FKA Twigs has been open about her strained relationship with her former boyfriend, actor and musician Robert Pattinson. In December 2018, Twigs revealed that they had broken up and that she didn’t have any romantic plans with anyone. But, as she told The Independent in December 2018, they remain friends. Since then, Twigs has kept pretty busy promoting her upcoming album, I Choose You. But what has happened since then? Let’s take a look.

First Wedding Then Divorce

In April 2019, Twigs got married to her long-time partner, the musician and producer Alex Wonnycky. The couple tied the knot in a private ceremony in Los Angeles a few weeks before the start of the European leg of their Beautiful campaign. A source close to the couple tells E! News that “Robbie and Twigs are both happy and content with each other. They are looking forward to growing their family and being together forever.” After wrapping filming on the campaign, which will air in Spring 2020, Wonky and Twigs will continue working on their album. They also plan to take some time off before resuming their lives together.

A few months later, in a conversation with The Independent, Twigs opened up about her tumultuous relationship with Pattinson. “I don’t regret the past, but I do think that it was a mistake,” she said. “We fell in love, had a passionate and sexual relationship, and then I felt like I had to choose between my art and him. I think that was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. That was when it all started to go wrong. He wouldn’t open up to me about his feelings and wouldn’t commit to anything beyond the sex.”

The singer also discussed how she had to cancel the majority of her tour due to pregnancy, revealing that she was seven months pregnant at the time. In an effort to protect her baby’s identity, Twigs said she was going by the moniker FKA Twigs, short for ‘Fashion Kei Aiko’. The couple decided to keep the identity of their baby a secret until the child is at least two years old and have been using pseudonyms such as Nona Vincent and Edmond Dantes for the past two years.

Back To Work

Despite their best efforts to keep their baby’s identity a secret, it was ultimately revealed in September 2019 that Twigs is the mother of a baby boy. The singer revealed on her social media that the child was born in August and that he is “healthy and happy.” Since the beginning of the year, Twigs has been working hard to promote her album, while also attempting to maintain some privacy around her son’s identity. But since his birth and the ensuing media frenzy, has Twigs’ personal life changed? Let’s take a look at some of her recent activity.