If you follow the celebrity news, you may have heard of Lizzy Pattinson. The daughter of Kate and Jim Pattinson, the famous English couple, she has been in the spotlight since she was a teenager. Thanks to her gorgeous looks and her incredible personality, she has managed to gain a huge following and become an internet celebrity. People have even gone so far as to dub her the ‘Mermaid of the M4′, due to the resemblance of her tail to that of a fish in motion. Let’s take a quick peek into the fascinating life of Lizzy Pattinson and find out more about her famous family and incredible upbringing.

Her Life In The Spotlight

Lizzy Pattinson was born in London on June 7, 1996 and spent the first several years of her life in England. It was there where her parents began their international travel schedule, which would take them to far-flung places like Bali, Italy, and Indonesia. In fact, the family made frequent trips to these exotic locations, which provided the gorgeous backgrounds for many of their adventures on social media. It wasn’t until she was four years old that the Pattinson’s settled in North London and began to spend more time in the UK. Around this time, the family also started a tradition of dressing up on Halloween and celebrating the holiday with costumes and makeup. It was all a part of Lizzy’s burgeoning interest in fashion and the spotlight.

Fast forward to 2017 and the 20-year-old is dealing with a whole new set of challenges. The year started with the biggest news story of her career when she and her longtime boyfriend, Charlie Bronson, got engaged. The stunning proposal took place at an Airbnb in Venice, Italy, where the couple had traveled to celebrate Lizzy’s 19th birthday. The engagement was made public a few weeks later, in an interview with Vogue, following the birth of their son, William. This was undoubtedly a major moment for Lizzy, who had long been admired for her beauty and wit. She finally found the courage to share her big news with the world and proved that she was indeed a worthy contender to become the next ‘It’ girl. This inspired her to launch an Instagram account devoted to her and her boyfriend’s travels and style. It currently has over 500,000 followers. She also continues to be the face of Victoria Beckham’s fashion campaigns, as well as appearing in advertisements for luxury brands like Burberry and Montblanc.

Her Family

Kate and Jim have been married for 15 years and are the proud parents of four children, with Lizzy being the youngest and most fashionable member of the family. The couple often appear in paparazzi photos together, particularly when posing with their children. They have been open about their struggles with addiction and Jim’s descent into mental illness. It would seem that the family is making a concerted effort to ensure that their story is used to encourage others to seek help. This has seen them speak at conferences, meet with politicians, and open up to the press about their issues. They are also active on social media, particularly Twitter, where Kate is almost always found posing with one or more of her children. It is clear that this is a family that loves to be in front of the camera.

Her Education

The academically-inclined child was raised in an environment where education was highly valued. This probably explains why Lizzy is such an advocate for university life. She regularly attends events at her local university and often shares her experiences and the things she has learnt on Twitter. Many of her followers are university students looking for advice on pursuing their studies abroad, particularly in the United States. She has also been known to give lectures at universities around the world, discussing the topics that she is passionate about. While studying in Florence, she organized a lecture series on creative writing and delivered the first of these, on the subject of ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’, to an audience of over two hundred students. It seems that she is determined to continue to pursue higher education and to find new ways to share her knowledge with the world. Who knows – maybe she will even end up at Oxford or Cambridge, like her older sister, Mia, before her.