While we were all focused on the tragic events that occurred in Paris last week, another story went viral. Actor and musician Robert Pattinson’s Instagram account posted several photos of himself that were simply stunning. Of course, we had to take a look and see what was going on.

Check out the photos below and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

Robert Pattinson’s Instagram Photos

Upon further inspection, we found that his Instagram account is actually full of stunning photos that deserve to be on the big screen. In fact, many have pointed out that in light of the recent tragedies in Paris, these photos serve as a stunning portrayal of French culture. We couldn’t agree more.

In one of the photos below, we see the English actor looking dashing in a tailored suit and skinny tie. The caption simply reads: “I love Paris.”

Food Is Also Trending

Pattinson’s culinary eye is also on full display in the photos below. One of the best-dressed food Instagrammers across all of social media, he often showcases food that is both elegant and simple to make. The hashtag #EduardoSuarezTested featured several shots of him attempting to recreate the flavors of Spanish cuisine. While in another, he makes a gorgeous grilled cheese sandwich. To top everything off, he even managed to squeeze in a dessert or two.

Below is a gallery of some of the best photos from his Instagram account. If you ever wanted to try out some of the recipes featured, the talented Mr. Pattinson is more than happy to teach you. He even posts step-by-step instructions on his Instagram alongside each photo.

The Look Of A Classic Movie Star

Another thing that we love about Pattinson’s Instagram account is the way in which he plays up his classic movie star looks. This guy definitely knows how to dress and we feel that he does it purely to stir up some fashion trends or inspire others to sport a similar look. He even has a few looks that are so quintessential to his role as Batman that he had to include them in his wardrobe.

While the photos below feature the actor in a sleek black attire with a white shirt and black trousers, he sometimes dresses in a simple and elegant white shirt and black slacks. He even goes so far as to sport a full-length black coat during one of his early morning walks through town. Another shot shows the English actor looking simply stunning in a grey suit and light blue shirt, which is somehow reminiscent of Alfred’s outfit in the Dark Knight Rises. We also love the way in which he accessorizes his classic movie star looks. He never leaves the house without a beautiful flower in his buttonhole, which adds that extra touch of nature to his otherwise sleek and elegant outfits.

A Designer Handbag Or Two?

We couldn’t finish this article without including a few photos of the stylish actor carrying a designer handbag. It seems that he is so proud of his famous accessories that he is more than happy to show them off. While many of his Instagrammers have included photos of designer handbags over the years, it was only recently that he started to experiment with different bag styles. A photo below from April 12, 2017 shows the English actor with a classic Bags by Burberry handbag. Then, in another shot, we see him carrying two more designer bags, which are unnamed but certainly recognizable. He must have a lot of pull with the fashion brands because they agreed to let him trial such an array of handbags.

A Fashion Icon Or Just A Trendsetter?

It’s hard to say whether or not we love Robert Pattinson more for his fashion icon status or for the ways in which he has inspired others to simply follow their passion. One thing is for sure, though, he is definitely one of the most stylish members of the social media generation. The Instagrammers below are but a small sample of those that he has inspired. We can see that he is a true fashion icon and while we may never look exactly like him, we can certainly take a lesson from his style.