It’s been a rough year for Twilight fans. After the craze of the Twilight series, which became known as the “bromance movie,” faded, the acting pair’s on-screen chemistry largely vanished, as did the movies’ commercial performance. But now, as 2019 begins, the two seem to be warming up to each other once more.

While it’s not known if they’ve officially reconciled, the actor and the actress have been spotted out and about together quite a bit, including on several family outings and a vacation to Italy. Most recently, Kristen was spotted at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards, where she kept a low profile apart from her stunning blonde hair and striking blue eyes. Meanwhile, Robert was seen presenting a Golden Globe to László Kovács, director of Kodachrome, at the event.

Despite this, it seems unlikely that the two will reunite anytime soon. Not only is the actor currently filming Peter Bogdanovich’s The Menaces, but they’re also both busy with their own careers, having both established themselves as successful film stars. Still, after a rough year, maybe it’s time for the onscreen pair to give it a go again.

Robert’s Career

While many actors go through peaks and valleys in their career, Robert has steadily risen through the ranks since the Twilight films. After starring in 2015’s The Martian, he was next seen in the crowd-pleasing Independence Day: Resurgence in 2017. Since then, he’s appeared in a number of popular films, notably the dark comedy Shadows, the action-adventure A Hidden Truth, and the romantic comedy She’s Going to Be My Girl. In 2019, he appears in the crime thriller The Menaces, which is set for release on March 6th.

As for his onscreen chemistry with Kristen, the actor has proven himself to be quite the supportive partner, who often goes above and beyond what’s required of a romantic lead. For example, in her 2010 film The Runaway Bride, Kristen played Victoria Grayson, the wife of Richard Grayson (Robert), who finds herself embroiled in an extramarital affair with Richard’s best friend. But instead of ending the marriage, as expected, Richard stands by her, even helping her to elope with his best friend. In another example, in 2018’s The Personal History of David Copperfield, Robert again played the role of a devoted husband, but this time to the delight of audiences around the world. In the film, he shares an intimate scene with actress Emmy Rossum, who plays Margot, the jealous and vindictive wife of the title character. In the scene, Robert comforts Rossum, who is experiencing severe hormonal changes as a result of her pregnancy. The couple’s chemistry is so intense that many fans have dubbed their onscreen romance, ‘The Rossum Effect.’

Kristen’s Career

While many stars have struggled to transition from the small screen to the big stage, Kristen has proven herself to be an exception, starring in a number of high-profile films, including 2013’s The Hunger Games, the comedy-drama Still Alice, and the indie horror film The Dead Don’t Die. Most recently, she starred in the comedy-drama Little Women and its 2019 sequel, adapted from the novel by Louisa May Alcott. After Little Women, Kristen will also star in the ensemble comedy Glasshouse, which is due for release in 2020.

As for her onscreen chemistry with Robert, the actress has proven herself to be a passionate and giving partner. Aside from appearing alongside Robert in a number of films, including 2011’s On the Road and its 2013 sequel, she’s also starred in the romantic comedy Friends With Benefits and the crime thriller Dead Men Tell No Tales. But perhaps the most noteworthy performance from Kristen came in the 2010 psychological thriller Frances Ha, where she starred as Margaret Harris, a successful interior designer whose life begins to unravel after being assaulted by a stranger. In the film, she confronts her ex-boyfriend, played by actor Dennis Quaid, with whom she has a teenage daughter. The pair’s contentious relationship is put to the test, as they both struggle to understand each other’s needs and desires. While Quaid received critical acclaim for his performance, Kristen received particular praise for her portrayal of Harris, for which she was nominated for Best Actress at the 2011 Golden Globes.

Despite the positive reviews for Frances Ha, one must remember the actress’ unfortunate history of drug addiction. After struggling with substance abuse for much of her adult life, dating back to her teenage years, she has been open about her past addiction in the past. In fact, in 2016, she admitted that she had suffered from depression and anxiety for much of her twenties. While she has seemingly overcome these issues, there is always the possibility that she may relapse.


To a large extent, Robert and Kristen’s onscreen chemistry is derived from their on-screen partnership, which began with the romantic comedies The Runaway Bride and Sommerset and their 2010 blockbuster Twilight. Even before they officially began filming the Twilight series, Robert and Kristen were already a popular onscreen couple, with many fans identifying them as ‘the real-life couple in real life.’ Since then, audiences have eagerly followed their ups and downs, from the comedy-drama Camp to the sci-fi adventure A War of Mine. In 2019, their devoted following may get the chance to see them as husband and wife once more, after a rough year marred by tension and uncertainty.