Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s engagement has been a long time coming, and for the lovebirds, it couldn’t come at a better time. Not only is it the perfect opportunity to get married, but it will also mark the beginning of a new chapter for both of them. As the Inquisitr reported in August 2019, Stewart and Pattinson had been in talks of getting married since at least April 2019. At the time, neither one of them wanted to publicly acknowledge the engagement, but it was clearly there to see.

The Ring Bearer

The engagement is a big step toward the couple’s future together, but it’s far from the only one they have to take. As Entertainment Tonight reported in May 2019, the two are planning to introduce each other to their families as soon as possible. Stewart’s father, James, is originally from Scotland, and her mother, Fiona, is a Scottish-English mixture. She has said that it is her mother’s side of the family that she is closest to, and that she will be welcoming James and Fiona’s reaction to the engagement.

According to a spokesperson for the couple, they have chosen a band member from an upcoming album to be their ring bearer because it is “a personal connection” to Stewart. The spokesperson also said that they have chosen carefully, as he is a close family friend and a talented guitarist. The spokesperson did not specify which album the band member is featured on.

Pattinson is the son of filmmaker Sir Ridley Scott and actress Marjorie Merriweather. He has two elder siblings, a brother and a sister. He grew up in London and attended London’s Brown University and New York University’s Stern College of Business. Since he began acting, he has starred in three Twilight movies as well as the upcoming movie, Duma Key.

A Wedding To Remember

After seven years together, Stewart and Pattinson are finally getting the wedding they deserve. According to a source familiar with the matter, the couple is planning to exchange vows in either Scotland or Wales in the fall of 2020. Stewart’s parents will be her maid of honor and his guest. In a nod to their heritage and the geography of their upcoming wedding, the couple has chosen to name the celebration ‘’Kris and Rob’s Wedding’.

The choice of Scotland or Wales as the location for the wedding is significant because it is where both couples’ families are from. In 2021, Scotland will become the first country to legalize same-sex marriage, and in Wales, same-sex civil partnerships will become available. The World Marriage Guide forecasts that support for same-sex marriage will be around the world by 2025.

The wedding will be followed by a reception at London’s trendy Soho Hotel. Stewart and Pattinson will then head to New York City for their honeymoon. The source told Entertainment Tonight that the couple have picked a destination that they have both been to before and has a special meaning for them both: “They love the city and they want to be able to walk down the street and feel like they belong. It’s their ‘next chapter’.”

Is This What The Future Of Hollywood Looks Like?

With the growing influence of TikTok and other platforms, people are beginning to ask if this is what the future of Hollywood looks like. Is watching someone else’s viral hit the new norm, or has creating a splash on TikTok become the new American Dream?

For years, Hollywood has been a place where people can anonymously share their opinions and feelings, and where careers are built on the backs of others. Thanks to platforms like TikTok, which is owned by Japan’s TikTok Corporation, the anonymous world of YouTube comments has been replaced by colorful personal avatars, revealing the true nature of today’s online landscape.

While watching another user’s viral hit may be the new norm, the stars of these hits are the ones who get the attention. As these platforms grow in popularity and more people want to be part of the “in” group, the way Hollywood celebrities behave may change as well. Even celebrities who have been around for decades can still find themselves on TikTok, and the roles they play may no longer have the same impact they once did. If you work in Hollywood, the future may look more like the past than you would like. Are you ready for that future?