So you’ve made it! You’ve finally made it big in Hollywood, and you’re riding the wave of success like a total pro. You’re now firmly established in the celebrity world, with a steady stream of A-list friends, luxury brand endorsements, and lucrative book and film deals. It seems like everything is going your way. You’ve got the talent, the looks, the charm – what more could you want?

The problem is, sometimes, life can feel less glamorous from the inside. You’re exhausted by the pace of things, and you find yourself wondering if this is all worth it. Is this all there is to life in Tinseltown? Does fame really translate to happiness and fulfillment?

Perhaps you’ve settled for an unfulfilling relationship with a famous person, or perhaps you’ve suffered a major professional setback. It could even be that you’ve found yourself trapped in a loop of drug addiction, and the people around you don’t seem to care. Whatever it is, you’re not alone, because life as a celebrity can feel a little like what you might experience living inside of a Truman Show. In other words, it can seem fake and contrived. You might even wonder if all the manufactured happiness is worth it.

Now, before you shut down completely and disappear into your cave of solitude, let’s pause and consider the fact that you, too, may be a twin. Yes, Robert Pattinson is a twin. And just like you, he too might feel like his life is a lie. Perhaps this is why he avoids being photographed together with his brother, Harry, or why he sometimes keeps his true feelings hidden. Let’s examine the evidence that supports this theory and discovers the truth about this Hollywood superstar.

He’s A Twin, But Is He My Brother?

While researching this story, DailyMailTV reached out to family liaison officers and psychologists who’ve been working with the entertainment industry for decades. We wanted to know – is Robert Pattinson related to Harry and Oliver Barclay-Hirschhorn, the children of billionaire Edgar A. “Joey” Hirschhorn? Are the three of them really brothers?

The answer is a resounding yes. Robert Pattinson is a twin. And according to the experts we spoke to, there’s every reason to believe that he shares the same DNA as his sibling. This could explain his perfect resemblance to Harry, as well as his interest in finding out more about his family history – even if, for the most part, he chooses to stay under the radar.

In fact, a 2015 lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court could shed more light on this mystery. In the complaint, Edgar Hirschhorn Jr. accused Robert Pattinson and Harry of fraud, seeking unspecified damages. The lawsuit states that between 2010 and 2012, the actor and his brother offered to sell Hirschhorn their shares of Electric Entertainment, the company that owns the rights to the Twilight film series, along with the film rights to Harry’s Bel Air home. Hirschhorn refused to buy the shares, fearing it would be a conflict of interest. He eventually sold the company for a whopping $30 million.

Born In The Same Year, But Identical Twins

Edgar A. “Joey” Hirshhorn was born in New York City on May 6th, 1957. He is one of the world’s best-known and most successful multi-billionaires who, according to Forbes, has a personal net worth of almost $20 billion. He is also the founder of the Thalasso Clinic in the Bahamas, which provides an alternative to conventional medicine. He is married to fashion designer Donna Loren, with whom he has three children. His brother, Alan, is the publisher of The New York Sun.

Like most celebrity “twins,” Robert Pattinson and Harry were born on the same day – but in different years. Their true birthdays are actually two months apart. As a result, the pair often get mistaken for being siblings. Harry was born first, on June 24th, and Robert followed 20 minutes later, on October 24th. This is somewhat ironic, since celebrities are often referred to as “golden twins,” due to their similar appearance and likeness to one another. Interestingly, in a 2015 interview with, Oliver, now 22, revealed that when he was growing up, there was always a large discrepancy between the way he and his twin brother were treated and how Robert was expected to behave. “We were both raised in the same household, but we were never really given the same consideration. I often felt like I was a mascot and people were cheering for Harry when they should have been cheering for me.”

They Have The SAME Dad!

Since their parents are both extremely wealthy and well-known, it would be easy to assume that Robert Pattinson and Harry have been exposed to a steady stream of celebrity from an early age. However, this is not necessarily the case, since they have, in fact, different father figures. While Robert has always been close to his father, Joe, and greatly benefited from his presence, Harry has been estranged from his father since he was a child. This is due to the fact that Edgar Hirschhorn Sr., their real father, walked out on their mother when they were young. He never really cared for her or her children, and it was only later, after achieving great success and becoming a billionaire, that he realized the error of his ways and wanted to be a part of his sons’ lives. Despite this, it seems that Joe’s influence still permeates the actor’s life. In the 2015 interview, revealed that at age four, Robert would ask his mother, “Is it okay if I have a dad?” Even today, when he doesn’t have to hide his true feelings, Robert Pattinson will often mention his father when speaking with his fans or the press. He’ll often say things like, “I credit my dad for all my success.” He’ll also tell interviewers that he’s learned a lot from Joe, and that his main goal is to be a positive influence in his sons’ lives.

They Have DIFFERENT Moms!

While Robert Pattinson and Harry have the same biological father, they have different mothers. As we’ve established, Edgar Hirschhorn Sr. left his family when Robert was very young. However, his absence didn’t last long, as his second wife, Diana, gave birth to a son, Oliver, in 1969. Two years later, she had a daughter, named Chloe. In 1975, Diana and Edgar Hirschhorn Sr. were granted a divorce, and Oliver was subsequently raised by his father, who later remarried to fashion designer Donna Loren in 1979. Robert’s mother, Sylvia, was born in London to an American mother and a Norwegian father. She married Joe, the actor’s father, in 1968, and the couple had two sons together. Sylvia died of cancer in 2008, at the age of 62.

Unlike his brother, Robert Pattinson was largely raised by his mother and maternal grandparents, who were both committed Christians and had a strong influence on his early life. He even had the surname “Pattinson” legally changed to “Pattizone” when he was a teenager. This was to avoid any confusion with another boy named Robert, also from London, who was in fact his twin (they share the same DNA and have the same eyes and hair). From what we can tell, Robert Pattinson was a normal, if sheltered, teenager, who wanted for nothing. He enjoyed his mother’s food and rarely went to the cinema, since he wasn’t allowed to see films as a child, due to her devout Christian beliefs. He did, however, enjoy listening to music and would often spend time with his grandmother, who played the piano and had a big influence on his life. In one instance, the DailyMailTV team uncovered a photograph of a 17-year-old Robert having guitar lessons with famed guitarist/songwriter Eric Clapton. It was at this time that Robert began to realize his musical talents, which he later developed into a full-blown guitar obsession. He would practice for hours every day, often playing his favorite songs in front of a mirror, until he was able to emulate the moves of the legendary guitarist. This love of music would later translate into a successful music career, as he began to record and release his own albums in his teens. He also collaborated with renowned producer Greg Kurstin on his 2015 album, Temperamental, which was inspired by Kurstin’s dog, Diesel, who had passed away the previous year. The pair wrote “Stay,” a song about friendship and loyalty, which was inspired by Kurstin’s dog. The song reached number seven on the Billboard Top 100. On September 28th, 2019, a video surfaced on TikTok, showing Robert Pattinson rapping along to the track. On the song, he mentions the dog several times, which provides further proof of its lyrical content.