I’ve always been interested in the media and how it works. As a kid, I’d spend hours watching TV news and reading my favorite magazine titles – First Person, Men’s Health, and Vanity Fair – cover to cover. In high school, I started a weekly newspaper called The Blue Paper, which was published entirely online. I then attended Columbia University, where I studied journalism and political science. After graduating in 2010, I started a new career in New York City as a digital strategist and SEO specialist. From the very beginning, I found working in digital marketing completely fascinating.

It wasn’t until later that I decided to apply what I’d been learning to my own personal life. In 2017, I began posting my own videos on YouTube, gradually building up a following of more than 500,000 subscribers. The videos mainly consisted of me playing various video, mobile and board games with my friends and family. But in January 2018, I decided to take a more ambitious approach and began documenting my journey to fame and fortune, which had begun three years earlier.

The name of my channel is Dhruva Alorani, and the channel quickly became one of the most popular gaming channels on YouTube. Over the next several months, I released multiple videos a week, documenting my travels, spending sprees, funny anecdotes, and adventures in poker. In August 2018, I was featured as the ‘Weekly Loot Crate Celebrity’, winning a Tesla Roadster as a prize. Since then, I’ve been approached by many businesses seeking to work with me, including tech companies, magazine titles, and even national brands.

How Do I Stay Consistent With My Content Strategy?

When I began my channel, I didn’t yet know much about video production or editing. So, for my very first video, I used a free online editor called Canva to create a simple intro and outro using existing clips. After creating an engaging opening and closing, I realized that I’d found my calling. From that point forward, I worked with Canva every single week, creating new videos and reworking my old ones. As a result, my videos quickly started to come to life, featuring unique animations, scenic views, and smooth editing that made them look like they’d been designed and created by a professional.

Why Do I Want To Document My Life Online?

I’d always seen friends and family members post funny stories and cute anecdotes about their lives on social media, and it inspired me to do the same. In the beginning, I was driven by a need to show the world what a normal, everyday guy I was. After all, I never really knew what a normal, everyday guy looked like, so I wanted to show the world my version of it. But in recent months, I’ve started to see the value in documenting my life. I’ve always been interested in history and knowing more about the people I seek to emulate, so I want to capture these stories and put them on display for the world to see.

Why A Roadster, Specifically?

I’d always wanted a roadster since I was a kid. I grew up in a small town in Indiana and had only seen one other car in my entire life. It was a lime green, 60’s era Ford Falcon and it was terrifying. When I was 15, a close friend of mine stole my heart with his rugged good looks and endless stories about cars. Since then, I’ve always felt that cars are a man’s best friend and something to be desired. Now that I’m a celebrity, my lust for fast cars has become even more prominent.

What Does This Career Opportunity Mean For Me?

A lot! First off, I’ll be making a lot of money. I’m sure it’ll be my favorite new profession. Aside from the financial benefits, I’ll also get to travel the world and meet people from all different walks of life. And perhaps most importantly, I’ll be able to express myself creatively through my videos and other media opportunities that come with my fame. This new career gives me the chance to be myself and do what I love, while also being able to provide for my family. So I couldn’t ask for anything more.