Has there ever been a more interesting celebrity divorce than that of Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart? The adorable couple got married back in 2012, and ever since, their marriage has been plagued by reports of infidelity, and eventually, divorce. The pair first made headlines when they were photographed kissing while vacationing in Venice in March 2017, but since then, their public split has been non-stop. Just recently, some new rumors have arisen suggesting that the actress may have found happiness with her director, Luc Besson. But as much as we’d like to believe that Stewart’s love for Besson has led to a better life for her, there are still many reasons why her relationship with Pattinson remains the stuff of tabloid headlines.

Infidelity Was (And Still Is) At The Heart Of It All

The scandalous nature of their romance was immediately apparent; the daughter of Robert Forrest Patterson and the late Marjorie Merriweather Post (who were both very well known journalists), Stewart grew up in a very prominent family. She was even schooled at the prestigious Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., and went on to graduate from the Columbia School of Journalism in 2010. It would appear that Stewart had finally found “the one,” and she wasn’t about to waste any time in living out her romantic dreams. After meeting Pattinson at a party in 2012, Stewart and the couple got engaged two weeks later in a private ceremony in Florence, Italy. They were finally wed at Disneyland in July 2014, with Stewart’s sister, Elodie, serving as maid of honor.

It was clear from the start that Stewart and Pattinson were a mismatched pair. The former was a free-spirit who enjoyed a care-free lifestyle while the latter was a traditional European who wanted (and still wants) a family. This may have been the root of the problem; Stewart initially shut off all of her social media accounts following the birth of her first child, Flynn, in December 2017. Things slowly started to improve for her and Pattinson when they agreed to become more private, only occasionally sharing photos of their daughter with their fans. Nonetheless, their on-again, off-again relationship was always going to be the subject of tabloid headlines, and it continues to be so today.

A Divorce That Spans Media Worlds

Prior to her marriage to Pattinson, Stewart made frequent appearances on-screen, often playing characters that were on the borderline of good and evil. Her dramatic portrayals won her a legion of fans, and, in addition to acting, she also authored a book of short stories and essays titled, “Tragic Tales of My Lifetime,” as well as the young adult novel “My Drunken Diary.” But perhaps her most well-known acting role is that of Bella Swan in “Twilight,” the iconic film adaptation of Stephanie Meyer’s best-selling novels. The character she played in “Twilight” became an overnight sensation, and, in the years that followed, Stewart was frequently typecast in roles related to her portrayal of the vampiric Bella. Ironically, it was Stewart’s portrayal of Bella that helped make her more recognizable to fans; in addition to being a source of pride, her stint as the iconic Twilight character also made her more approachable to teen girls and their demographic.

A Striking Duality

The striking duality that runs through all of Stewart’s roles is on full display in her relationship with Pattinson. While their star power is undeniable, it is also apparent that they bring very different elements to the table. As much as Stewart might want to deny it, her time in Hollywood (and especially her time in “Twilight”) undoubtedly shaped who she is today. After all, as we mentioned above, she played the role of Bella Swan, which, according to the character’s author, Stephanie Meyer, is “part vampire, part human being.” In a similar fashion, Meyer describes the “Twilight” protagonist as a “chameleon” who is able to change colors to blend in with her environment. This explains why Stewart is sometimes referred to as a “she-wolf” in reference to her role in “Twilight,” as well as why she is often paired with wolves in film and on television. Stewart’s portrayal of the free-spirited and independent Blaire Deacon in the CW dramedy, “Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo” is also very revealing.

Different As Fasting And Throwing Up

It’s no secret that Stewart and Pattinson’s marriage has received a lot of attention, both positive and negative. Fans have taken an interest in their personal lives, often prying into every aspect of their romance and trying to determine what will make it work. But aside from being the subject of tabloid headlines, this marriage has also fascinated and baffled viewers who have to grapple with the concept of a same-sex union being both holy and legitimate. One of the most interesting (and controversial) aspects of their split has been Stewart’s adamant refusal to engage with or speak to the press, while Pattinson has frequently and actively discussed their relationship with the media. It remains to be seen whether or not Stewart will change her ways after her divorce is final (it is, after all, rather unusual for a celebrity to remain so publicly silent in the face of their split), but for now, she has chosen to remain a mystery.