I’ve always been a big fan of the Twilight series and the movie was one of the best of 2012. Since then I’ve been waiting patiently for a new installment in the saga and luckily, my prayers have been answered with the trailer for the highly-anticipated sequel, The Fall. As the name would suggest, the trailer focuses on the disintegration of a previously perfect relationship as a result of mental and physical gamesmanship.

Many have speculated that the spark that ignited the Twilight frenzy was Kristen Stewart’s stunning portrayal of Bella Swan. The actress grew in popularity overnight and has since then, played multiple roles, ranging from a depressed housewife to an independent escort. As her film career took off, so did her personal life. She became romantically linked with several other famous men including Robert Pattinson and now, it would appear, her former beau, Leonardo DiCaprio. With each new role comes a different look for Stewart, who has always been comfortable in her own skin and has used her celebrity to empower women and children. So, as we await the release of The Fall, let’s explore the lasting effects of the Twilight phenomenon, exploring whether or not Stewart and Pattinson still share an intimate relationship and if so, what has changed.

The Change In Bella

The most striking change in Bella as a result of her transformation into an independent escort is that she is no longer a pining, weak-willed wallflower. The sweet, impressionable teen no longer exists, replaced by a sassy, street-smart woman who can hold her own in any social setting.

There are several theories as to the cause of Bella’s emotional and mental decline. While some point to the stress of maintaining two separate households as she juggles being a wife and a mother with her film career, another compelling theory suggests that her time in a convent school hardened her and gave her the strength to overcome her fears. It is widely believed that the series’ author, Stephenie Meyer, based her depiction of the young Bella on her own experience as a teen, which was spent largely in a convent. Either way, Bella’s metamorphosis into a confident, self-sufficient woman is unquestionably one of the most pivotal and fascinating aspects of the entire series.

The Change In Kristen

In contrast to her former sheltered life, Kristen’s experiences as a screenwriter and actress have exposed her to a different variety of characters, scenarios, and situations. As a result, she has evolved from the timid teenager who relies on her parents for emotional support, into a confident, outspoken young woman who has carved out a place for herself in the film industry. Her work ethic is legendary and she is often credited with changing the industry by insisting that her fellow screenwriters and performers be available for every scene and take a backseat to no one.

If there is one thing that the Twilight saga has proven, it’s that Kristen Stewart will never be the same. As a result of her remarkable acting abilities and ability to evolve with each new role, it is fair to say that her talent and fame eclipses even that of her beloved Bella. What is certain is that Stewart will continue to evolve as an actress and hopefully, one day, shed her nametag and become Kristen Stewart.

In contrast to her former life as a romantic interest for the male lead, Stewart is now established as a leading lady and has had to grow accustomed to the attention and admiration of the audience. Despite the intensity of this new environment, Stewart has never been one to shy away from a challenge and has proven herself time and time again, most recently in the phenomenal success of the Safed-themed film, Margotat. In this adaptation of Deborah Davis’s 2001 novel, Margot and her friend, Mira, navigate their way through the dangerous political and social climates of post-war, Jerusalem.

Margotat is the perfect example of Stewart’s versatility. A complex character who is both sympathetic and repelling as a reader or viewer, Stewart proves that she can navigate the complexities of a character with ease as she demonstrates an ability to convey a variety of distinct emotions and impressions. This is a talent that has served her well and has helped to make her a global superstar.

The Future Of Bella And Kristen

Bella and Kristen’s spectacular professional and personal success have undoubtedly changed the trajectory of their lives. It is safe to say that they live their lives, as we know them, and will likely never be the same. While their personal lives have changed completely, there is still much for fans to look forward to. The most exciting news is that they have both said that they would like to return for The Fall and the latest trailer has stoked the flames of anticipation once more.

In some ways, the greatest gift that the Twilight series has given us is the opportunity to speculate about the characters’ future. While it is fun to speculate about what will happen in the next installment, it is more exciting to wonder about the characters’ true natures, what kind of relationship they will develop, and who they will end up loving. That is what makes this series so special, not just because of its phenomenal storytelling and rich, multilayered storytelling, but because of the way in which it challenges our imagination, asking us to think about love and romance in a whole new way. What do you think about Kristen Stewart’s and Rob Pattinson’s future?