Well, it’s been a bit of a waiting game but Twi-Hard fans can now rest assured that their favorite couple is back together and working on their acting projects and it seems like things are going to be pretty interesting this time around. Robert Pattinson has been keeping a very low profile since October 2017 when he got into a very public and messy argument with Kristen Stewart. They both agreed to take a break from social media and stay away from the press. This resulted in a very sad and uneventful Twilight Saga movie premiere and a lot of cancelled public events. But, while we were waiting for the dust to settle down, a lot of interesting things have been happening behind the scenes. Several new projects have been announced and a lot has changed.

The Twilight Saga Is Over

The saga of Bella and Edward has come to an end and the Twi-Hard fandom can now breathe a sigh of relief. After five movies and a TV show, the Twilight saga is finally over. While it’s sad to see the last of the Twilight saga, it’s also wonderful to see the main protagonists finally getting a happy ending. Of course, the story doesn’t end there. Things don’t usually do. Edward left Bella, she got cancer and eventually died. But, for now, they can finally rest in peace.

The saga has been a long time coming and most importantly, it was worth it. The Twilight Saga made over $26 billion worldwide which is just incredible. The franchise was able to pull in some of the biggest stars and make them stars. It even inspired countless memes and jokes about vampire and werewolf relationships all across the Internet. But, beyond the financial success, the Twilight Saga helped change the way audiences viewed vampires. And, as a result of that, we live in a world where vampires aren’t afraid to walk the streets and let it all hang out. It’s just not the same as it used to be. And that’s a pretty impressive legacy for a film series that started off as a vehicle for an unknown actor and ended up inspiring a generation.

Robert Pattinson’s New York City Vibes

It seems like Robert Pattinson has been keeping himself busy while he’s been away from the public eye. He’s been spotted several times over the past year in New York City, mostly hanging out in SoHo with his dog, Babe. When he’s not chilling in New York City, he’s been traveling abroad either by himself or along with his newlywed wife, Vanessa, his high-school sweetheart. It looks like he’s settled down from his very hectic touring schedule and is looking to make an appearance in the city once again.

Pattinson’s travels have taken him to some of the biggest cities in the world, mostly in Europe. He’s been to Milan, Italy; Dublin, Ireland; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; and Barcelona, Spain. Most recently, he was in Venice, Italy for the annual Carnevale. During that time, he even ventured out on a gondola ride around the city, an event that was organized by fans. Most people don’t get the chance to do that kind of thing on their holidays. Especially not when they’re on their honeymoon. But that’s what makes this pairing so special. Most impressively, Venice is one of the most popular travel destinations for Japanese and Singaporeans, two of his biggest fan bases. So, while the world was waiting for the dust to settle down from the Twilight Saga aftermath, Pattison was taking advantage of his unexpected break by traveling Europe with his wife. It looks like they had a great time exploring the city and it wouldn’t be a surprise if Venice is on their bucket list of desirable vacation spots. Along with Paris and Milan, it would complete their trifecta of Italian cultural experiences. So far so good, right?

Robert Pattinson’s Upcoming Projects

While most people were still dealing with the emotional turmoil of the Twilight Saga finale, Robert Pattinson announced the premiere dates for several of his upcoming films, including one that will be hitting theaters soon. Just this week, he revealed the premiere date for his upcoming film, a romantic comedy, titled, Good Time. The movie will be opening in theaters across the country on April 18th. It also stars Zac Efron, Michelle Monaghan and Olivia Cooke. And if that weren’t enough, he also has a leading role in a new HBO Max series titled, High Maintenance. The series is described as a “slice of life” about the people who live and work in New York City’s weed industry. The premiere date for High Maintenance has not been announced yet, but it is set to hit the streaming service in May.

Since his very public breakup with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson has been working hard to put the drama behind him. But, with multiple projects in the works and a wedding to celebrate, it looks like he’s still got his hands full. While some fans may still want to see him tied down with Kristen Stewart, the world is getting ready to bow out on one of the most iconic romance stories of all time. And for that, we have a hearty congratulations to him and his wife-to-be!