Last week, the editors of Vanity Fair put out a press release trumpeting the magazine’s October issue, which featured a cover story on actor Robert Pattinson (left). The story was titled, “Is Alligator Alive? Vanity Fair’s Robert Pattinson Story,” and offered a look into the life of one of the most celebrated and intriguing men in the world of films. Since the premiere of his breakthrough film, Twilight, in 2008, Pattinson has become a household name. Along with his co-star – and now wife – Kristen Stewart, he has made appearances in numerous films and television shows. In addition to Vanity Fair, the story was featured on the Entertainment Weekly’s website and, eventually, the magazine itself. The story offers a rare glimpse into the private life of one of Hollywood’s most fascinating stars, featuring never-before-seen photographs and an exclusive look at the actor’s eclectic taste in art and design.

The Evolution Of A Staple Of Vanity Fair’s Covers

It’s been a big year for Vanity Fair’s cover story tradition, with the magazine rolling out two separate covers of Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt in advance of the films’ premieres. While the magazine’s most recent DiCaprio cover was styled to look like the actor is posing for a chess game with a zombie, the Pitt cover was more of a boxing match, with the actor taking on several opponents at once.

A Rare Look At The Private Life Of A Famous Actor

The two-time Academy Award winner has been open about his fame and public life, appearing in numerous interviews and publications alike. But until now, most of the information about Pattinson’s personal life has come from his publicist and he has largely remained quiet about his family and friends. According to the Vanity Fair article, “Is Alligator Alive?,” the 33-year-old actor “was raised in the UK [and] came from a very wealthy family.” The article also reveals that his mother is still very much a part of his life and that they remain close friends. As for his father, he passed away when Robert was just 10 years old.

An Interview With The Actor Himself

In advance of the publication of the Vanity Fair article, Pattinson gave a rare interview to WWD, the international fashion trade publication. During the extensive one-on-one conversation, the actor touches on a number of topics, including his reaction to Leonardo DiCaprio’s and Brad Pitt’s recent film premieres, his fashion style, and more. When asked about the upcoming Twilight sequel, Breaking Dawn – Part 2, he simply replied, “I can’t talk about it.”

A Look At The Design Process For The Vanity Fair Article

In order to prepare for the October issue, the Vanity Fair team traveled to Los Angeles, where they were able to speak with the star about a number of topics – including his favorite films and fashion influences. At the same time, the magazine’s chief creative officer, Grace Coddington, and the Art Director, Lisa Chaison, were in London working with photographer Mario Testino to put together the issue. In the article, Coddington explained that the pair scoured London for photos that would represent the essence of the actor and, in turn, the issue. After deciding on a loose theme of “British wild beast” for the design, they set out to track down as many natural landmarks and animals as they could in order to create a unique look for the cover.

The Result Is A Phenomenal Cover

The end result is a phenomenal cover, graced by some of Testino’s most iconic imagery. While the magazine’s previous Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt covers were styled to look like they were taking place in a movie set, this time around, the star is in a more realistic setting, with the photos’ realistic quality adding to the impact. The cover art itself is a hybrid of two- and three-dimensionality, with Testino capturing the essence of the ’70s in his choice of clothing, while at the same time, incorporating more modern elements into the overall design. The result is a unique visual representation of one of the most intriguing and celebrated men in the world of film. For more information on Vanity Fair, visit their website or follow them on Twitter.