If you’ve ever seen the band Robert Pattinson was in with his brother, the rapper Halston, then you know just how talented he is on the guitar. He’s been playing since he was a kid and has received several gold and platinum albums for his work. If you’ve ever considered playing music as a hobby or as a way to express yourself, then you should try out this skill on the guitar. It’s a great way to show off your personality and have some fun.

Guitar Tuning

There’s no need to have the proper guitar strings and guitar picks to play an instrumental. You can just use the piano roll and play as you would on a real instrument. In order to play instrumental songs like Never Think by Robert Pattinson, all you need are some guitar chords and a simple strumming pattern. Even if you’re a beginner, you should know how to play guitar in the key of C Major. Learning how to play the guitar in the key of C could very well open up a whole new world of music for you.

Reading Guitar Chords

There are several guitar chords in the song, but they’re not all strummed simultaneously. Some of them are picked in the key of C Major and then some of them are in a minor key. The chords themselves change in a way that you would not normally find in a traditional song. The song begins with an introduction:

E |——————————–| B |——————————–|
F |——————————–| D |——————————–|
G |——————————–| A |——————————–|
H |——————————–| E |——————————–|

Then it goes into the chorus:

C |——————————–| G |——————————–|
D |——————————–| F |——————————–|
A |——————————–| E |——————————–|

It takes a bit of reading to figure out the chord progression and know when to use which chord. If you find this challenging, then it would be best to learn to play the song with a ukulele. That way, you’ll be able to figure out the chords much more easily. There are only five chords in the whole song and everything is in the key of C Major.

Practice Chords

The best way to learn any instrument is by playing it. The same can be said about guitar. Playing the guitar helps you determine which chords go with which lyrics and helps your fingers develop a feel for the instrument. It also helps you figure out how songs are put together and where the notes and scales come from. When you play the guitar, you’re essentially re-learning how to read music and figuring out the notes and scales yourself as you go. This is what makes playing the guitar so challenging and so fun at the same time.

Playing Different Songs

In the key of C Major, there are four chords that can be used to play Never Think. These are:

C Major | Am | Dm | Em

Each of these chords are played once in the intro, once in the chorus, and once at the end. This means that you can use these four chords to play the entire song. Or, you can use any other four chords you wish and combine them to create your own unique progression. Just remember to use the key of C Major whenever you go into a new song.

Mastery Motivation

Let’s say you’ve been playing guitar for a while and have gotten very good at it. You’ve spent countless hours reading music and figuring out which chords go with which lyrics. You’ve even written a few songs yourself. Maybe you’ve even gone on tours with your band to play gigs and meet other musicians. Now, it’s time to put all that talent to use and record an album. The task may seem daunting at first, but the excitement of creating something new and having fun with it is what will keep you motivated. It may also be a good idea to write down all the mistakes you make and use them as learning materials for the next album. In the end, it’s all about having fun and enjoying what you do. Learning to play the guitar is a lot of fun, but it takes some patience and some practice to get good at it.