Rumors have been swirling for quite some time now that the heartthrob actor and musician, Rob Pattinson is actually gay. He’s been linked to a number of beauties, including Bella Hadid and Taylor Swift. While many people have speculated that the British actor is a secret gay man, nothing has ever been officially confirmed.

A new report published by The Sun claims that Pattinson, 31, is set to wed singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift. According to the publication, the two have been dating for almost a year. They allegedly began meeting for dinner at swifty’s house in New York City and have continued to see each other ever since. The romance reportedly kicked off when Taylor gifted Rob a diamond ring after they spent time together riding bikes and shooting the breeze in Central Park. The singer reportedly proposed to her beau over dinner in Los Angeles last month. As previously mentioned, the pair have been dating for more than a year and have kept their relationship under wraps. In fact, they’ve kept most of their private life secret from the media. The only person they’ve publicly acknowledged is their mutual publicist. But, not even he knows the whole truth behind their whirlwind romance.

Is Rob Pattinson Gay?

Why Do People Think He’s Gay?

While there’s no concrete evidence to support the claims, many people believe that Rob is a gay man due to a number of reasons. Many fans suspect that he may be bi-curious and is simply keeping a look out for men while also dating women. While this may be true, there’s no concrete evidence to suggest that this is the case. One of the reasons why people think that Rob is gay is because he’s been spotted at a number of gay bars and clubs in cities like London and Los Angeles with famous women. Many people believe that he’s either cheating on his girlfriends or is simply looking for love. Regardless, there’s no denying that the women that Rob is seen with are some of the most beautiful women in the world. It seems like he’s found love through wealth and fame, but who knows for sure?

Is He Bi-curious?

While many people claim that Rob is a closeted homosexual, there’s no evidence to suggest that he’s ever been with a man. In fact, he’s denied being gay multiple times in the past. When asked in 2011 about rumors that he was bisexual, he had this to say: “I’ve never even thought about being with another man. I’m not really sure what bisexual is. I don’t know anything about it. People are always going to have opinions about you because you’re such an open person and you want to be accepted for who you are.”

Despite his denials, many people still believe that he’s bisexual. They point to the fact that he’s been spotted at a number of gay bars as proof. But, if anything, this could simply mean that he’s just looking for love. People who are genuinely bi-curious don’t necessarily have to frequent gay bars to find their match; they just have to be open to it. It’s possible that Rob is still searching for the love of his life while also keeping an eye out for men. Even if this is the case, however, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s never been with a man in his life. He’s always found love with a woman.

Is He Cheating On His Girlfriends?

Another popular theory is that Rob is cheating on the women he’s been dating. After all, he’s been spotted at a number of gay bars and clubs in cities like London and Los Angeles. These are the kinds of places that rich, famous men go to cheat on their girlfriends. Some people believe that he’s simply going through a weird phase and will eventually grow out of it. He has an ex-girlfriend and an ex-wife who both deal with his frequent razzle-dazzle dating antics regularly. But, until he actually hits someone up for sex, there’s no proof that this is going on. Even then, it’s not necessarily proof that he’s cheating. A lot of men will happily have sex with other men while still emotionally being with a woman. It’s a pretty common practice in the world of male prostitution.

Is He Ready To Commit?

Finally, there’s the theory that Rob is looking for commitment. Those who believe this theory point to the fact that he’s been dating Taylor Swift. Some people think that he’ll eventually propose to the singer after getting to know her better. But, until then, it’s simply a relationship that will remain unfulfilled. Just because he’s a famous bachelor doesn’t mean that he has to settle for just any old girlfriend. He can date whoever he wants and is not bound by any rules or regulations. In the past, he’s dated some pretty famous and beautiful women. So, if he wants to keep his lifestyle secret, who’s he going to complain to? Not to mention, he’s been dating a singer for almost a year now. So, if he’s looking for a future wife, she might have a little singing career ahead of her.

There’s a lot of theories about Rob Pattinson’s sexuality. Most of them are based on nothing more than rumors and innuendo. But, until he actually comes out and tells us himself, we won’t know for certain. He’s a private person and keeps most of his personal life under wraps. But maybe, just maybe, he’ll let us in on his secret eventually. Or perhaps, he’ll find happiness with one of the celebrities he’s always dated. At least, we know that Rob Pattinson will always have a special place in our hearts.