Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, a new fish jumps out. Meet Rob Pattinson, the 28-year-old son of rock band The Beach Boys’ legendary Brian and Dana Pattinson. Rob became a social media sensation last year when he graced the cover of GQ magazine. Since then, he has juggled dating Victoria’s Secret model Elsa Patience and romanced beautiful Victoria, whom he married in a private ceremony in October 2018. Although he has kept a low profile since his marriage, we now know much more about the man behind the myth.

Early Life And Family

Rob Pattinson was born on July 3, 1987, in London. His grandfather, Bill, formed the band The Vibrations, and great-grandfather, Jack, was one of the group’s famed lead singers. The Vibrations became The Beach Boys in 1962 when they moved to California and changed their name for legal reasons. Rob is the group’s second-oldest child and the son of their lead singer, Brian. Growing up in the shadow of his famous father, Rob was a quiet and bookish child who enjoyed drawing and painting. He went to an exclusive boys school in London, and then attended prestigious universities in both Oxford and Cambridge. In 2016, he finished his master’s degree at Harvard Business School with a focus on sustainability.

Scant Availabilities And Quiet Habits

While we were expecting an action-packed lifestyle with his dating exploits and Hollywood career, Rob Pattinson has largely kept us entertained with his quiet and private life. We know very little about his dating history other than his relationship with Elsa Patience and that they were married at the end of October 2018. He only shares a few precious photos of his family on social media. As for his hobbies, Rob enjoys drawing, painting, and writing. He frequently posts cryptic notes about art and design on his Instagram account (@robbypattinson), and his taste in music seems to lie in the 70s, with a strong influence from the band The Beatles. The Instagrammers behind @theheraldjack have compiled a comprehensive collection of Rob’s art and design work.

Rob’s Early Career

When Rob made his debut on the social media scene last year, it wasn’t a gradual evolution like many celebrities’ first forays into the spotlight. Instead, it was a flash of brilliance that caught the eye. On June 25, 2017, just three days after graduating from Harvard Business School, Rob posted a photo of himself with a suit and a tie on. The caption read, “I am now a very handsome young man.” The former English lit major then proceeded to add another 26 Instagram posts in four months, drawing nearly 300,000 followers.

If you’re looking for a life coach, employee engagement expert or a confidante to share your deepest secrets with, search no further. The only person you need to look out for is Victoria, because she’s the boss.

While he was never one to shy away from the camera, it wasn’t until recently that we really got a glimpse of Rob’s private side. Since his split from Elsa in February 2019, he has shared intimate moments with his fans through a handful of stunning photos and emotional videos.

The Making Of A Mythical Figure

In September 2018, just after announcing his engagement to Victoria, Rob graced the cover of GQ magazine. The handsome British actor’s timeless elegance stole the hearts of fashion fans and beauty enthusiasts alike. The story of how he pulled off such an iconic moment is somewhat magical, as it involved a bit of luck, plenty of preparation, and some coaching from experts.

Rob had originally intended to tie the knot with his childhood sweetheart, Elsa, after meeting at university. However, things didn’t work out as planned and he married Victoria, the woman who would become his co-star on the hit Netflix series, “The Kingkiller Chronicles.” The new couple announced their engagement in the fall of 2016 and held a lavish wedding in October 2018 in front of family and friends. Like many Hollywood celebrities, Rob has a team of people who help manage his personal life and work. A representative for the actor confirmed that he is “private and always will be.”

What the world didn’t know before was how amazing of a person Rob is behind the scenes. People who know him personally say that he is kind, humble, and a hard worker who cares deeply about his team and his family. Even his most ardent critics can’t argue that he is devoted to his craft. According to those who know him best, Rob’s quiet nature and reserved demeanor make him a humble and gracious man. He is also known for being an advocate for sustainable living and veganism. He made the headlines in 2017 for supporting London’s Grenfell Tower survivors who were unable to rebuild their lives after the devastating fire that killed 72 people.

The way Rob carries himself and what we know about him already makes him a fascinating figure. It is easy to see why he has been described as a’mythical figure.’ While it is still somewhat early to say with certainty how his career will pan out, it is safe to assume that he is poised for great things.