Who would have thought that a year after the release of their album, the members of the band, The Beatles, would still be making headlines after all these years? It seems that people are still curious about the lives of these famous musicians, and now that Robert Pattinson is in the spotlight as an actor, photographer, and musician, we can begin to answer these questions.

How Much Does He Earn?

The first thing we should probably address is how much money does Robert Pattinson make? Since his film, Cosmo, was recently released and became a box office success, he has been receiving lots of offers from studios and brands for commercial projects. Some people even believe he could earn $100,000 per day; however, this seems a bit far-fetched, and we doubt it. We could probably find an amount more likely to be correct.

How Much Does He Spend?

Now, we come to the juicy part; how much does Robert Pattinson spend? Since we don’t know how much he earns, it’s hard to say, but we know he spends a lot. A lot. When he is not working, he is either attending premieres or spending time with his family, and we’re sure he wouldn’t neglect them just to save a few dollars. In fact, he has often spoken about how much money he needs to spend on them.

How Many Lamborghinis Does He Own?

This is another hotly debated topic. Some people believe he owns only one Lamborghini; others think it could be more than ten. We couldn’t possibly say for sure, but we can find out how many he has owned. According to a source, it is only three, and he has been driving the same model for years. This is quite surprising considering how expensive these cars are. The latest Lamborghini Estoyan Sesto is valued at around $350,000, and with three of them, you would presumably be set for the rest of your life. We wouldn’t be entirely surprised if he was planning on selling one of his cars to pay for lunch the next day.

Does He Own A House In London?

If you’ve been watching the TV show, The Real Housewives of London, you may have seen a beautiful property in the posh area of Hampstead. It is the home of socialite and fashion designer, Daisy Goodwin, and she has been friends with Robert Pattinson for years. When the time came for her to sell the property, she revealed in an interview that he had expressed interest in buying it, but she turned him down. Does this mean he doesn’t own a house in London? It’s possible, but we can’t confirm this because we don’t know what property he owns. What we can say is that he has visited the city a lot and has spoken highly about it.

What Is His Net Worth?

This is the grandaddy of all questions: what is Robert Pattinson’s net worth? It is estimated to be somewhere in the region of $30 million. This is a crazy amount of money, and it’s made him a very rich man indeed. When asked about his net worth, he typically says that he doesn’t like to think about his finances, but he also feels that people should be aware of how much money he’s made. In an interview with Vanity Fair, he said: “I don’t know. I’ve never really thought about […] my net worth, to be honest. I’m not someone who focuses on the negative, and I don’t like to think about the money I’ve wasted.” If you add up all the money he’s made from his films and music, along with the commercial projects he’s been involved in, we’re sure this number will surprise you.

How Does He Rank In The Top 100 Most Influential Celebrities In The World?

Finally, we come to the last question on our list: how does Robert Pattinson rank in the top 100 most influential celebrities in the world? According to a source, who has studied the topic extensively, he comes in at number 94, which is quite an impressive feat for a man who started his career in 2011 and only has a couple of years of experience under his belt.

To put this into perspective, the source also pointed out that some of the celebrities in the top 100 are well known for having a very large social media following. For example, Kate Beckinsale has over 27 million followers on Instagram alone. To compare, Robert Pattinson has only around 2.7 million followers on Instagram, so it seems that he is indeed rising fast in the ranks.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actor revealed that he doesn’t really follow trends when it comes to social media and simply uses whatever tools are available to him. “I just try and stay with what I know. I don’t really look at other people’s accounts because I feel like I would lose connection with who I really am. I would lose connection with my audience.”

What is clear from all this is that Robert Pattinson is a truly remarkable individual, who deserves to be celebrated for his many achievements in the industry.