In the last year, there has been a wave of celebrity-branded selfies that we have become all too familiar with. From the Kardashians to Billie Lourdes, the trend seems to have stemmed from a desire to emulate the stars we admire most.

Although seemingly effortless, these shots still require a bit of skill to pull off successfully. There are a few pointers you can follow to produce an eye-catching selfie.

Find The Perfect Light

If you are going to take a selfie, you need to be in front of a good light source. The best lights have a touch of sparkle to them, which can add a touch of glam to your selfie. Another useful tip is to put on some makeup in the shape of a star. Wearing a bit of concealer on your face can help you look like a goddess, even if you are a little nervous at that moment.

Get Practise

Even the most skilled selfie taker needs to get practice before they can produce a masterpiece. A good way to improve your craft is to look at examples of what you are trying to achieve, whether they are online or in real life. Learning from the pros can help you become one of them.

There are also a few popular apps that can help you out. The Self-Portrait Generator is one that comes highly recommended, as it allows you to tweak the colors, lighting, and styling of your ideal selfie. Another tip is to use a tripod or a selfie stick. Steadying your phone while you take a picture can help you avoid some of the blurring that comes with shaking the phone during the shot.

Experiment With Different Looks

As you get to know your camera better, you will discover that there are certain looks that it is better for you to avoid and others that you should embrace. If you are going to experiment with different looks, it is important to know which ones you should avoid and which ones you should try out.

For example, you should never shoot with an under-exposure. If you are using the ‘Aviation’ setting on your camera, then your images will look like they have been shot with a torch. If you experiment with this mode, you may end up with a somewhat yellow tint to your pictures. This is caused by the low intensity of the light, which does not allow for sufficient light to completely capture your subjects. Shooting with an overexposure can also cause your pictures to look noisy, due to the presence of too much light. Instead of decreasing the amount of light, you should look to increase the intensity of the light by using a slower shutter speed.

Do Not Go Too Far Back

When you are taking a selfie, you should always look into the lens. This prevents any kind of weird focusing effects caused by staring at a screen or a photograph while you take a picture of yourself. If you look away from the lens for even a second, before you snap the photo, you may see all kinds of weird blurring and shaking. This is caused by the fact that your eyes are not yet focused completely in the camera when you press the button. This can lead to many blurry and sometimes unusable selfies.

Embrace Transparency

If you are going to show your teeth, it is best to do it from behind so that it becomes a part of the design instead of just a smile. Adding a touch of mystery to your selfie can be achieved by displaying a piece of clothing that covers your entire body. You can experiment with this by using a camo print, torn jeans, or a simple bandana. If you want to add a bit more style to your selfies, then you can use this element to your advantage by playing with the colors and patterns on your bandana or the shape of your jeans.

Be Selective Of The Accessories You Use

Along with your phone, you need to have the right accessories to take a good selfie. You should always consider the shape and design of your phone when choosing the right accessories. When choosing an iPhone case, for example, you should look for ones that are designed specifically for selfies. This will make it easier for you to take professional-looking shots and prevent you from damaging your phone while taking them. If you use your phone’s camera a lot, then you may also want to consider investing in a good selfie stick. These allow for hands-free taking of selfies, which is useful if you are driving or walking somewhere.

When choosing your accessories, you should also look for ones that work seamlessly with your phone’s design. For example, if the back of your phone is rounded, then you should look for an iPhone case that has rounded corners. If the front of your phone is sharper and more defined, then you should look for a case with a refined design.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, we hope that this article has helped you realize the importance of good selfies and inspired you to improve your craft. With practice and using the tips mentioned above, you will be able to take professional-looking selfies that you and your friends will enjoy for years to come.