It’s no secret that Rupert Murdoch’s media empire is obsessed with status and wealth. One of the main focal points of the media mogul’s attention is his favorite member of the royal family – Prince Robert Pattinson.

The media tycoon is such an ardent fan of the on-off couple’s exploits that he purchased the U.S. rights to the celebrity couple’s saga for a whopping $30 million. What’s more, Murdoch saw the opportunity to further inflate Pattinson’s value and fame by marketing him as a brand – creating a fictional character named “Roya” and introducing her into the storyline as the love interest of the English royal heir.

The move was a masterstroke. Not only did it allow the media mogul to indulge his fascination with the royal family, but it also provided him with a new platform to propagate his controversial political views. Through his journalism career, Murdoch had frequently been labeled a “hypochondriacal, far-right populist,” and he seized the chance to promote his brand of fearless journalism and democratic fervor.

A Brief History Of Prince Robert’s Career

To put it lightly, fans of Prince Robert and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton may not like what Murdoch is up to. The media mogul’s marketing campaign is just one part of the Duchess of Cambridge’s royal baby’s public profile that the royal family has vehemently opposed. Along with his brother James and mother Sarah, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have waged an all-out public war against Murdoch and his minions.

The embattled Murdoch took the unprecedented step of firing back at the family in a New York Times op-ed last week, in which he accused the Cambridge clan of hypocrisy and called them “amoral, shallow and snobby.” He also criticized Kate Middleton for being “arrogant” and “high-handed” – a sentiment that was echoed by many a British tabloid.

A Wealthy Plaything

While Prince Robert has been a high-profile celebrity since he and Kate Middleton made their royal debut in 2009, the media mogul did not buy their story line without reason. The Englishman’s value had long been in a steep decline before Murdoch made his move. The 32-year-old has largely spent his life in the public eye, with a string of unfortunate break-ups and failed business ventures following him.

Even before the Duchess and Prince of Wales wed in 2011, it was obvious that the British royal family had their hands full raising their newly wed children. The couple is famously protective of their children, and it seems that their vigilance extends to guarding their children from the media circus.

As a result, Prince Robert’s celebrity has been confined to the public eye. He has only graced the covers of popular British magazines like Glamour and Vanity Fair a total of four times. Even before the birth of Princess Charlotte in 2013, the duke had spent more of his life out of the public eye. He has maintained a low-profile since the birth of his two children with the Duchess of Cambridge, and has rarely given any interviews.

Why Is Rupert Murdoch Obsessed With Prince Robert?

It’s no secret that Prince Robert is the media mogul’s favorite royal and that he has invested heavily in the duke’s future. Last year, he made a fortune from his investments and acquisitions, including the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal. More recently, he bought a $30 million mansion in New York City for his son Léa and funded his post-secondary education. He also funded a new school in Kenya for orphans and abandoned children.

The billionaire mogul has always been fascinated by European royalty and has made several large investments in European businesses. The vast majority of his European investments have been in Germany, where he owns the Deutschland frazione of the Sun newspapers. He also owns a 49% stake in Bild and a similar stake in Die Welt, two of Germany’s most popular newspapers. In addition to his German newspapers, Murdoch owns a 35% stake in Sie newspaper group and a 17% stake in the Huffington Post of UK.

Murdoch did not reveal his reasons for purchasing the rights to tell the story of Prince Robert in the U.S. in his New York Times op-ed, but the speculation is that the mogul saw an opportunity to cash in on Prince Robert’s newfound fame. The duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been vocal about their distaste for the media mogul and have never been shy about voicing their disapproval of his business practices or his take on politics. Perhaps the prince is a vehicle for the media mogul to air his grievances with the British royal family and promote his political agenda in the U.S. How much is Prince Robert worth?