Well, hello there. It’s been a while since we heard from you. Where have you been?

Let’s rewind. You were last seen in the company of your beautiful and talented sister as you showed off your newborn baby boy. The pair of you are now parents-to-be and looking forward to the birth. You also have a one-year-old daughter with Hailey and a nine-month-old son with Stéphanie. Congrats!

Well, as you know, things don’t always go according to plan. Plans change and things are different. You’re a busy man, Life isn’t easy and sometimes you need a minute to breathe.

Here we are, a full year later and you’re still finding time to make music. You already released your debut album, Twilight, last year and we’re pretty sure you’ve been hard at work ever since. Not only did you tour extensively in support of the album, but you also set up shop in several recording studios, going to great lengths to lock in some fantastic musicians.

Well done!

So, is everything okay with Rob? We haven’t heard from him in a while and given what we know about him, we’re a little worried. Is he still working hard, producing incredible music and looking after his health?

Let’s take a look. First off, you’re probably wondering where we heard about this new record. Turns out, there are rumors circulating that Rob is back and collaborating with some of the biggest names in music. If this is true, it would be such a great opportunity for him. While we don’t know much about the album, we do know it’s slated for a fall release and, if these rumors are true, it could be his biggest venture yet.

Any guesses as to who he might be working with?

Well, there’s always a chance he could be working with Taylor Swift. The two of you have been friends for years and have collaborated on several projects. As you know, Taylor has always been a big supporter of Rob and has publicly stated how much she admires his talent. It’s amazing that Taylor was able to get him to sign with her record label. It’s also interesting that they would choose to work together now. Perhaps they both feel like their previous efforts didn’t measure up to their potential and want to try again. But, hey, if it doesn’t work out this time, it’s not like they’ve lost much by trying.

Is He Still Taking Care Of His Health?

You must be wondering about Rob’s health. While we don’t know a lot about what he’s been up to, we do know he’s been working hard to regain his health and put his life back on track. As we’ve previously mentioned, he’s been through a lot. The last couple of years haven’t been easy and he’s certainly not been himself. We hope this will all be taken care of soon so he can get back to making amazing music and being with the people he loves.

Is He Still Producing Music?

You’re also wondering if Rob is still producing music. Well, it appears he is! Last year, on the heels of Twilight’s release, you would’ve thought he’d take a break. Yet, here we are, a full year later and he’s still hard at work. In fact, he’s been so busy that he’s barely had time to spend with his family. But, he still finds time to make music and work on new projects. It’s clear that Rob still has it in him to produce incredible tracks and we’re curious to see what he comes up with next. It seems like he’s been taking inspiration from his family, especially his sister, Leah. She’s been a huge supporter of him even when he wasn’t able to support her in the same way. Even now, the two of them remain very close and we’re sure it’s because of their shared love for each other’s music. It’s great to see that their relationship is still strong despite all that time apart and we’re confident that the future is looking very bright for Rob.

So, there you have it. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from you and we were very worried about your wellbeing. But, it seems like things are looking up. Not only is Rob back and working hard, but it also seems like he’s surrounded by people who care for him deeply. You must’ve been doing something right, because there’s obviously something you’ve been missing. So, congrats on the new additions to your family and we look forward to seeing you back on the scene soon. Don’t forget about us and stay connected.