It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Disney’s ‘Frozen 2’ is now out in theaters across the country, and with each new trailer that drops, our hearts grow fonder of the lovely Princess Elsa and her icy powers.

The year is 2022, and Elsa has been locked away for so long that she has become quite the cultural phenomenon. She sparked a trend of ‘frozen costumes’ in Halloween parties and Halloween 2022 sales reachedan all-time high.

But Elsa’s chilly disposition hasn’t exactly made her popular amongst some people. In fact, after her coronavirus sister Anna saved her from harm, Elsa held a grudge against her and swore she would do everything in her power to make her pay for what she’d done.

While we wait for Elsa’s revenge, the Queen has other worries she needs to deal with. She faces an enemy much more insidious than her older sister — one that hides in the shadows and strikes when she’s least suspected, a classic villain trope if you will.

The film stars Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson (who play a famously feuding couple), along with an all-star cast including Helen Mirren, Michael Giacchino, Christoph Waltz, and more.

Let’s just say that things don’t go smoothly for the Queen after Anna’s arrival. In fact, the journey to find Anna’s biological father is just the beginning of her troubles. In the grand finale, Anna and Elsa finally square off and duel to the death. The winner is…well, you’ll just have to see.

It wasn’t easy creating the sequel to ‘Frozen’ when the first film earned billions of dollars and firmly planted itself in pop culture. But after taking a few years off, the team behind ‘Frozen 2’ finally got the chance to breathe a little. And it shows in the polish and perfection of every detail.

Here, we’re giving you an inside look at how the stars of ‘Frozen 2’ brought the ice and snow to life.

Embrace the Snowflake

The first ‘Frozen’ was an adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale ‘The Snow Queen’. Andersen’s ‘snowflake’ was first introduced to the world in the original ‘Frozen’ short ‘Summer’.

In the original ‘Frozen’, Elsa’s ability to control her magical snowflake powers are integral to her struggle to stay alive. Even in the face of lethal blizzards, Elsa is able to keep her toes warm by creating more frigid air around herself with her magic. While her icy creations help her fight off the giant snow monsters that are on a quest for her kingdom, she keeps her snowflake hidden away as a defense against her enemies.

After Anna discovers Elsa’s powers and brings her to the safety of the palace, Elsa starts to embrace her snowflake. She soon starts to use her abilities to keep her and Anna’s friends alive during a vicious winter storm. But it’s not until the end that Elsa truly lets her guard down and embraces her true identity — a snowflake.

In ‘Frozen 2′, we see that Elsa has finally found her place of belonging. She makes friends easily and enjoys the social aspects of her new status. And she embraces the snowy elements that brought her unique powers and allowed her to protect her kingdom from harm. It’s a natural progression from the reserved Elsa of the first movie to the lively and confiding queen we see in ‘Frozen 2′.

Don’t Forget the Basics

There are four main elements that make up Elsa’s magical powers: ice, snow, snowflakes, and cold. Let’s examine each one.

  • Ice: In ‘Frozen’, Elsa’s kingdom is made entirely of ice. She is able to control it in many ways, from creating elaborate sculptures to shaping entire lakes. Even in the most basic sense, Elsa is able to freeze water in the shape of hexagonal pillars or thick, icicle-like shapes.
  • Snow: There is plenty of snow in ‘Frozen’. No matter the time of year, you’re bound to encounter some on your travels. In the winter, snow is perfect for creating slippery and treacherous conditions. When it starts to settle, you can use it to your advantage to create natural snowballs at will.
  • Snowflakes: In ‘Frozen’, Anna’s kingdom is filled with magic and wonder thanks to its magical snowflakes. Like Elsa, the fair isle also connects cold and snow, and you’re sure to see a dazzling display upon entering.
  • Cold: You might think that snow and ice are enough to make a character special, but in ‘Frozen’, Elsa’s ability to reduce the temperature of her surrounding area is what makes her unusual and powerful. For example, she is able to create an icy wall that surrounds and protects her from her enemies.

In ‘Frozen 2′, we learn more about the origins of Elsa’s abilities. It’s been hinted that her power might have something to do with her ancestry — specifically the royal family, whose ancestors are said to have originated from another planet called ‘Ilmaru’. If true, it would explain Elsa’s unique icy disposition. We also learn that her father, a powerful magician, spent years researching and perfecting his skills before he died. And it wasn’t just his expertise in magic that made him a great inventor, but his knowledge of physics as well.

While Elsa’s connection to her icy powers might not be entirely clear, one thing is for certain: this magical queen is not your average joe. Not only are her powers extraordinary, but so is she.