Instagram is one of the largest and most popular platforms around currently. With over a billion downloads on various platforms, more people are discovering the joys of instagram and their stories.

While the app largely stays the same, there are a few changes and additions that can make your experience much more enjoyable. Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, there’s a way you can engage with your audience and make the most of this incredible platform.

1. Follow a variety of people

Instagram is a place where you can follow and connect with anyone, from famous people and athletes to musicians, bloggers, and more. If you want to maximize the value of your Instagram account, you should follow as many influencers as possible. By following an eclectic mix of people, you show a more unique and interesting portrait of yourself to your followers.

If you only follow a handful of accounts, you’ll appear less interested in variety and more focused on promoting yourself or your products. When you grow your account to a certain level, you can apply for an Instagram Connected Account. This will allow you to engage with anyone on the platform with more than 140 characters.

2. Create content that is shareable

While Instagram started as a simple and basic photo-sharing platform, the app has evolved into so much more. Today, you can not only share photos and videos, but also create short-form videos, add text and drawings to your photos, and even create interactive stories. Each of these mediums has its perks, but if you want to engage with your audience on social media, you should explore as many methods of content creation as possible.

When you share content that is interesting, unique, and valuable, you’ll draw more attention to your content and increase the value associated with your Instagram account. If you want to truly stand out, show the world what you’re capable of doing and create content that they’ll want to share and comment on. This improves the overall value of your account and makes you a more attractive target to potential sponsors and investors.

3. Use relevant hashtags

Before you post your content, you should familiarize yourself with relevant hashtags. Not only do they make your content more discoverable to your target audience, but they can also drive a little bit of value and interest into your content. For example, if you’re posting about fashion, you might want to include the hashtags #style and #fashion to attract potential customers to your content.

As you become more familiar with the platform and its many intricacies, you’ll start to see what hashtags are applicable to your content and can add them in without overwhelming your followers with a flood of useless hashtags.

4. Use the right grammar

Instagram is a global platform, which means that the language and spelling you use will vary from region to region. Since the app is so large, there are many different groups of people from all over the world using the service. A lot of these users might not be the most familiar with standard American English, so if you want to engage with them, you should exercise more caution in your language choices. However, proper grammar and diction will never go out of style.

A major part of following and engaging with influencers and other content creators is gaining credibility by using their language and phrases. If you ever want to appear more professional, use the language and words they use, not something more familiar or unique to you. This authenticity shows your true interest in their content and makes you more relatable to your audience. Remember, you can always ask the people you follow for help if you’re not sure about proper grammar or how to spell a word. They’ll be happy to assist you.

One of the best things about Instagram is how approachable and easy it is to use. Even if you have no prior experience, you’ll find it simple to create a profile and build your audience. With the right guidance and tools, even a newbie can become an Instagram superstar. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Your followers will appreciate your uniqueness and the fact that you’re breaking the mold.

Above all else, be yourself. While you should have a clear vision for your profile and how you want your audience to perceive you, you should never feel like you have to fit into a mold in order to succeed on Instagram.

With these five tips, you’ll be able to follow and engage with the most famous people on Instagram. From there, you can grow your audience and establish yourself as an expert in your chosen field. Remember, if you want to succeed on Instagram, you need to find a way to connect with your audience. To do this, you need to create interesting, unique content that your audience will want to share. If you want to stand out among your peers, join the conversation, and establish yourself as the go-to person in your industry.