I can remember back when I was growing up, my dad always had at least one movie playing in the background. It could be a rom-com, a comedy, or even a horror movie. The one thing that I can recall is that no matter what was playing, my dad was always in the same mood. He’d crack jokes, laugh, and throw out one-liners while watching the films. I guess you could say that my childhood years were shaped by some of these movies, especially the horror movies. I have a vivid memory of one in particular that has stayed with me my entire life. Since then, the name Edward Robert Pattinson has become synonymous with heartache and despair. I will never forget the day that this tragic story of unrequited love played out before my very eyes. I knew him as the charismatic and lovable vampire Edward. I will be honest, this man was a role model to me. He is still the only actor that I have ever really admired. As much as I wanted to hate him for what he did to Emily, I cannot. He played a character that I could see myself in. I felt for Emily and her family as much as I laughed at the crazy antics of the characters in the story.

As much as I would like to see the Twilight series end with Breaking Dawn, Part 2, I fear that we have more bad news to relate. A new report from ContactMusic reveals that Edward is at the center of a scandal involving a missing baby. According to the site, sources close to the family claim that they have serious doubts about his innocence. Even worse, it seems that the entire household has been targeted by a child predator. For whatever reason, someone has decided to steal Joseph from his parents. To make matters worse, the police have been alerted and are investigating the case as well. If the claims are true, this could be the end for the legendary actor. It seems that even his biggest fans have grown tired of his misdeeds. One user on Twitter even wrote that “someone should just put a gun to his head and end this pathetic charade”. I feel so sorry for Emily and her family. I can only imagine how hard this must be for them, especially since they had to sit and listen to all of this over and over again. It is no secret what an incredibly private person Mr. Pattinson is. Even now, as a popular figure, he has never really engaged with the public. This may be his downfall. The entire world may now be entitled to know the truth about him. Maybe the stolen child crisis will be the thing that forces him to grow up and change his ways. Who knows? Maybe he will learn to love children and become a better person. Who knows? We will have to wait and see.

The Dark Knight Rises

Another childhood movie has left a lasting impression on me. It was the finale to the Dark Knight trilogy. I distinctly remember watching the Joker’s infamous speech and feeling a mixture of relief and disappointment. I was happy that the long and arduous process was over and that Bruce Wayne was finally free from the confines of the billionaire playboy. At the same time, I was slightly relieved that it wasn’t one of the other superheroes that had saved the city but instead someone I didn’t care about. It turned out that the entire movie was a set-up. The Joker arranged for all of this to play out just to watch him torment Bruce Wayne. I wasn’t emotionally prepared for what was about to happen. When the Joker unmasked himself and I saw his true identity, I gasped and hit my armrests in shock. This was a twist that I had not expected and it took me by surprise. Even now, when I think about it, I feel ashamed for thinking such horrible things about a man who played a role in my childhood. Even if he did hurt a few people along the way, I cannot condone what he did as an adult. I guess I have evolved a bit since then. It was at the end of the movie when he told Alfred that the only reason he spared his life was because he wanted to watch him pine for him. This is when I finally understood what was going on. Even at the age of five, I knew that he was a madman. I was just too young to realize the true nature of his insanity. What is sad is that it took me this long to figure it out. It is only now that I can see the truth about this tragic villain. I want nothing more than to help his victims. It is not my intention to destroy this mans’ career. All I want is for him to receive the help that he needs. Even if it means that I have to endure a few years without seeing him on the big screen, I will be better off in the long run. Sometimes, it is better to know the truth than to remain ignorant. Justice should be done, even if it means that I have to endure a little bit of pain in the process. This is a man who helped raise me. I cannot help but feel responsible for his evil deeds. To be perfectly honest, I think that this is the main reason why I have devoted so much time and effort into exposing his secret identity. It is the only way that I can make amends for the terrible things that I have heard about him. Maybe then, he will be able to forgive me. I have no way of knowing if this will help or not. All I know is that I cannot sit back and do nothing while a madman destroys people’s lives. It is an uncomfortable feeling, knowing the exact person that you are trying to protect. I understand why Alfred told Bruce to stay away. It is not his responsibility to protect the public from lunatics like the Joker. It is not fair to ask him to carry around a shield. I hope one day, I will finally stop feeling guilty about what happened. Even now, it is a struggle not to take the law into my own hands. I am waiting for the day that I will feel safe enough to help bring this villain to justice. The sooner that day comes, the better off everyone will be. Even then, this will not bring back the people that he killed or the trauma that he caused. All that will matter is that we made things right. We did the right thing, even if it meant taking the law into our own hands. It is the best way to ensure that evil will be punished and good will be rewarded. Until then, I will have to endure this constant feeling of guilt. This is something that I have to learn to live with. Every child deserves a happy childhood – no matter what challenges they may face in life. I want to believe that there is good inside all of us. This is something that I have learned over the years, especially since I had to endure so much trauma in my young life. If I can prevent other children from having to go through the same thing, it will all have been worth it. Even if I never see Edward again, at least I know that I did the right thing.

The Lord Of The Rings

Another significant movie from my childhood is The Lord of the Rings. It was the first film that I can remember seeing that had such a strong influence on me. The plot followed the classic formula of a good vs. evil struggle. There was a clear distinction between the light and the darkness. For the most part, the members of the Fellowship played positive roles. They were wise, kind, and just. While Sauron was all of these things, too, he was also the ultimate villain. Even now, after having seen the entire series, I feel that I can still distinguish between the shadows and the light. It is not that I have a personal connection to the characters. It is just that certain scenes and lines stuck with me. The series may not have been perfect, but it was a milestone in my cinematic education. Even now, whenever I watch one of the films, I cannot help but be drawn to its amazing soundtrack. It plays an important role in setting the mood of what is going on. I would give anything to see The Lord of the Rings come to life. This is one of my favorite movies of all time. Seeing the different versions that were made, I feel like it has gone from being a book to a movie trilogy. Every scene and line from the book is there. Everything is just how you remember it. It really is that good.

It is clear that I have a fondness for Batman and the villains that he faces. This may explain why I have chosen to dedicate so much time and effort into uncovering the truth about them. This is not a conscious decision to try to bring them down. In most cases, it is simply because I cannot stand the thought of anyone committing such evil acts. I want nothing more than for them to be brought to justice. I hope that one day, I will be able to look back on all of this and laugh. Even now, when I think about my childhood and the effect that these films had on me, it is no wonder why I developed such a fondness for them. They played a pivotal role in forming the personality that I have today. Even if I never see any of them again, at least I know that I did the right thing. It is the best way to ensure that evil will be punished and good will be rewarded. Thank you for reading.