The Twilight Saga: New Moon premiered in cinemas this week. The second installment in the vampiric franchise sees our beloved protagonist Bella (Kristen Stewart) embarking on a brand-new journey, while her best friend Jacob (Taylor Lautner) struggles to accept her independence.

As Bella begins a new chapter in her life, she finds herself growing closer to one of the undead than she ever was before. But it wasn’t always like this. We take a look back at some of Robert Pattinson’s most notable performances and try to calculate just how old he would be today if The Twilight Saga were still ongoing.

Oldest And Youngest

In the first part of the trilogy, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, we meet Bella at university. Standing in front of her dormitory window, she ponders her future and the path she wants to pursue. Inspired by the nightingales, she decides to audition for their school play and gets the part. As a student, Bella is very active and is often seen on campus. She joins the debating society and the school football team. She is also a part of the university’s theatrical group. In the play, she portrays a young Elizabeth I.

For her graduation gift, her parents take her to Rome for the weekend. During one of their excursions, Bella visits the Trevi fountain. Here, she catches a glimpse of the city’s best-loved son, William Shakespeare. Inspired by Shakespeare, she decides to write her own play. She later presents her thesis, titled The Young Woman Who Invented Women’s Rights, to her thesis committee. They are so impressed that she gets a standing ovation. The members of the committee then decide that it would be fitting for her to study law. However, before she leaves, she asks the question that has been plaguing her since childhood: “What if you come across a young man who doesn’t believe in fairy tales?” She then kisses the young lord and leaves the room. It is here, in this scene, that we see the beginning of Bella’s infatuation with vampire Edward Cullen. What seems like a simple kiss turns into an obsession that will consume Bella’s life.

Grown But Still Cute

Bella’s journey doesn’t end here. Instead, it continues in Twilight, the second installment of The Twilight Saga. Edward and Bella’s love grows and develops as the film progresses. We learn more about their relationship and see them as an established couple. Bella, now 16, has to deal with the fallout of her decision to write a novel about a forbidden love between a human and a vampire. It is not long before her parents find out and try to track her down. They are convinced that she is deliberately undermining the family’s good name. To stop them from finding her, Bella runs away to Forks, Washington. Here, she reunites with her childhood best friend, Jacob, who has recently turned into a wolf. As a human, Bella is unable to accept Jacob’s new condition. Their relationship is then tested as they struggle to understand and accept each other’s differences. In Twilight, Bella’s struggle to fit in with her peers is also highlighted. Despite her best intentions, she keeps getting herself involved in fights and inadvertently causing trouble in the town. However, she soon finds a group of friends who accept her for who she is. They help her realize that she doesn’t need to fit into a preconceived idea of how a ‘normal’ teenager should act. In the end, Bella finds her happy ending in the form of a human-vampire hybrid named Victoria.

Still A Kid At Heart

The last installment in the series, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, continues where the previous film left off. Bella and Edward’s daughter, Alayna, is now 10 years old. As the Cullen family settles into a life in Forks, they try to maintain some normality. Their peaceful existence is shattered when the ancient vampires known as the Volturi come to town to claim their prize. The Volturi had been hunting down vampires for centuries. Now that they have found their prey, they declare war. Edward and the Cullens fight at the head of a united front, determined to protect Bella at any cost. The battle that ensues is terrifying and brutal. However, the Cullens are ultimately victorious. The last of the Volturi are killed, and peace is restored to the town. In the end, we see that despite all that has happened, Edward and Bella’s love for each other has not changed. In the last scene of the film, they celebrate their wedding day. They look exactly as they did at the beginning of the series, when Bella first encountered the vampire legends of the Atlantic coast. It seems likely that their story was indeed nothing more than a fairy tale come true.