If you’re reading this, I assume you have something in common with actress Kristen Stewart and singer/songwriter Robert Pattinson. You see, you are both on this planet Earth and you have both been romantically linked with stars from the big-screen. Let’s get to the details. What you need to know about their romance life, shall we?

They Started Their Love Affair In Secret

It was initially kept under wraps for obvious reasons. Both stars are extremely private individuals and they didn’t want a national media circus surrounding their courtship. In fact, according to a source, it was such a well-kept secret that even Kristen’s closest friends didn’t find out about their relationship until months after it started. Thankfully, the public’s interest in the relationship was such that news of their romance spread like wildfire and the couple’s engagement was announced in December 2012.

It Is One Of Modern Hollywood’s Most Elusive Romances

This year has seen a string of high-profile engagements and wedding proposals, but none so surprising as the news that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are now happily married. In fact, they became the first couple to publicly share their story in Autumn 2016 when they were photographed outside of their Los Angeles home holding hands. Since then, their love story has been documented on the big screen via multiple wedding and engagement announcements. From a low-key ceremony in France to an extravagant extravaganza in Italy, their romance has been chronicled in the media. Needless to say, this has made them a somewhat rare breed amongst celebrity couples. As Vanity Fair put it: “It is one of modern Hollywood’s most elusive romances, one that has eluded the media’s prying eyes and all but concluded in a beautiful but low-key ceremony in the south of France.”

It Is One Of Hollywood’s Most In-Demand Weddings

The most recent wedding to watch was that of Rachel Zoe and Blake Leibel who tied the knot in Santa Barbara on June 13, 2017. The couple’s intimate ceremony was one of the most talked about wedding proposals in recent memory. The former fashion stylist and her entrepreneur husband surprised their guests when they presented their newborn daughter, Eloise, to the congregation. The moment when Rachel took her daughter’s hand in marriage was a heart-warming one.

The Wedding March Was Played Live

The wedding celebration didn’t end there though. As the newlyweds left the ceremony, they were escorted into a blacked-out Mercedes-Benz by their groomsmen. Once inside the limousine, the party continued as guests were able to clap along as Jimmy Buffett’s “Margaritaville” played in the background. The band kept the beat as the bride and groom rode around Santa Barbara in their wedding party. The next morning, the newlyweds departed on their wedding tour which took them to Dublin, Ireland and then onto a honeymoon in Italy.

They Have Two Different Approaches To Life

The English actor has always kept a low profile, rarely appearing in interviews or doing promotional work. For someone who has been in the public eye since 2002, when his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series propelled him to worldwide fame, this reclusiveness is rather surprising. According to a source, this shyness may stem from his days as a child actor where he had to constantly face the camera. Now that he’s a grown-up, he may feel that there’s more to life than showing off his perfect smile in front of the camera.

They Both Work Hard

Whatever it may be, this reclusive nature doesn’t appear to have affected Robert Pattinson’s professionalism as he continues to work hard on his craft while being selective about the parts he chooses to play. The Twilight actor has spoken publicly about his love of acting, calling it a “sacred profession” and expressing an interest in pursuing a career in film. He has also publicly opposed the rise of the Trump administration, even going so far as to travel to Washington, D.C. to protest the president’s policies. Perhaps now that he’s found happiness, this activism may have vanished along with his shyness.

They Eat Healthy Foods

At the end of the day, the body is the biggest temple that anyone has. It would be a shame to neglect it, and that’s why both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are such huge fans of the vegan lifestyle. Their diets are rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and plant-based proteins. Eating healthy foods has allowed them to stay in good shape and enjoy life to the fullest. One of their favorite meals is a risotto made with buckwheat and a seafood sauce in a spicy Italian accent. It’s not everyday that you get to eat something this good, so savor it.

Whether you’re a fan of Hollywood’s royal couple or not, it’s impossible to deny that they’re an engaging couple who keep their romance alive in the media. While they may be private individuals, it’s clear that they have a deep connection and bond with one another that extends beyond their romance. In the words of their friends, “they’re perfect for each other.” As for their fans, let’s just say it’s safe to assume that they’ll be as happy as can be celebrating many more anniversaries together.