Ever wonder what it would be like to meet your favorite movie star? Now, you can! Thanks to the invention of the internet and online communities, stars like Robert Pattinson have opened up their personal lives to the fans that love them. If you’ve ever wondered how to draw Batman, here’s your chance to transform your fantasy into reality! All you need are a few simple steps and some free time.

Step one: Find a quiet space. You don’t need to have a huge room, just a place that is away from any other distractions. If you’re sitting at home, then the place where you draw is probably already quiet and private enough. If not, then maybe find a quiet corner in a coffee shop or library. Get some good lighting and a cup of coffee or tea to get started.

Step two: Figure out the placement of the camera. Now, you can either use a tripod or just grab a spot on the floor and use the camera’s default setting. As long as there is enough light, you should be able to take a clear picture. If not, then get some bright, ambient light before starting to paint.

Step three: Start with the basic shapes and structures. Using your newly acquired camera, take a few pictures of the background behind the subject. You can either use the whole scene or just the background behind where you’ll place your character. Whatever is easier for you.

Step four: Start adding the features. With your camera still on its stand, lean over to one side and pick up a corner of your paper. Using your other hand, start drawing a simple face on your sheet. You can create harmony by overlapping the features of the face. You can make it easier by using basic shapes already on the page. Using your intuition and the features you’ve already drawn, add more personality to your character by simply changing the angle at which you view him.

Step five: Continue adding the features. Before you know it, that simple head of hair you started with is turning into an entire body! Be sure to add character to your character by giving him or her a name and other distinguishing features. You’re almost done! All that’s left is to add the finishing touches. Give your drawing some depth by adding shadows and texture by using a hard pencil or pen. Vary the depth of the shadows to create a sense of relief or darkness, depending on how you feel about your character, of course! Wanna draw something different? Try out another of Robin’s many looks or you can even make it a woman! Whatever you decide, have fun with it and don’t forget about that coffee or tea.

Now that you’re equipped with the basics, you can move on to the next step. Remember to have fun! If you keep getting distracted by the internet, then find something else to do until you finish this tutorial. Some people even prefer to work while listening to music. So, if you find that this step is a bit tedious, then maybe listen to some smooth jams and get to work!