Welcome to the Robert Pattinson house, a sprawling 19th century residence located in the heart of London. The actor recently completed a record-breaking £38 million ($55.8 million) renovation that transformed the 8,000 sq ft (750 sq m) property into one of the city’s most luxurious bachelor pads. The project was personally overseen by Pattinson, whose eclectic taste is reflected throughout the vast residence—from the rooftop bubble bath to the oak-panelled library.

The Library

The actor’s personal library is the ultimate showcase of his eclectic taste, filled with volumes on architecture, design, fashion and film. “I love buildings and I love books and combining the two feels really nice,” he says of the room. “To be able to study or waste time in a way that’s comfortable for me, it’s helped me find the quiet center within myself.”

Pattinson’s extensive collection of first editions and rare books is interspersed with design elements that reflect his love for both places and things – from the fireplace that doubles as a book stand to the oversized armchair upholstered in rose-patterned velvet. The 5.5 meter (18 ft) tall library is a testament to the actor’s enthusiasm for life and his determination to make the most of every opportunity that comes his way.

The Recreation Room

The library isn’t the only place that reflects Pattinson’s passion for books. The actor’s private recreation room is bursting at the seams with fascinating reading material, from Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile – a set of mystery novels that Christie herself – Mr. B – and The Man in the Brown Suit to Howard Phillips’ Homesickness, a cookbook dedicated to “comfort food”. A huge screen provides a backdrop for movie nights, while the floor is covered in Turkish rugs for a cosy, coquettish vibe.

The Kitchen

Pattinson’s culinary acumen was showcased after he personally oversaw the renovation of his kitchen. The room is lined with vintage chandeliers and vintage metalwork and possesses an impressive collection of cookware that spans from antique ladles to a gleaming copper range.

Pattinson’s approach to cooking is simple: “I like to eat well and I like to enjoy my food so I thought why not combine the two?” He loads his shopping trolley with ingredients from top London food shops and lets his fingers do the walking, preparing meals that range from traditional English recipes to modern twists on old favorites. The actor credits his mother for teaching him how to cook and says that when she was alive, “her whole world revolved around finding the best possible meal for her family.” So it was for his grandmother before her, and so it’s been for him ever since. For a country kid from Scotland who grew up craving the hearty fare of stews and soups, it’s fair to say that Pattinson’s culinary journey hasn’t been all glam and glitz. His mother has referred to his food likes and dislikes, with “duck fat” and “spinach” among his forbidden fruit. He still turns down recipes that contain gluten and wheat products, dairy and soya chunks.

The Master Bathroom

Pattinson is as happy in the bath as he is cooking or reading a book and he shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to taking bubble baths. The master bathroom is a sanctuary for the actor, filled with rich woods, soothing blue tones and a large, comfortable soak bowl. A giant mirror frames the tub, while a skylight provides an inspiring glimpse of sky. A selection of bubble bath products is available from La Roche-Posay, and the steam produced by the hot water helps to soothe muscles tense from a long day in the theatre. The bath room is the epitome of relaxation and comfort.

The Fireplace Office

Pattinson is a huge fan of designer houses and in particular architects who incorporate the things he loves into their designs. The director of photography on whose work he often works, Fabian Engelmann, points out that “when you walk inside the house it’s like a mixture of old world charm and modern art. The office is closed off from the living room so it’s got its own area and it’s got a view of the garden, which is quite magical in the mornings.”

The fireplace office is located on the first floor and it contains a desk, a couple of chairs and a spectacular view of the garden. The room is heated by a wood-burning stove and a fireplace. There’s also a dining table that can be transformed into a desk and a small bust of Elizabeth I that the actor bought from an antique shop in London and has had sitting for decades. It’s easy to see why this room is a favorite of Pattinson’s, as he likes nothing more than putting his feet up, getting comfy and surfing the internet for film or TV projects. The room also doubles as a guest room, with its own fitted bathroom and so much more room than most London apartments.

The Penthouse Garden

Pattinson is a firm believer in the healing properties of flowers and has filled the rooftop garden of his house with them. The garden is a blaze of color with splashes of bright hues scattered around the cobbled area that looks out over London. It is a place where the actor can escape from the bustle of the city below, and where he can meditate, relax and destress, with only the sound of trickling fountains and trickling flowers to lull him into a reverie.

The garden isn’t just for show, either. When the weather is nice, it becomes a perfect place for Pattinson to cook simple yet fresh meals that he prepares using the finest seasonal ingredients. He grows much of his own food for the household and gets inspiration for his cooking from all over the world, with a focus on Mediterranean dishes. He often makes multiple courses for dinner parties, and serves them all in the garden, laying out colorful plated dishes on the terrace for his guests to enjoy.

The terrace is surrounded by a garden wall, but it still gets some sunlight through the large windows in the roof. Here, Pattinson can dine alfresco, with fairy lights and candles providing the perfect atmosphere for romancing your sweetheart or celebrating an important birthday or special anniversary. The garden is a romantic dream come true for the couple, complete with fairy lights, white garden chairs and a fountain. Fabian Engelmann recalls, “it’s an outdoor living room with soft lighting, romantic music and perfectly placed flower bouquets. We even had a tree surgeon come and prune all the trees and remove all the dead wood, just to make it look even more magical. It’s a room fit for a fairy tale.”

The Outdoor/Rainbow Pool

Pattinson’s private pool is filled with tropical plants, tropical fish and turtles, and it doubles as an outdoor space when the weather permits. It’s located on the roof of the house above the garage and it features a hot tub, sunshine loungers and tables and chairs for alfresco dining. When the weather is nice, the pool becomes a magnificent outdoor space, with warm colors and tropical foliage providing the perfect oasis for an evening spent barbequing or chilling with a good book.

The outdoor pool is perfect for relaxing and unwinding after work hours, with the soothing sound of trickling water and gentle plop of fish tanks adding to the tranquility. A large outdoor teak tree provides a shade cover and the perfect spot for a picnic or BBQ. The outdoor space is a welcome addition for residents of the adjacent buildings, who can step out onto the cobbled street for a break from the bustle of the city below. While the pool itself is at the heart of the building’s design and so cozy and perfect for relaxing, it was the work of the builder, Stephen Jones, who worked with interior designer Lisa Hickey to bring the outdoor space into the house and tie it into the rest of the design.