of his diet continue to be felt by countless living creatures. When questioned about the environmental impact of his films, Robert usually deflects the question.

The Moral Question

Finally, there’s the moral question: Does Robert’s devotion to veganism make him a bad person? Though he doesn’t always talk about his diet, he’s never promoted veganism for the sake of it. He’s always talked about the cruelty involved in consuming animals, and he’s spoken against vivisection and tested products on animals. Is he a better person for avoiding animal products, or is he just a hypocrite who talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk? Perhaps we’ll never know, but it’s important to remember that just because someone isn’t vegan, that doesn’t mean they don’t care about animals. It just means that they’re making the choice to not eat animal products for personal or moral reasons. So even though the actor isn’t always open about his diet, we know that he deeply cares about animals and that his choice is for the greater good.

Overall Impression

Overall, it’s clear that Robert is a passionate man who cares deeply for animals and the planet. Though he may not always show it, he’s always been a leading man who doesn’t resort to cheesy clichés or romantic comedies. His love for animals and nature shine through his choice of films, which range from drama to romance to sci-fi, and he continues to impress us with his eclectic taste in movies. If you want to show your support for veganism and a cruelty-free lifestyle, then you can wear purple—the lucky colour of Bella and Edward!