So you’ve got a crush on Robert Pattinson? Good, that’s what you should be feeling. What you need to know is how to make him be your man (or woman). What’s more, you should know enough to make even the most experienced of bachelors jealous. That’s quite the list you’ve got there. Let’s go over them one by one, shall we?

The Beard

What’s better than waking up to find a delicious cup of joe by your side? Nothing, that’s what. No, wait, maybe a hot shower and a good pair of shoes. You’re still not making real sense. Let’s put that down to the caffeine you’re undoubtedly consuming. What you need to know is how to grow a full and magnificent beard in a relatively short amount of time. Like, really short. Like, under a month. That’s way less than he normally grows. Which leads me to my next suggestion…

The Mug Shot

Another way to make a man notice you is to go for a simple yet effective trick. Take a good look at his mug shot. See those piercing blue eyes staring at you? Yeah, that’s what you should be going for. However, if you have a bit of trouble nailing that exact expression, then don’t worry; there are countless ways to create that exact same look. What you need to do is find a picture of an older man with dark circles under his eyes. Then all you need to do is put on a nice pair of sunglasses and voila! Instant hipster!

These two suggestions alone should make any man realize that you’re the kind of girl he’s been searching for. And let’s face facts: he’s going to want to be your man even if he doesn’t want to admit it. Which is why you need to up your game and figure skates technique. Those two suggestions are just a taste of what you can do to make him yours. Think of what else you can come up with on your own. There are many other ways to make a man beg you to be his girlfriend. Think of what your friends have to say about you. Does anyone have a bad word to say about you? Is there anyone who doesn’t like you? Are you the type of person people naturally want to be around you? You should aim to interact with others as much as possible. This will make your manhood very apparent. When a man sees that you care about other people as much as you care about him, then he’s going to start doubting his own masculinity. That’s a scary thing for a man to experience. Being with you is going to be a lot more comfortable and a lot more exciting than he’s ever had before. So make sure you show him as many good times as you can. Because at the end of the day, a man that cares enough to worry about whether or not he’s a good enough provider for you is a man you can trust. I’m sure you’ve got a lot more tricks up your sleeve. Don’t be afraid to come up with your own ideas. After all, that’s how you came up with them in the first place.